Nick is telling Summer that he can’t wait til her mom sees her in the new red dress that he got her from Fenmore’s. Phyllis comes downstairs and tells Nick she is cold. He sees it is obvious that she is sick. He asks her when this started. She says she isn’t sure but when she woke up this morning she felt like she had a weight on her chest.

Nikki is helping Victoria pack her things but can’t resist asking her to please change her mind. Victoria tells her that she wants to be in her home with her new husband and her son. Victoria asks Nikki to sit down so they can talk. She wants to know what happened at the hospital while she was in the coma that caused problems between her and her dad. Nikki asks her where did this come from and Victoria says that doesn’t matter but she just wants to know the truth. Victoria tells her she isn’t going anywhere til she answers her questions. Nikki sees that she isn’t going to drop this so she starts telling her what happened. She tells her that her blood pressure was up so high and her father and JT wanted to terminate the pregnancy in order to save her life but she and Brad thought for sure in her heart that she would have wanted her to fight to save the baby.

JT brings Victoria back to their loft along with the baby. He shows her how he converted the spare room into a nursery. She is amazed that he found time to do all that since he spent so much time at her side when she was in a coma. She asks him when did he ever find time for sleep. He tells her that was her job, and besides he wanted it all to be perfect for when she woke up and he could bring her and Reed home. JT opens a bottle of champagne and he makes a toast to their new home. He asks her if something is wrong and she says no, she doesn’t want to talk about it right now. She says she doesn’t want to spoil their first night back home.

Nikki is packing all her things from the ranch. David tells her that he for one will be happy that he will never have to step foot in this house again. She suddenly realizes neither will she. She says once she leaves she will never have a reason to come back now. She starts thinking back of some of the romantic times she and Victor spent there in the house. David interrupts her thoughts saying they really should be going. He helps her with her coat and she just stares inside the house before leaving it.

Amber sees Daniel at the coffee house. She asks him where he has been. He tells her he just thought he would give her some space. He asks her if them hooking up together made things weird for them now, because he feels kind of weird with her right now. She says well things are kind of weird. He says there has to be someone that she can hook up with. She says for now she is pretty much giving up on guys. She says she is more or less going to focus on her designs now and offers to show them to him. He likes what he sees. He says they are very romantic. He offers to put in a good word for her with Nick. She says that would be nice, he says that’s what friends are for.

Jana gives the newspaper to Kevin to read something. She had a poem published for him for Valentine’s Day but they misspelled his name. He says he loves it. Amber walks in just as Jana says Happy Valentine’s Day. Amber says yeah if you have a sweetheart. Jana hands her a card with her name on it. Kevin asks her who it is from. She looks at the card and she says she has no idea.

Daniel visits his sick mother and they tell him they have a Valentine’s Day gift for him. They say they want to hire him. Daniel says this is perfect and is all excited about getting the job. He mentions considering that they give Amber a chance for some of her designs.

Lily and Cane meet at the Athletic Club. He gives her a Valentine’s Day gift. It is a box of chocolates he got from Paris that happens to be her favorite. She is quite impressed and then hands him a card. When he opens it, it says it is his passport to Paris. She says she thinks the city of lights is closer to them than he thinks. She takes his hand and leads him upstairs to a room she got for the two of them. Once in the room Lily starts speaking French to him which is turning him on. She tells Cane she is not fragile. She says she wants to make love to him. She says this isn’t her first time. He asks her to teach him something in French. They kiss and she tells him she thinks they should stop talking. She steps back and removes her dress leaving Cane amazed. She takes off his shirt. Then he picks her up and takes her to the bed.

Neil brings Karen to Indigo for a surprise for her. He introduces Pat Benetar and her husband to her. Karen is going crazy. Neil tells her they are there to see her. This is a pitch to help her get over her stage fright. Pat tells her let’s get started. Karen starts singing as they show all the couples together celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Amber looks at Phyllis’s penthouse apartment and loves it. Her realtor says there is a problem with her bad credit and the fact that her income isn’t enough to cover the rent. Amber says well what if she pays 6 months in advance for the rent. The realtor tells her to let her see what she can do. Kevin and Jana over hear her and both are puzzled.

Daniel comes in and questions her about the penthouse. He tells her that is his mother’s place and he happens to know it is very expensive. She says well a girl can dream can’t she. She turns around and her realtor is standing there telling her that with 6 months rent paid in advance they approved it. Daniel just looks at Amber. The realtor congratulates Amber saying the penthouse is now hers.

Daniel is worried about her and asks her if she is getting involved with something else illegal. She denies it and he tells her he just hates that they ever hooked up because now it is changing everything between them and then he walks away.

Jan Barrett

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