Vic is confused about Hope telling him his father is Victor Newman. He doesn’t want to accept it. She tells Vic she doesn’t have the strength or energy to argue with him. He says he can’t accept this. She tells him to listen to her. She says she asked him to stay away from him. She said it was her that kept him away from his father all these years. She says she needs him to know this so he doesn’t think he is going to be left alone without any family left. She says she can’t leave him alone. Hope begs Vic to please at least give Victor a chance.

Victor tells Hope she should rest and then he asks Vic if they could talk if it is possible in the kitchen. Victor tells Vic his mother wanted him there when she told him the truth. Victor tells him that it is a very complicated story between his mother and him. He says he will tell him all about it if he wants to hear it. He tells Vic it was his mothers wish that they get to know each other better. He tells Victor that he can’t concentrate on his mother with him there. Victor gets his jacket and goes out the door. Vic goes back in Hope’s room and whispers to her as she sleeps that he doesn’t want her to die and then cries at her side. She wakes up and tells Vic she was dreaming. She apologizes to him for all this going down so fast for him. She tells him she doesn’t have much more time. She begs him to give Victor a chance. He tells her that he doesn’t think that any man that can leave his son alone after all these years can be taken seriously. She tells him not to judge Victor and not to hate him. She says that’s all she asks of him. Hope starts gasping for breathe and tells Vic to call her nurse. Victor comes in and Vic says he thought he had left. Victor tells him he is not going anywhere. The nurse gives Hope an injection to help relieve some of the pain for her.

Lily and Cane find a seat at Neil’s club and she is uncomfortable. She feels funny and thinks they shouldn’t be rubbing it in her father’s nose that they are together. She says yet he brings her there anyway. She tells him that is pretty gutsy of him. Neil and Karen walk over to their table and Cane invites them to join them. Lily tells them what all she has been doing in the world of modeling. Neil warns her to be careful. She says she doesn’t take any of this all that seriously. Neil asks then why do it at all. She says because it is fun playing in the fashion world.

Jack and Sharon are at the club and he tells Sharon that his lawyers are working on something right now that just might get Gloria and Jeffery out of their home. He says it could happen as early as tomorrow. Jack gets a call and then tells Sharon he just got some good news. He asks Sharon if she would mind them leaving early. He wants to go give Gloria this news ASAP.

Neil and Karen talk more about Lily and Cane. She defends Cane’s actions even though Neil is reluctant to accept it. He thinks Cane is trying to buy his approval. Karen doesn’t seem to think so. She says he needs to just try and accept it since Cane seems to make Lily happy. Lily excuses herself saying she will be right back. Neil thanks Cane for the Album he gave him. They talk a little about the artist of the album. Cane tells him about his uncle’s favorite story about him. Neil tells him a story about when he and his brother were kids and they saw him in a jazz club.

Gloria and Kevin meet at Crimson Lights. He tells her that Jeffery told him that he was falling in love with her. Gloria says the only thing Jeffery loves is her money. She tells Kevin he has to give back that sports car that Jeffery gave him. He says no way unless she is going to buy him one like it. She tells him she will not tolerate his betrayal to her if he turns on her. She threatens to cut him out of her will if he ever does. He tells her not to worry he is on her side. They discuss how they are trying to frame Jeffery to get rid of him. Meanwhile Jeffery is at home telling Gloria’s picture that he knows she is up to something and he is going to find out what it is.

Gloria goes home and Jeffery taunts her. He reminds her that her name now is Gloria Bardwell, not Abbott or any other name. He says it’s about time she acts like his wife. He expects her to be nicer to him. He tells her to go make him something to eat and they can sit down like a happy couple and have dinner together. She tells him what if she doesn’t be nice to him. He tells her jail is only a phone call away for her. She walks away and says to him that she assumes he likes his steaks bloody rare and walks out the room.

Amber comes into Crimson Lights and tells them she is sorry she is late but she had a meeting with her realtor. Jana asks her why she has a realtor. She says because she is moving out by the end of the month. Jana asks her if it is because of her. She says no, she just wants to live by herself. Kevin walks up and tells her she shouldn’t be moving just because of her little mattress fling with Daniel. Janna tells her she shouldn’t run just because she slept with him. Jana vows to find Amber a guy. She doesn’t think she should be alone even though Amber assures her she likes being alone.

Gloria puts a drop of poison into her drink and lies back on the sofa to relax. She starts day dreaming about her pouring some poison into a drink and handing it to Jeffery and then she watches him grab his throat. He breaks up her day dream when he really comes in and asks her if she was thinking of him. She smiles and says as a matter of a fact she was. The doorbell rings and it is Jack and Sharon with a bottle of champagne. Gloria tells Jeffery look who it is. Jack says yes it is them and they come bearing some news.

He tells Gloria that he has the judge’s ruling concerning the house. He says he and Sharon will be moving back in. Gloria asks is that all. Sharon says oh no, there is more. Jack says there will be some serious changes in their living arrangements. Gloria looks at Jeffery puzzled. Jack says they will each be assigned living quarters by the courts. They will each be allowed so much time in the living quarters and if the rules are broken then that will give him the right to throw them out. Jeffery says that is fine for the three of them since they work but he is a man of leisure. Jack suggests he either gets a job or a hobby. Gloria says well they should be able to work out a compromise. She looks at Sharon and says right? Sharon says oh no, she and Jack intend to follow the rules to a tee. She says there will be no compromising.

Jan Barrett

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