Nick is furious about the whiskey being in the water bottle that the detective brought to him that was with Noah’s things. He says he feels so betrayed. He wants to know how Noah could do this after the way that Cassie died. Phyllis suggests that a lot of kid’s party in that area so maybe the bottle doesn’t even belong to Eden or Noah. He asks if she is making excuses for his son to be drinking but she says no. Nick notes that this is the second time that he knows of that the kids have drunk alcohol together. He says he is going to sit down with these kids because this is going to stop.  He yells that he is tired of this crap.

Jack tells Sharon that Noah is at his drama club when she comes to pick Noah up. Jack invites her in to wait for him. He opens a bottle of her favorite wine and pours a glass for her. He asks if she is ok. She says she is fine and she is just dealing with things. She is shaking and explains it by saying it is just because it is freezing outside.

Michael and Amber bring the court order to Katherine for the DNA test. Katherine is excited but Murphy wants to know how they pulled this off. Katherine wants to know what this involves, will they take some blood or what. They explain that someone is coming there to swab Katherine’s cheek for a sample and they will compare it with Jill’s. Amber hugs Katherine saying she is sure Katherine is on her way to getting back her life.

Jill is irritated when told there is a court order for a DNA test to be done to prove if this woman is Katherine or not. She says she doesn’t care what the judge says she is not submitting to any tests. She says it is obvious that this Marge woman stole the emerald ring saying she might have gotten away with this 20 years ago but not this time.

Lauren runs into Daniel at Crimson Lights and she tells him she was going to call him. She brags about how great he looked on the cover of Restless Style. She asks him where he got that black jacket that he was wearing. She is impressed when he tells her it is an Amber original. She says she would like to carry it in her store.

Roger tells Esther that he dreamed last night of her in her wedding gown. Then he shows her plane tickets to Las Vegas for tomorrow. He cons her by telling her that he can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to be marrying his own little Valentine. He tells her that he knows how her family is against him and he doesn’t want their first Valentine’s Day ruined. He asks her to do him the honor of becoming Mrs. Roger Wilkes tomorrow in Vegas.

Katherine is told the results for the DNA should be back in within 24 hours. Katherine is done with it so now she has to go for her CAT scan. She thinks how odd, one test could give her life back and the other can take it away. She wonders what good it will do to be Katherine Chancellor of she can’t remember who that is. Katherine is dreading to hear what the results will tell her. Katherine wonders how she got so lucky to have such great friends like Murphy, Amber and Michael. Phyllis calls Michael and tells him she needs to see him. She says it is urgent and if their friendship ever meant anything to him he would come. Michael finally agrees to meet with her.

Jack notices that Sharon has barely touched her wine and asks if she would rather some tea. He tries to get her to talk to him. He says he is a friend and she can unload on him anytime. She thinks that is sweet of him to offer but she assures him she is fine.

Esther raves about what a wonderful day it has been for her. She tells Jill that she can’t possibly meet the electrician there tomorrow because she will be on a plane to Las Vegas since she and Roger are eloping. She asks if that isn’t the most romantic thing she has ever heard. Jill asks if she can really be that stupid. She says the sounds of cash register receipts are going off in Roger’s head. When Esther defends Roger Jill challenges her by telling her that she has donated her fortune to charity and see how long it takes him to drop her. Esther ignores her warnings saying she can be as nasty as she wants to her but by this time tomorrow she will be Mrs. Roger Wilkes.

Lauren tells Daniel she plans to have a poster of him on the Restless Style cover wearing the jacket with a sample of the jacket next to it displayed in her store to promote sales. She said they cut a deal with Amber and have her make more. Daniel thinks Amber will be all over that. Nick walks in and they ask him how Noah is doing. He tells them he is fine but asks to speak to Lauren in private.

Detective Wallace comes to the door to ask questions about Brad. He asks them is now is a good time. The detective says this is not a criminal investigation. He says he is just trying to figure out Brad’s whereabouts that night. He asks why Mr. Carlton was going to the cabin that night. He asks if he had Jack’s permission or a key. Sharon speaks up stopping Jack from trying to protect her and admits Brad was there to see her. She has no problems answering his questions about it if it will put his daughter’s minds at ease.

Phyllis walks the floor saying she can’t stay long. She tells Michael she is going out of her mind and he is the only one she can talk to that she trusts. She blurts out that Nick slept with Sharon.

Amber tells Daniel about Katherine getting the CAT scan done today and she admits how worried she is over hearing the results. Daniel tells her he has some good news. He tells her about Lauren wanting to market the jacket that she made.

Lauren says they have not noticed any liquor missing at their place. She asks if it ever occurred to Nick that it could have been Noah that brought the liquor. Lauren says it’s not inconceivable that Noah might experiment with alcohol saying it is common in kids his age. Nick says Noah can’t say no to Eden. Lauren says it’s because he is crazy about her. Nick puts the water bottle in a brown paper bag and he says he and Sharon will deal with Noah, telling her that they can handle Eden how they want to but because of this drinking situation he doesn’t want those kids anywhere near each other, period.

Michael is shocked. He asks her if she is sure. She tells him how Nick got snowed in at the cabin and when he got back she asked him point blank and at least he had the decency now to lie to her about it. She says the best part is that Nick is in love with her and Sharon. Michael asks if she beat him to a pulp. She admits she ended up begging him not to leave her. Michael asks if that is ALL she said to him. He says Nick is acting like a jackass. She explains if she has gotten all crazy then she would be the crazy one and Sharon would be the pure one that wins. She says she has to be sane, rational and smart. Michael doubts that she can maintain this charade saying she will blow up.

The Detective has a clear picture now of what might have happened that night. He tells Sharon and Jack he has everything he needs now. One thing though that he is curious about is with the weather being so bad, how come Brad didn’t just stay and spend the night. Brad jumps in saying that Brad had a meeting with his daughters that he had to get to. Wallace says that couldn’t have been easy for Sharon to send Brad off into that blizzard like that. He says if he had stayed though then he wouldn’t have been there to save Noah.

Phyllis goes on about how everyone knows she is hell on wheels. She asks who he would gravitate towards if he were Nick. Michael is worried that she will resent Nick if she pretends to be someone she isn’t. Phyllis says she has to think long term here but she starts crying when she admits that it’s killing her knowing that Nick is still in love with his ex-wife. She says they have a little girl so she has to keep her marriage together. She tells Michael that she is still in love with her husband. She says she has to bite her tongue. Michael says what then? She doesn’t know but she will never let that woman close to her husband again. Michael hugs her tight.

Esther doesn’t understand why Jill won’t willingly have the DNA test done. The man warns Jill that is she refuses he will have to arrest her for contempt of court. She says to tell his honor that she passes.

Katherine paces the floors waiting on the results of her tests. The doctor calls and she bites her lips while listening to what the doctor tells her. She thanks him for letting her know and she hangs up. She breaks into tears as she holds onto Murphy.

Amber calls Lauren and tells her she made her whole year. She tells Daniel she will need a seamstress and extra sewing machines. She says this could be her big break. Her phone rings and she sees Murphy’s name on the caller ID. She answers by saying she hopes they have some good news for her. Katherine says it is the best news. She says it is not Alzheimer’s or dementia. Amber gets excited and gives Daniel the news. The doctor’s don’t know what is causing her memory loss but the two main problems that it could have been are now ruled out.

Jack tries to keep Sharon from leaving telling her he knows her and can see that she is tied up in knots because Noah’s accident reminds her of Cassie. Sharon yells at Jack saying she can’t think of what if she asked Brad to stay because then Noah would have died. She says being grateful that her son is alive makes her thinks of Brad dying while saving her son’s life. Her phones rings and it is Nick calling. He needs to talk to her about Noah but not over the phone. He says he will get back to her with details, and then he asks if she is ok. She snaps that asking why does everyone keep asking her that as if she is going to melt into a puddle. Jack begs her to just stay there tonight saying she can stay in any of the rooms she would like to.

Katherine shares her relief with Murphy. He wants to go down and get that bottle of sparkling cider she always thinks about but she says not to even think about it.

Jill finally gives in and let’s them do the test. They tell her she will be notified of the results within 24 hours. Jill just looks at him and says whatever. Esther wonders if it is really possible that Katherine is still alive. Jill says that’s ridiculous and she only agreed to the test to shut this criminal down once and for all.

Clint calls Roger who informs him that it is all set with Esther. He says they will be getting married in Vegas tomorrow. Clint thinks that is perfect and he wants a full itinerary of the Chancellor antiques, Esther’s bank account and he needs to know exactly how the words on the title of the house are written. Roger promises to find out what his bride is worth to the penny. He says it looks like the gravy train’s about to pull into the station.

Michael thinks Eden is more than likely the one that brought the liquor to the lake but for Nick to automatically assume she did is insane. Lauren says this is a serious issue. Michael thinks that banning their friendship over this is overreacting. Michael says apparently Nick has other things on his mind as well. Lauren says that Nick was adamant about the kids no longer having any contact with each other. Michael says just because Nick wants something it doesn’t always mean he will get it.

Nick tells Phyllis about his talk with Lauren saying friends or not their attitude is annoying him. He says it will have to be up to them to keep the kids apart. He stresses that he means Sharon, Phyllis and him. He tells her that he called Sharon to arrange a meeting to talk about it and he would like her to be there too. He says he doesn’t want there to be any secrets. She tells him she doesn’t have to be there. She says she has no problem with him meeting with Sharon to discuss it saying there is nothing more important than Noah’s well being. As they hug Nick thanks her for being so understanding.

Sharon tells Jack thanks for the offer but this is not her home anymore. Jack doesn’t like the idea of her being alone in a hotel suite. She tells him that she and Noah are not his responsibility anymore. He knows that but he is only looking to be a friend to her right now. He explains it is a standing offer 24/7 no questions asked. Sharon says OK as she goes out the door. When she gets out the door she looks lost.

Jan Barrett

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