Nikki tells Nick that his father isn’t going to be too happy about him working with Jack. He says that its about time they all get free of Victor Newman’s control. She tells Nick that he really needs to set his difference aside with Victor. She says yes he is tough and he is ruthless but he is still his father. Later Nick tells Phyllis that his Mom wants him to forgive Victor. She agrees with his Mother saying it will take far too much energy to stay mad as it would to just forgive him.

Cloe brings in a rack full of designer clothes for Lily. Lily looks at them and asks her if she is going to fit into any of these. She tells Lily not likely but her advice would be to cut back on the snacking. Devon comes in and wants to know what’s going on. Cloe says Lily is going chic. He says he thought she already was chic. She looks at him and says not in her world. She gets Lily to try one outfit on. Devon comments saying Lily looks a bit uncomfortable with it on. Cloe takes offence and says she knows her job. She goes over to Lily and tells her it is a little too tight. She asks Lily if she feels a little bloated and wants to know if she drinks a lot of water. Then she says ok let’s squeeze you into another one now.

Cane comes in and sees Lily in a dress and is overwhelmed. Cloe notices how much attention Cane is showing Lily, so she asks if he shows all the models the same attention. Cloe leaves and Devon can’t help but remark about how Cloe is hard. Cane says yeah but she is very good at what she does. Devon says yeah but she didn’t have to call Lily fat. Cane says she isn’t fat, in fact she looks great. Lily says well she didn’t say fat she just said she looks a little bloated. After all the work is done for the day Cane goes to see Lily and he tells her she is the most beautiful girl in Genoa City.

David sees Jill and tells him that he doesn’t know whether to thank her or be upset with her for handing Nikki the job at Jabot as CEO. He says she is so happy now that he never gets to see her anymore. He asks Jill if she has heard that he has been given the Co-Ceo job at Jabot. Jill is surprised and tells him she didn’t know he had any experience in that field. She admits it is really hard for her to be handing over all of this to Nikki but she trusts that Nikki will do a good job. David tells Jill that he and Nikki are getting married.

Nikki goes to see Victoria and JT. She tells them she wants to talk to them about another wedding. She says she and David are talking about setting a date for their wedding. Victoria asks her not to rush into this wedding. Nikki tells her OK she will make a deal with her. She says she will not rush into it if she will agree not to rush into returning back to work too soon. She says then maybe she would even consider coming to work for her at Jabot. Victoria tells her she is loyal to both her and her father and she doesn’t want to be pulled in to the middle of it. Nikki tells her she just thought this might be a good time for her to get out on her own.

Later Nick goes to see Victoria and invites her to come to work with him and their new online magazine. She tells him their mother offered her a job earlier at Jabot. He says no that would be too boring. She tells him thanks but she thinks she will just stay with Newman Enterprises. She says after all someone has to keep an eye on their Dad. Victoria asks Nick what happened when she was in the coma. He says well a decision had to be made about her and the baby and her parents couldn’t come to an agreement as to what to do.

Hope and Victor talk about Victor Jr. She begs Victor to forgive her for keeping Victor Jr. away from him all these years. She tells him that Victor Jr. doesn’t go by the name Victor. She says everyone calls him Vic. Victor asks Hope if there is anything he can get for her. She tells him no, she just wants him to sit with her. She says she is so happy he is there with her. Victor Jr. comes in and calls out for Hope. He finds her in bed and wants to know what’s wrong. She asks Victor if he is still there and he says yes. She tells Victor Jr. that she has cancer and she is dying. He says he needs to talk to her doctor. He says he has a friend in New York that has a father that’s a leading doctor. She tells him to slow down and give her a hug. She tells him she has done everything the doctors have told her to do. She says there is nothing left to do.

Vic wants to know why Victor is there. He says his mother called him to come to her, they are friends. Hope tells him she and Victor have been friends since before he was born and she wanted him to be there for her. While Hope rests Vick and Victor talk. He tells Victor that it is a shame he didn’t know him earlier, he could have used him on some of his term papers. As they talk Hope is upstairs thinking about when she realized she didn’t belong in Victor’s world. Suddenly she calls out for Vic and Victor screaming for them to please come. She tells Hope that there is something they need to tell him. She tells him that she wants him to know where he came from and where his roots are. She says Victor is his father.

David meets with the mystery man and he tells David the package he just gave him is a little light. He wants to know when he was going to get the rest that he owes. David tells him he was just named co-ceo at a big company and he will be able to pay him back within 6 months. The man tells him to go to his rich girlfriend and tell her he needs a quarter of a million dollars. David tells the man to leave Nikki out of this that he will get the money he owes on his own soon and then David walks out.

David goes home frustrated. Nikki comes in right after he gets there and she can tell he is irritated. He tells her he just had a bad day working out. She tells him she is glad he is there because she wants to talk to him about something. She brings up the fact that he was talking about setting a wedding date. He reminds her that he thought it was them both talking about it. She says well she doesn’t think Victoria is quite ready for it so she wants to wait before setting a date. David is really frustrated now.

Jan Barrett

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