Jack goes to visit Gloria and he tells her what happened with Noah. She said she is happy to hear that Noah is ok. She tells Jack she tore up his offer to buy her stock. She tells him she already sold it to someone else.

Jill goes out to the ranch to talk to Victor. He reminds her that she is to tell no one, especially Ashley about his involvement in the controlling interest of Jabot now. She tells him she thinks it is a mistake putting Billy in as CEO instead of Cane though. He asks if she would rather just call the whole thing off.

Cane tells Cloe about Jill wanting to meet with him and his brother Billy. Cloe is talking to her tummy telling the baby about her getting on an airplane to get to a fashion week but then tells Cane she won’t be going until after the baby is born. She asks Cane now that he has her attention what is this about a meeting with Billy and his Mom. Cane says he isn’t sure but he guesses he will find out soon.

Lily tells Billy that Tracie was up most of the night talking to Colleen. Billy says Tracie is a real Mom. Lily says she’s a great Mom. Billy says yeah speaking of Mom’s, his Mom wants to have a meeting with both him and his brother Cane this morning. Colleen comes in just in time to receive a phone call. While she is on the phone Tracie and Ashley ask Lily and Billy if she would like to join them for coffee at Crimson Lights. Colleen comes back after the call and says it was her Dad’s lawyer letting her know they are going to be reading the will next week. Tracie hugs Colleen who looks so down.

Cloe tells Cane they need to finish the final touches on the nursery. She wants ceiling stars. She says she doesn’t want anything boring for her daughter. Cane says he loves a starry night so tells her good idea ‘Mom.’ She doesn’t like that word saying it makes her sound like the Queen Mother. She promises Cane she won’t be climbing on a ladder. She says she just wants it to be done because it won’t be long and the baby will be there. As Cane stands by the door saying he noticed last night how quiet it is was saying soon it won’t be like that. He tells her if she needs anything to let him know. She fixes his collar and tells him to have a great meeting. He tells her he will call her as he goes out the room. When she is alone she laughs to herself saying she just patted her husband on the back sending him off so she has hit rock bottom. Life is officially a charade.

Jack is upset with Gloria for selling the stock. He reminds her of the lawsuit against her. She thinks back to the deal she made with Victor and the money she will have. She looks at Jack and tells him to sue her and to go for every penny she has. Jack demands to know who she sold the stocks to. When she refuses to answer him he threatens to bury her and when she does get out of jail she will have nothing to come back to. She says she doesn’t care. He will never have control of Jabot again.

Jill keeps trying to convince Victor that Cane is a better man for the CEO at Jabot. Victor only wants the Abbott’s divided. He says in due time he will let her do whatever the hell she wants to do with Jabot but for now she has to do it his way by making Billy CEO. She finally agrees but tells him the minute this arrangement is proven to be bad for business he will hear from her. When she is gone he makes a phone call saying he needs to see them this afternoon and he will send a car for them now.

Kevin visits with Gloria and passes Jack on his way in. He tells Gloria that Jack sure looked mad. Gloria tells Kevin it is because she didn’t sell the stock to him. She said he is threatening to ruin her now. Kevin tells her to just sell him the stock then. Gloria complains about not having anyone on her side when she gets out except for maybe Katherine. She wants Kevin to work on Katherine since she seems to have a soft spot for him. She said she needs someone close to her to sing her praises. She says she was fond of Katherine so she asks Kevin if he is going to help her.

While having coffee at Crimson Lights, Colleen tells everyone how Brad’s breakfast dishes were still in the sink at home. She says nothing ever prepares you for something like this. Lily tells Colleen she will be numb for a while. Ashley says that Abby just wanted to be left alone. Cane overhears them talking at the table when Lily confesses that she and Billy had planned to take a trip to the cabin and he smiles when she says it didn’t seem to be the right time. Ashley says she didn’t realize she and Billy were so close. She and Tracie agree that Lily is a good influence on their little brother. Lily goes over to Cane and asks if it is still ok for them to say hello right? He smiles and says sure. He asks how Colleen is doing. He asks her about the trip with Billy and she quickly tells him it is none of his business. He says he won’t mention his brother again.

Jill tells Billy to listen carefully before he reacts. She is about to take control of Jabot. She says she was crushed and hurt and felt betrayed when he did what he did but now she realizes why he did it. She tells him she is appointing him as CEO of Jabot. Billy is in shock. He asks how she regained control. She tells him the new buyer put her in control but only if it remains anonymous. She tells him he can keep Ashley and Jack on if he wants to. She says with Billy being an Abbott and a Chancellor he is the best choice for the CEO. She asks what he thinks about it. He tells her this is his second shock in a week. He tells her that Victor told him he can expect big things in his career. She tells him to forget about Newman Enterprises, and remember that he belongs at Jabot. She says Cane doesn’t know about it yet but he is needed at Chancellor Industries. She asks Billy if she can count on him.  He tells her yes she can count him in. Cane walks in asking what is going on. Billy pats him on the shoulder as he walks out saying Jill can give him the news.

Cloe talks to the baby in her tummy again saying this is not good. Suddenly Billy and Cane appear next to her. Billy preaches to her that she is with the right man. Cane says to her that Billy is the one she loves. Cloe interrupts saying this is her fantasy and they are both trying to give her to the other guy. She says she feels she has made the right choice and she is sticking to it.

Jack’s on the phone with Howard trying to find the name of who bought Gloria’s stock. He tells Tracie and Ashley about Gloria selling her stock. He said his broker can’t seem to trace the buyer but someone went through a lot of trouble to hide from them. He says only one person he knows has this MO and that is Victor Newman. When they don’t agree with him he tells them not to be so naïve, because Victor will walk over anyone to get what he wants.

Victor goes into his office and finds his guest there already. When he attempts to put the lights on she asks that he doesn’t. He asks if her trip to Genoa City was ok. She says yes but she had never been on a private jet before. She asks how come he brought her there. He tells her it is because he has big plans for her.

Cane is excited when Jill tells him she has gained control of Jabot once again saying they are back in business. She says well not exactly business as usual. She warns him that her silent partner had strict conditions and one was that she appointed Billy as CEO. She says it is political and her hands are tied with no choice. She says she fought it but for now it has to be this way. She tells him he is her right hand at Chancellor and this is not about him. He is mad and thinks that Jill wasn’t happy with his work at Jabot.

Billy tells Jack, Ashley and Tracie about his Mom wanting him to be the CEO now. Ashley isn’t surprised. He tells them he still wants the two of them to work there at the top with him. They smell something fishy here. Tracie there is more to this. They say Jill would not still want the Abbott’s around so they say they have to find out who is behind all this. Ashley says Victor would not have her removed from her own job so she thinks they need to focus on finding the real culprit here.

Victor pours his guest a glass of water. He says Jack Abbott is still in Genoa City and on his own again. She tells Victor she doesn’t look so good. He tells her he will take care of that for her not to worry about it. He says he will handle everything and more. Then he asks if she is in.

Gloria tells Kevin that she is drug searched every day. She asks if he will help her with Katherine. He tells her it is dirty work and wants to know what he would get out of it. She points out to him that there is being a good son and there is being a sap. Gloria reminds Kevin that he wanted to work with her. She never put a gun to his head. She said she just needs his help this last time. She asks if he is going to help her or not.

Tracie thanks Lily for being there for Colleen. Lily tells Colleen to call her any time day or night. Billy walks in and tells Lily the news about his Mom taking control back of Jabot and making her the new CEO. Lily is shocked and asks what about Cane though.

Cane goes home in a foul mood and tells Cloe there is nothing to talk about with the meeting. She says well she will just read about it in the papers then. He tells her that his Mom has regained control of Jabot and she gave Billy his old job saying she blindsided him. Cloe says well that takes them off the Christening list. She tells him he did nothing to deserve this, he is the perfect son.

Ashley goes to Victor and tells him that Abby is just lying on her bed. Victor suggests taking her riding later. Ashley says she might go. She says it is a shame because Abby was just reconnecting with Brad. She tells Victor about Billy getting her job as CEO at Jabot. She says she has been replaced by someone who went out of their way to put the company back into Jill’s hands. Victor acts surprised and asks who would do such a thing.

Cloe tells Cane to sit down and she gives him a massage saying he is full of knots. She says she doesn’t understand because he supported Jill. Cane doesn’t understand either but wonders if maybe his Mom doesn’t trust him. He says he just didn’t expect this. Cloe says to look at the bright side. She tells him that Jill isn’t the only family he has now and they hug each other.

Billy tells Lily that he thinks that Cane more than likely didn’t take the news so well. Lily tells Billy that since Colleen is planning on going to see her grandmother that maybe it would be a good time for them to go to the cabin like they had planned anyway, saying they can celebrate that way. Billy thinks that sounds like the perfect idea,

Gloria keeps after Kevin to help her. She says Katherine will just be getting a new friend. She says she will compensate his somehow. She asks him to name his price. She says there are a few things that he just doesn’t know. Kevin says he will always be on her side but not to be her accomplice. He says she is a bad luck charm and he can’t risk going to jail, even for her.

Jack goes to see Jill with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. He tells her she won and there are no hard feelings. She tells him with a smile that he is a prince. He says he is glad she left his family in charge at least but questions why Billy for CEO. He says there is no way in hell she would choose Billy over her favorite son, Cane. He teases saying her secret shareholder must have a short leash on her. He tells her if she could fire him she already would have. He tells her she has to ask permission doesn’t she. He asks her how it feels to be a puppet.

Ashley is determined to find out who is pulling the strings. Victor offers to look into it for her. He says Jack’s broker doesn’t have the connections he has. As she heads upstairs Victor’s mystery guest calls him to tell him she is in. He says he will be in touch and then hangs up.

Jan Barrett

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