Katherine aka Marge brings Pearl back with her to Murphy’s for a game of cards. Pearl goes to wash her hands so Katherine looks in Pearl’s purse for a deck of cards and surprisingly finds the missing emerald ring leaving Katherine wondering why Pearl would steal from her.

Jeffery and Gloria open a bottle of wine she stole from the wine cellar in the Abbott house making a toast to Katherine for leaving her all that stock.

Michael sneaks up on Lauren and kisses her and then he tells her Happy Anniversary. He asks if they are still on for tonight. He tells her he still has to find a way to convince the judge that witnesses were coerced 40 years ago. He says if only Gloria would step up. Lauren tells him not to give up on her yet. He says her testimony is what he needs to get the case dropped against Lowell.

When they bring Cloe into the hospital emergency room Cane explains that she is pregnant and she fell off of a ladder. Billy walks in and joins Lily who is petrified about what happened. He asks Lily how Cloe is doing,

Pearl gets angry when Katherine accuses her of stealing her ring. She says she didn’t steal it, Katherine left it behind and besides she was only taking it to the pawn shop to get it appraised. She says that is high quality and a real emerald. She tells Katherine she is wearing a fortune on her finger. Murphy lights up telling Marge she is rich.

Jeffery and Gloria disagree over who will become president. They argue over who owns more stock. They admit to each other that they secretly bought Jabot stock behind the other ones back. They each get on the phone to call their stockbroker’s to find out just how much they own.

The doctor still needs to run some more tests saying they will have to take her down for testing. Cloe only cares about the baby and Cloe doesn’t want Cane to call her mother. When they roll Cloe out for the tests she sees Billy and asks what he is doing there. He tells her Lily called him. Cloe calls for Cane to go with her so he follows them. Billy looks at Lily who is looking really guilty for something, and she tells him that if anything happens to the baby it is all her fault.

Billy brings Lily some coffee in the lounge and tries to tell her this is not her fault. She says if he heard them arguing then he wouldn’t be saying that. She didn’t force Cloe to climb up that ladder nor did she push her off. Lily is surprised that Billy is being so nice to her. He says contrary to what she believes he is really a nice guy. She confesses to Billy that she called Cloe a bitch. She says Cloe knows exactly how to get to her buttons. She says it really gets to her. She says Cloe doesn’t even love him, he is her security and he doesn’t love her at all. Billy says well it is too bad Cane got drunk and slept with her. Lily says she got pregnant as soon as she could.

Cloe panics while they are doing the tests asking the nurse what is wrong with the baby. Cane tries to calm her down saying this was an accident. She says Lily went there to apologize to her and she was so stupid for flipping out over it.

Michael is about to leave for the court house when he gets a call. When he hangs up he tells Lauren there goes his last hope for getting this case dropped. Lauren asks what happened. He tells her that Howard won’t testify after all.

Katherine is confused and wonders how she could have possibly come across this ring. Pearl says the guy from the pawn shop offered her 5 g’s for the ring, saying if they sold it they all could go to Las Vegas. Katherine tells her Las Vegas doesn’t appeal to her. Murphy thinks Katherine (Marge) should keep the ring saying she deserves something nice.

Gloria and Jeffery each find out how much stock they each own. They bought the same amount each and they want to know if this is a joke. They laugh and start to kiss when Lauren arrives. She tells them there is a pair of shoes floating in the pool. She wishes them both a Happy Anniversary. Lauren asks if she can speak to Gloria alone, Jeffery says he will go to Jabot and check out their new offices. Lauren wants to talk to Gloria about Lowell.

The doctor tells Cloe that the tests show she has a hairline fracture of the pelvis but the baby seems perfectly healthy. Cane and Cloe are both happy to hear that. The doctor says she needs to rest so it will heal before the baby is born. If it doesn’t heal, it could cause complications. He tells her she can walk a little Cane says he will take care of her. The doctor says he will have his hands full. All Cane cares about is that the baby’s healthy. Lily and Billy are looking in and Billy tells her it looks like they got good news. He stops a nurse in the hall and talks her into telling them what the doctor told them. Once they hear the news and the nurse walks off he asks Lily if that news makes her feel better and she says yes. .

Michael goes to the court house and sees Lowell who is all excited thinking that Gloria and Howard will be testifying for him today. He says with that he is sure they will drop the case against him. Michael tells him that they won’t be there today. Lowell still thinks that Gloria will come through for him but Michael tells him it is just the two of them going into that courtroom. Lowell tells him that he has faith in him.

Lauren tries to get Gloria to change her mind. Gloria tells her she is an executive now and she has to save her reputation. Lauren asks if she doesn’t think that it is too late for that. She thinks this is because Jeffery doesn’t want her to. Gloria thinks back to Jeffery telling her to be good unless she wants everyone to know about the face cream. Gloria denies that it has anything to do with Jeffery. She says she can’t be associated with a terrorist. Lauren asks how come she can’t do this for her son. She asks if she is going to let Michael down again.

Cane tells Lily that the baby is fine. He assures her that it was an accident when she says how sorry she is. They both agree that from now on they can’t have any more accidental meetings and no more secret looks. Lily agrees that it isn’t fair to the baby or Cloe. Cane adds that it isn’t fair to her either. He says the best thing he can do for his child is to try and love her mother. His little girl needs the love of both parents. Lily is surprised to hear that the baby is a little girl as her eyes tear up. Cane says he is sorry.

Billy goes in to talk to Cloe who talks to him about him using this accident as a way to get close to Lily. The nurse comes in and tells Cloe that the tests show that she is 23 weeks along. Billy thinks back to Cloe denying that he is not the father. He looks directly into Cloe’s eyes and asks her again is he the father. She tells him he is not Daddy material. She is married to her baby’s Daddy. When Billy leaves she rubs her stomach and tells the baby that Billy is on to them. She says he better not mess this up. She says of only she could love Cane the way she loves her real Daddy.

Michael makes a call asking them to find out what Howard’s return date is. Lowell tells Michael that the stress will kill him. He says he should meditate. Michael appreciates his ability to stay positive. Lowell says well he has food and a roof over his head and he has faith in him, Michael says he is going to wing it.

Gloria tells Lauren that she has already sacrificed a lot for Michael so he doesn’t need her now. Lauren tells her that Howard is in Europe so he won’t be there to testify. She tells Gloria that she is the only one that can. She tells her to get her butt down to the court house now!

Pearl hands Katherine the pawn shop number telling her that $5000 is a years worth of tips. She wants Katherine to think about it. Katherine feels like a stranger in her own life asking why she would be a waitress. Murphy tells her that she has hit a rough patch. Katherine appreciates Murphy’s support but she doesn’t even remember him. She wonders if she should pawn the ting and leave but he says he likes having her there saying she belongs there with him.

Billy talks more to the nurse telling her that he and his brother have a bet going on qwhen the baby will be born. Lily goes in to see Cloe and apologizes to her. Cloe accepts but has a hard time believing that they have agreed to keep their distance from each other. Lily assures her that after seeing them together this time and she realizes if she isn’t in the way they do have a chance with each other.

Billy talks more with the nurse who tells him that she thinks the mother is wrong about the dates. She thinks she is a few weeks further along. She says she could have conceived as far back as June, Billy laughs and says won’t the father be surprised. Billy is thinking about things when Lily tells him she is going home. She looks back at Cane sitting by Cloe’s bedside telling her that she and the baby are his priority from now on, they are his family.

Lauren continues to try to get Gloria to testify for Lowell saying ti would mean everything to Michael. She says he will never forgive her if she doesn’t do this. He may not ever let her back into his home. Gloria asks if he would keep Fen from her. Lauren finally gives up and leaves leaving Gloria there to think about it. Jeffery comes back and stops Gloria who has her coat in her hand. He tells her not to walk out that door or she will be sorry she did.

In court Michael asks the judge for a continuance saying his witness was called out of the country and he is a crucial witness for their case. Michael says he doesn’t know when the witness will be returning though. The prosecution objects to the continuance and the judge denies it saying they will proceed today. Lowell whispers to Michael, what’s next. Michael asks if he believes in God. Lowell said yes in a spiritual way. Michael tells him then he better say a prayer.

Jan Barrett

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