Nick and Phyllis wake up and he tells her this might have been her best idea yet but it is shower time now for him. She agrees saying she will call Noah to check on him and Summer. When she gets Nick’s phone she finds three unread messages from Sharon and deletes them all.

Ashley goes to the Abbott Mansion and demands to see Jack but Sharon tells her he is not there because she threw him out last night.

Lily is not happy with Billy for turning on his brother and Jill. He says he was honoring his father who created the company. Lily asks so he had to betray his own mother and brother? Cane walks in and she gets that just fine, so do they all.

Cane asks Billy if his big brother Jack taught him how to screw over people. Billy stands and Lily tells him maybe now is not a good time. Cane says their mother just lost their grandmother and now he had to do this. Billy thinks he hasn’t done anything wrong. Lily says Billy will never understand, and then she looks at Cane and says Billy is not like him.

Cloe congratulates Billy on the takeover asking how much Lily hates him now. He asks if reality is settling in as he snaps back at her pointing out that her husband is out on the patio with his ex wanting to make love to her. Cloe blames Billy for her having to pry her husband off of Lily now.

Ashley assumes Sharon threw Jack out because she found out about him helping Adam forge the diary. Sharon tells him it was because he confessed to her about cheating on her with a prostitute. She says she gave him so many chances. Ashley is shocked. Sharon says he confessed to being a sex addict and she could ask him herself if she wanted to. Ashley says this doesn’t sound like Jack.

Phyllis can’t keep Nick from approaching Jack in the restaurant when they come down. Nick asks him if there is any line he won’t cross. Jack says he looks like he needs a valium and Phyllis looks like she always does when she has screwed someone over. Jack tells Nick he only passed a phone number to Adam for the publisher. Phyllis says he looks like he is squirming. And Jack warns her that it can be contagious, she might be next in line for the squirming.

Lily assures Cane that Billy will never have the connections with Jill that he has. She tells him that Anna is still in foster care and it could be weeks before they get her back. Cane sympathizes with her about Anna saying poor kid. Lily says Devon is angry about it and Tyra cries all the time. Cane hugs Lily as Cloe watches. Lily thanks him for listening to her. She says it always makes her feel better which she says is one more thing that she misses about him. She kisses him on the cheek just before he has to leave.

Nick is mad wishing he could knock the smirk off of Jack’s face. Phyllis is mad to but tells Nick he has to go see his dad right now. When Nick goes, Phyllis walks over to Jack again telling him she just saved him from a beating. Phyllis acts dumb when Jack insinuates she is the one that had those papers sent to Sharon last night with his credit card receipts. He tells her that Sharon found out and kicked him out. Phyllis says she isn’t thrilled about this because if Sharon is out of their marriage then she is on her way to hers.

Brad calls Sharon and asks if she got any sleep last night. She says no she just cried all night and got even angrier and she hasn’t eaten. He tells her he is on his way over and he will bring her something from Crimson Lights.

Cloe goes up to Lily and asks what is it going to take to get her to stop hugging and kissing her husband. She accuses Lily of hanging onto Cane every chance she gets, she says this baby deserves a father and she won’t let him love her. Lily reminds Cloe that she is the one that told Cane to marry her so he would be there for the baby. She asks what more she wants from her, to leave town or something? Cloe has some ideas, like joining a different gym, or giving up coffee and stop running into him 6 times a day. Lily assures Cloe that Cane will be a devoted father but she is sure that the baby will know he chooses to be with her over Cloe always. Cloe screams at Lily to go to hell and then storms off.

Billy invites Cane back to his office and offers to grab some lunch. He tells him he will put this mess in perspective for him. Cane says no but he will come clean out the office another time when he isn’t there.

Sharon is not having second thoughts about throwing Jack out. She and he are done. Brad understand saying Jack is a jerk. She asks but what does that make her. She starts crying saying she really thought Jack would change. Brad tells her Jack never deserved her. Sharon says she needs to clean up the mess of a life Jack has left her with. Brad gets her to sit with him and eat.

Victor tells Nick about Jack’s visit the other day to gloat saying he wanted to choke the life out of him. Victor also told Nick that the one that forged the diary is incarcerated there and claims that Jack dictated it to him. Victor doesn’t want the DA involved because Heather Stevens is out to get her. He says they have tried to destroy him now he wants to return the favor.

Jack wants Phyllis to stop the lying asking her to admit she found the dirt on him and she is the one that shoved it in Sharon’s face. Phyllis denies it suggesting that maybe Adam is behind it. Jack claims he didn’t see the diary until Adam showed it to him. Phyllis says she no longer feels sorry for him saying she is over it.

Billy tells Cane if he changes his mind about Starblaze to let him know as Cane leaves. Billy tells him they are still brothers and he doesn’t hate him. He thinks maybe Cane just needs some more time. Cane asks who Billy will stab in the back next. He wonders if it would be Lily. He says people have noticed how he looks at her. He says people have warned Lily about staying away from Billy. Cane says Lily knows Billy is a liar.

Nick needs to prove that the diary is a fake so they can get the charges against Victor dropped. Victor says he will handle it from inside. He tells Nick he is running Newman saying it is his birthright. Nick appreciates the confidence he has in him but he does still run Restless Style too. Victor tells him he wants him to run Newman as well so Nick agrees.

Brad remarks that Sharon has barely eaten anything. He notes that she has been through hell so who could blame her for ending her marriage. He tells her that she honored her vows but it was Jack that is the coward. Brad takes a call from Phyllis pretending it is someone else. On the phone Phyllis wonders if Sharon is crying on his shoulder. She asks would he be interested in a trip to New York with Sharon. He thinks that could pay off for everyone.

Ashley goes to the club to talk to Jack about him having sex with prostitutes. She doesn’t believe this. She asks him what is really going on here.

Sharon goes to Crimson Lights and runs into Nick. He asks what’s going on. She snaps asking didn’t he get any of her messages? She tells him that her husband has been cheating on her with hookers in a sleazy hotel. She says she saw the credit card receipts that prove it. She explains that they were delivered while they were having a romantic dinner. Nick finds that odd and wonders if they are fake. She says Jack admitted it to her that he is a sex addict in front of Michael Baldwin even. She says she threw him out. Nick promises to be there for her if she needs him.

Ashley asks Jack if he actually confessed this to Sharon. She can’t imagine her brother being a sex addict. Jack says he is ashamed of himself and he should have told her earlier. Ashley still doesn’t believe it. She tells him this is totally unbelievable saying Jack has gone too far. He says never mind that though, he asks why he would lie about the diary that could ruin Victor’s life.

Cloe opens the front door for ventilation just in case even though she has non toxic paint for the nursery. She turns the music on and gets on the ladder to start painting. Lily knocks on the door and calls out to Cloe who doesn’t hear her. She walks through the house and finds Cloe on the ladder painting. Cloe asks her what she wants. Lily says she is there to tell her she is tight, she can try harder to avoid cane and she will from now on. She asks why she is so surprised that she and Cane are so close since before the baby was conceived she and Cane were engaged to be married. Cloe says Lily only wants to be the center of Cane’s universe. She tells her to go find another man and stop running to hers. Lily yells tells her that she was the one that seduced her fiancé while he was drunk so don’t tell her about boundaries calling Cloe a bitch.

Jack tells Ashley that he merely introduced Adam to the publisher’s line. Ashley tells him he lives to torture Victor. She says he lies and schemes. She says she loves him as much as anybody in the world but it is hard for her to take for him to be lying to her to her face like this. She says that Victor believes that he is behind the diary and is he is the reason he is behind bars right now he will come after him so hard and she can’t promise to stand in Victor’s way when he does. She slams her hand on the table and walks out.

Phyllis meets Nick at Crimson Lights and she is pleased to hear that Victor is doing so well. Nick tells her that Victor has proof against Jack now. HE also tells her about Jack breaking Sharon’s heart by admitting to her that he is a sex addict. Phyllis is stunned. Nick says this is two husbands that cheated on her, saying she has been hurt so many times, if only there was something he could do for her. Phyllis suggests he creates a big BoN project, like a traveling kiosk with BoN products. She suggests they make it in New York. She says it is gorgeous in New York during the winter. Nick likes the idea and thinks this could be a good thing for everyone. Phyllis glows as she agrees definitely.

Billy finds a picture of the ultrasound on the laptop so he asks his assistant what this is. She laughs saying she can tell he doesn’t have kids, saying that is a picture of an ultrasound. Billy thinks back to Cloe telling him he is not the father of the baby, but he finds this ultrasound interesting.

Lily screams at Cloe that no matter how much Cane loves this baby he will never love her. Cane comes home and hears Cloe yelling at Lily telling her to get out of her house. Lily tells Cloe she feels sorry for this kid having Cloe as her mother. Cloe says she guesses she will just have to throw her out and starts coming down from the ladder but she missteps coming down and falls to the floor. Cane comes running in and runs to her yelling her name as he kneels down at her side. Lily just stands there looking scared. Cloe cried in pain as she holds her stomach.

Jan Barrett

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