Nikki is about to go out for a drive when Nick comes downstairs asking her where is she going. She tells him she can’t sleep so she is just going out for a drive. He says ok wait for him to get dressed and he will go with her. She says thanks but no thanks, that she just needs some time alone. She tells him not to wait up for her and she leaves. Nikki ends up at the Athletic Club and she asks for some sparkling water as she sits at the bar alone. She calls David and tells him she is at the club and all alone unless he wants to join her. When David comes down he asks Nikki if there is something he can do to make her feel better. She thinks for a second then asks him to take her to the hospital. She needs to go see the baby.

When they get to the hospital they go to the nursery and find Brad standing there looking at the baby. He says he just can’t leave. David offers to go get him something to eat or drink but Brad tells him no thank you.

Sharon shows up at the Ranch with some flowers for Victoria. She is surprised that Nikki isn’t there especially after seeing them together at the hospital. He tells her that looks can be deceiving. She says yes well tell her about it. She tells him she knows that Jack is partly to blame for the cops searching the Ranch and Newman’s office. She tells Victor the truth of the matter is right now she would rather be there with him and Victoria than at home with her husband. Sharon says she should go but Victor invites her to sit for a while. He asks her if she really wants to go home and she says no. He offers for her to spend the night in her and Nick’s old house. She tells him she really loves that place. She says she misses living there.

Jack keeps calling leaving messages for Sharon to call him back. Frustrated Jack pours himself a drink and John’s ghost shows back up. He tells Jack he sure wishes he could have one of those. John tells him that there was plenty of money to go around in his will, why did he have to cheat Gloria out of her share. Jack says he was trying to protect him from Gloria. John tells him to put that drink down because he wants him to stay sober for this.

Jeffery shows Gloria the results on his skin from the skin cream that William sent to him. She asks him how did he gets that. He tells her it is from the cream his brother sent to him. She says it can’t be because he gave her the cream and she used it herself. He tells her his brother knew where it came from. Gloria says oh really, well tell her about it because she is dying to know. He tells her that he understands why his brother did what he did or at least tried to do. He said it must have killed William to find out that his wife caused another person to die. Gloria pretends to think he is joking with her now but he assures her this is no joke. Gloria says this story keeps getting better but she isn’t happy with the plot line. He says it isn’t a line. Gloria says she is hurt that he would accuse her of such things. He tells her that he is just following the evidence.

Gloria asks him what is it that he wants. Is it money? She mentions extortion. She says she has a good mind to go to the police with this. She says in fact that’s where she is going to go right now. He says fine then he will go with her and then he can show them this letter that William sent to him along with the cream. Gloria tries to twist this around to make it look like Jill is the woman that William was talking about.

Victor calls Neil and interrupts his dinner with Karen. He tells Neil he needs to see him. Neil tells him it is late but Victor still tells him he will expect him within 30 minutes. When he hangs up he tells Karen about Victor sounding desperate and urgent so she tells him to go to him after all Victor is his boss. He says yeah but it is also late but then again Victor is not only his boss he is his friend too. Karen says then go to him. When Neil gets there Victor tells him he wants him to call in the loan to Nikki.

When she gets to her old house Sharon calls Jack to let him know where she is. She tells him she is going to stay there just for tonight so please just let it go. He agrees to leave her alone for right now. After they hang up Jack tells John not to be there when he gets back. John wants to know where he is going. Jack says he is going to bring his wife home.

Jack knocks on Sharon’s door and begs her to let him in so he can talk to her. She tells him to go away. She doesn’t want to talk to him right now. She tells him she is going to bed and turns the lights off. He stays there talking to her though the door. She just stands there not letting him see her through the windows. He finally gives up and goes home. When he gets home John tells him to turn the TV up they are talking about him. The reporter says there are a lot of requests to for Jack Abbott to resign from the Senate seat. Jack turns the TV off and John starts lecturing him. Jack realizes that he would give all of the power and prestige up but without Sharon and Noah in his life he will have nothing. He vows to get Sharon back. He tells John he will get Sharon to come back to him.

When Jack gets back to Sharon’s house to find her he finds the house empty. She is at the Club having a drink with Brad. She tells him all that is going on in her life and he offers her to help her with all of this.

Jan Barrett

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