There seems to be a huge disagreement at the hearing between Gloria and Jack and he charges that the handwriting on that letter remains to be proven as his Father’s. They call a short recess. As Gloria goes out the door Gloria is talking to the reporters and Michael stops her. Jack comes out and Gloria asks him what he thinks of her letter now. Jack starts telling Gloria that they take can take the hooker out of her but Kevin stops him telling him not to talk to his mother like that. Sharon tells Noah good night on the phone outside the hearing and as she hangs up she over hears two reporters talking with one saying Five Bucks that this guy sinks like the Titanic.

Victor comes in and asks Nikki where the nurse is. When Nikki tells him she is upstairs with Victoria he hands her the letter from David. He wants her to explain it to him. She asks him where he got it. He says it was in the box that came from the office and he thought it was for him so he opened it. He yells at her for bringing a love letter from her lover into his home right now to rub into his face. She yells back that she did not bring this in, she didn’t even know it came there. She says she did not do anything to rub into his face.

Nick and Phyllis walk in and catch Victor and Nikki fighting. She tells Nick that his father actually read her private mail. Nick tells her he really doesn’t want to hear about it. Phyllis suggests that she and Nikki go down to the Tack house together with Summer. Nikki says she thinks that’s a good idea. Victor says he thinks that is a good idea too.  At the Tack house Nikki tells Phyllis what happened. She doesn’t understand why Victor read her private mail. She just doesn’t know what has gotten into him lately. Phyllis tells Nikki that Victor wouldn’t be acting like that over this letter if he didn’t still care for her. Phyllis asks Nikki just how serious is it between she and David. Nikki says he has been a very good friend. She asks how good a friend is he. Nikki says he just isn’t Victor. Phyllis tells her it had to hurt Victor when he read that love letter to her from another man. Nikki says it still doesn’t give him the right to read her personal mail. She says as much as she loves him it doesn’t mean he can go on treating her like that.

Michael tells Lauren about the police searching Victor’s home. She asks him what kind of evidence they have. Michael thinks back to a conversation he witnessed between Victor and JiMin.

Sharon asks Michael and Lauren about the letter. She wants to know if they really think it was written by John. They both say yes. He tells Sharon that Gloria really loved John and Lauren says that John really loved Gloria. Sharon says but Jack hasn’t really had the chance to defend himself yet.

Back in the hearing Jack makes his statement to try and defend himself. He tells them that Gloria also married within a year of his Father’s death and has buried him too already. He tells them more of her background. He calls her a bigamist and tells them of her hiring two men to pretend to be her sons so his Father didn’t find out who she really was. He says he did what he had to do to protect his Father from this woman that he was so blind to.

After the hearing has ended Michael tells Gloria and Kevin not to take this too lightly. He tells them never underestimate the powers of a jury or in this case a Senate committee. Meanwhile Sharon tells Jack she wants to talk to him and Ben interrupts by telling him they need to go over things before the senate committee come up with a decision. So Jack asks Sharon if they can just talk later, leaving Sharon a bit agitated.

Nikki calls David and tells him that Victor found the note that he left for her. She says they got into a fight and she had to leave. He asks her where is she. She tells him at the Tack house. He says he can come get her. She says no that would only make things worse. He tells her that she still has the key to his room at the hotel, so she should feel free to use it anytime. She tells him thanks and that he is a good man.

Later Nikki goes back to the main house and sees Victor. She asks where Nick is. Victor tells her he is upstairs with his sister. She apologizes to Victor about the letter. She asks him if they can put their differences aside for Victoria’s sake. He tells her she should spend as much time as possible with Victoria. She is glad he agrees. Then he tells her he does not want her living in his home anymore. He tells her from now on when she plans to come in she is to notify him so he can be sure not to be around because he doesn’t want to be around her anymore, then he walks out. Later Nikki tells Victor she is going to say good night to Victoria and then she is going to spend the night at the Tack House.

Back at home Sharon asks Jack directly what happened. Sharon tells him she has never even heard him say that John never loved Gloria. She says in fact it never made any sense as to why suddenly John would cut her out of his will. So she asks him since it is just her and him standing there, did he have anything to do with helping John change his will, cutting Gloria out of it. Jack goes all around the answer and she asks him why this sounds like a yes. He yells that someone had to protect his family. She says Oh My God, you did it didn’t you? Sharon tells him that she doesn’t even know him anymore and she leaves the room.

Kevin tells Gloria that he was given strict orders to keep her away from Michael and Lauren’s apartment for at least three hours. Kevin calls in for his favor by asking Gloria to help get Jana out of prison. She says she will think about it since he caught her on a good night. Jeffery walks up and tells Gloria he heard about what happened at the Senate hearing. He says it looks like she is really a very rich woman now, with his brother’s money and John’s now. He says she should be able to quit her job now.

Lauren surprised Michael with having a crap table brought into their apartment to help celebrate their anniversary. So they play strip craps. Michael loses but he says that’s what he calls winning. She tells him when she married him she was the one that hit the jack pot.

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