Victor calls for Frank and when he gets there he wants to know why he is there. Victor tells him his lawyer is on his way but he won’t be paid a dime. Frank says that he heard that the diary had been checked out and even his own experts say the diary has been authenticated. Frank says he could provide him information. He tells Victor that he hears that the prisons in Mexico are a real bitch and he starts to get up but Victor grabs him making him sit back down. Victor tells him he has gathered his own information about him.

Sharon doesn’t believe what she is hearing when Jack tells her that he is a sex addict. He tries to make her listen but she tells him not to touch her and she gets up and leaves the table. When she leaves Michael sits down and tells him they do not believe that for one minute and tells him something else is up. Jack snaps at Jack and tells him to stay the hell out of this. He asks Jack what could be so bad that he’d make this lie up to cover it.

Nick and Phyllis are in their hotel suite and Nick tells her that they need to do this at least once a month. Nick tells Phyllis he will be right back and she says she will call room service and have them clear the dinner trays out. When he is away Nick’s phone rings and Phyllis sees it is Sharon calling. She dials Brad’s phone and he tells her he is already on it. Brad sees Sharon and she is upset and she says she needs a cab so he offers to drive her home instead.

Nikki runs into Ashley and tells her she is surprised she hasn’t heard from her before now. She asks if she isn’t a bit curious about her talk with Victor. Nikki tells her it is exactly what she had hoped it would be. . Ashley says it is good that they are communicating again. Nikki tells her yeah they are communicating about how much he despises her now.

Brad gets the valet to bring his car around. Meanwhile Michael looks over the charges on Jack’s credit card bill. He asks Jack what he was really up to at this shady hotel. He tells Jack that the law will catch up to him, it always does. Jack tosses the bills on the table and walks away to leave. When he gets to the door he asks the valet if they knew where his wife was. They told him she left with another man but couldn’t say who.

Phyllis listens to Sharon’s message and says how loud why she calling is her husband about this. She deletes the message. She tells Nick when he comes out that she will order more champagne then they can shower together. She orders champagne and more food and then goes to shower with Nick.

Victor knows all about Frank, he tells Frank he knows about the wife and son he abandoned He knows his son is severely disabled and his wife has no way of getting hold of him. Frank snaps and says that is his business and asks if he is going to threaten him now. Victor says he won’t do that, he has kids of his own and grandchildren. Victor tells him if he tells him what he knows he will take care of his wife and family. He says she will never have to worry about feeding the kids again or with medical bills. Frank asks what happens if he says no. Victor says he won’t help him get off his current charges but he already has three strikes against him. This will be strike 4 unless he starts talking now.

Frank tells Victor how Adam came to him with writing samples and some pens. Jack dictated the whole thing, it was his voice. Jack said if this went bad that Adam would go down. Victor hands Frank a pen and tells him he wants everything in writing.

Sharon calls Nick and leaves another message but hangs up as soon as Brad walks over to her. She tells him she always knew that her marriage to Nick broke up because of Cassie’s death but her marriage to Jack is so different. She says they is no tragic event, just a long slow train wreck. She says she feels like a failed wife.

Phyllis tells Nick she already checked his phone to see if there are any messages and there wasn’t any. He loves her taking care of him. She says she loves taking care of him too. When Summer’s name is mentioned he reminds her that Summer’s birthday is coming up. He tells Phyllis he was planning to buy her every hot new video game for Christmas. She tells him she wants this moment to be remembered or in a snow globe to relive it any time she wants. Nick tells her she will never lose this, saying they will be together forever. She agrees with him and then kisses him.

Michael goes to see Victor and is told that Jack used Adam to get the diary set up. Michael says they can’t just use Frank’s word for it though. Victor asks why that isn’t enough since Frank admitted he forged the diary. Michael says Frank is not a credible witness, so they need someone else to corroborate all this, and then they will have something.

Sharon asks Brad to get her sweater out of the closet and calls Nick while he is gone. Jack walks in after Brad returns with the sweater and watches as Brad rubs Sharon’s back.

Victor says he has all the evidence in this notepad saying it is from the horses mouth. Michael thinks it is inadmissible though. Michael tells Victor he knows how he negotiates though so they have to make sure that this is exactly how it went down.

Nick comes out and finds more food. While pouring more champagne Phyllis tells him bottoms up. Nick is curious why she set this all up now. She says it came to her out of the blue. She says she feels like they have been spending less and less time together so she just wanted to remind him who loves him the most, always and forever. He tells her she is his wife and he will never forget she is the most important person.

As Brad rubs Sharon’s back Jack tells him to get away from his wife. Sharon stands up and objects to Jack saying she needed a ride home. Brad tells him they are only friends. Sharon asks Brad to leave after she thanks him. Jack admits to Sharon he lied to her because Michael was standing there. She doesn’t believe anything he tells her now. She says she can’t do this anymore. She tells him to pack a bag and move out tonight and then she runs upstairs.

Ashley pleaded Nikki’s case to Victor. She says she and Michael didn’t think for one minute that Nikki knew anything about that diary. She is sorry that Nikki and Victor didn’t reach some sort of common ground. She assures Nikki that she sis intervene on her behalf, not to be consumed by his personal grievances. Nikki asks if it was because she was not worthy of his energy. Ashley just looks at her and says she said it, not her and then walks off.

Brad calls Phyllis and calls her the scheming witch telling her everything went off just as she expected. He says he was with Sharon until Jack showed up but now Sharon is throwing Jack out. Phyllis tells him now is when he needs to be with her but he doesn’t want to appear like he is stalking her. Phyllis tells him she can’t be alone right now though and she thinks he needs to be with her. She hangs up and lies to Nick telling him it was Leanne on the phone with some idea she had. Nick says he gets the feeling that there is something going on that she isn’t telling him. He tells her she can trust him.

Jack is packed and about to leave when Sharon asks if he remembers the night Nick and Phyllis announced their engagement. She remembers Jack commenting that since their exes are together now perhaps they should get together too. Sharon says she guesses the joke was on her but now she needs something real in her life. Jack tells her that there is one thing he has never lied to her about and that is that he is crazy about her. He asks if she doesn’t believe anything else to please believe that. When Jack leaves Sharon sits down and cries.

Ashley goes to victim Victor and tells him she is having her things sent to the corporate apartment and she gave her notice to Forrester’s. She says she was going to bring Abby back with her but she has exams right now but she will be there for Christmas. Victor tells her to sit down. Ashley looks worried when she says uh oh. Victor tells her he doesn’t know how to tell her this because he knows she loves her brother Jack very much but he was the one behind the diary deal.

Phyllis tells Nick the only thing she has on her mind is him. She says this is all about him. Now they start discussing what she’d like for Christmas. He tells her he will give her anything she wants. Phyllis tells him she is the happiest she has been in a very long time as they start kissing. Nick’s phone starts vibrating again and it is ignored as they continue kissing.

Sharon starts thinking back to when she was with Nick in Paris and their kiss. Suddenly the doorbell rings and it is Brad standing there. She appreciates him being so concerned. She adds that Jack just left. She tells her he thought he’d come back and pick up Colleen so she and Jack could have some space but Sharon says she isn’t there. Sharon starts crying saying she is so sorry she is like this. Brad lies her back on the sofa and puts a blanket over her telling her to prop her feet up.

Jack’s at the club and the girls brings him the keys to his hotel room. She tells him she will have the bellman take his luggage up for him. She asks him how long will he be staying with them. Jack looks at her and says he wishes he knew.

Jan Barrett

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