Gloria comes in and tells Lauren about the letter. She says she had really started to wonder if John had really stopped loving her before he died. She says but this letter proves to her that he did love her. She reads Lauren the letter and Lauren said now this is the John that she remembers.  Gloria says John was the man of her dreams and she was the woman of his. Michael comes in and Gloria tells him that they have to go back to Madison right away. She shows him the letter and he agrees this is gold. Lauren jokingly says why don’t they just book a private jet but Gloria likes the idea and tells Kevin yes to do that. She wants them all to go so Lauren agrees to call the sitter and go with them.

Nikki tells Victor that they need to hire a night nurse to watch over Victoria. Her phone rings and it is David telling her he is happy she answered. She tells him she is going to have to call him back and she hangs up on him.

Maggie and Heather make their plans to go search Victor’s office and ranch. Heather says they have to be careful not to make this look like they are harassing a man going through a personal tragedy right now. Maggie says yeah a man that caused so much of this.

Neil calls Victor to tell him about the police being at the office with a search warrant. He tells him that it says on the warrant that they are going to search the Ranch too so he thought he would warn him that they will probably be on their way out there. He had to leave the message on his voice mail but decided to go to the ranch himself to give him the message. When he gets there Victor hadn’t got the message yet so he is surprised. Before they can discuss it the doorbell rings it is Heather and Maggie wanting to search the ranch.

In Madison Sharon and Jack are thinking Jack’s speech at the hearing won him a victory. They are about to leave to go back to the hotel when Ben comes in all excited telling them that the police have served a search warrant on Victor. Sharon thinks this has happened at the worse time. Jack tells her that she couldn’t possibly expect him to take the fall for something he didn’t do just to protect Victor. She says of course not but the timing just stinks.

David calls Nikki again after he hears about the search warrants. At first she tells him once again that she can’t talk and that she will have to call him back, then hangs up, but she returns the call back right away and asks him to send her some things from the office. He tells her anything she needs and also that if she just needs to talk to feel free to call him anytime. When David goes through Nikki’s papers and mail he finds a letter he had wrote her a while back and is surprised that she actually kept it. He puts it back in the box for the carrier to deliver to Nikki.

Jack and Sharon are about to leave when Ben tells them they can’t go anywhere yet. He says the committee just announced that they are not ending this session yet, so they can’t go anywhere. Jack asks if he knows what happened to make them stay, he says they got a call from Michael Baldwin telling them he has new evidence that could shed some light on their decision.

At the hearing Ben addresses the ethnics committee in Jack’s defence to try and bar Gloria from further testimony. He asks them to let them just move on and get on with their lives.

Michael is given his chance now to address the committee. He makes a plea to them to please allow Gloria to testify. He tells them that Gloria has vital new evidence that they think needs to be brought forth to this committee.  Ben objects and asks what new evidence. They say this is not a court room but they take a vote as to whether or not to allow Gloria to testify. They vote to allow her to testify. As they wait for Gloria to come in John’s ghost leans over Jack’s shoulders and tells him he is sorry but he isn’t going to like what is about to happen.

Gloria comes in and tells the committee she just received a letter that John had written to her while he was in prison and she reads it to them. Everyone seems to be questioning the validity of the letter. They want to know what this has to do with the committee hearing so Michael told her to get to the crook part of the letter. She reads where John says in the letter that Jack helped him make out a new will and at the time he thought he was talking about his first wife Dina when he wrote it out. In the letter John says his intentions were for her to receive half of his estate and the other half is to be divided equally between his kids.

After the police leave the ranch Nikki comes down and talks to Victor. They agree that Jack is behind all of this and Nikki is mad. She reminds Victor that he actually saved Jacks life and this is how he repays him.

Victor is thinking about a conversation with Jack about the police asking about the dog’s hair and Jack mentioning that his dog also has basically the same color hair as Victor’s dog does. While in his thoughts the doorbell rings and it’s the delivery man with the box for Nikki. He brings the box in and removes the lid but before he sees what is in the box Nikki calls him to come help them to adjust Victoria’s bed. He says sure and leaves the box sitting there. Nikki comes down to answer the phone and it is David again asking her if she got the package and she says yes and thank you. When she hangs up she runs to put blankets and pillows up and Victor notices the letter in the box and hides it before Nikki comes back. As he reads the letter later he isn’t happy with it so he walks out saying he is just going out to get some fresh air without telling Nikki about the letter.

Jan Barrett

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