Phyllis thinks back again to when she saw Nick and Sharon kissing in Paris. She orders a vodka and tonic but requests a double. Then back at the Abbott home, Nick and Sharon lecture Noah about the stunt he and Eden pulled. They don’t want him to see Eden but he is refusing to listen.

Jack gives the waiter extra money and hands him a gift bag asking him to deliver it to his table when the appetizers are being served saying this is a special night. He runs into Phyllis and tells her he just made plans for a romantic evening with his wife and he assures her that his marriage is right back on track like it should be. When Jack walks over Phyllis asks the bar tender for the phone so she can book a room there for tonight. She orders the best suite available for tonight.

Michael tells Victor he wishes he has some good news for him but according to experts the diary is in Victor’s handwriting. Victor asks him what he is talking about. He angrily states that is not his writing. He says he doesn’t give a damn what the experts say. Victor tells Michael that Jack Abbott is up to his neck in this and he wants him on the stand. He tells Michael if anyone can crack him, he can. Victor insists that the diary is a fake. Michael says he appreciates his confidence. Victor says just do it.

Nick lays down the law to Noah. He is grounded, no computer for a week unless it is for homework. Noah says this sucks. Nick tells him if he ever speaks to his mother like that again it will be two weeks. Noah stomps out of the room. Nick tells Sharon that he was worse than Noah is, as he tries to make her feel better. She asks him if he should call Nikki and apologize. Sharon jumps when Jack walks in and she explains that Noah is in trouble again. Jack hands Sharon a box of wrapped roses to celebrate. He tells them that it is official. The Abbott’s are now back in control again When Nick leaves Phyllis calls him and asks her to meet him at the club bar and then she hangs up.

Sharon opens the roses and then the other box he gave her with a sequined dress. He tells her he made reservations at the club. He tells her that this takeover is on the up and up and his hands are squeaky clean. Sharon says she wants to believe this is a new beginning. Jack promises to be the perfect husband from now on and then tells her to go get ready. Noah comes down and he and Jack talk. Phyllis calls and asks Noah if he can baby sit all night tonight at her place but he says he is grounded. She tells him she will clear it with his dad. Noah asks Jack about it and he tells him to go for it and offers to tell his mom right now when he goes upstairs.

Phyllis calls Brad and tells him Sharon’s marriage is over and tells him to come to the club dining room tonight and be discreet. She says Sharon will need a ride home and a shoulder to cry on. She tells him to get to her quickly so she won’t go running to her husband who will be kept busy. She tells him tonight Sharon will come to him in her hour of need, what more could he ask for?

When Sharon comes downstairs wearing her new dress Jack says she looks great but it isn’t just the dress. She worries about letting Noah got to baby sit but Jack says it is good, this way after they have their dinner they will have the place to themselves. He says he knows he screwed up royally but he has learned his lesson from it.

While Victor is sitting and reading the paper in jail, Frank walks up to him. He tells Victor that he knows who he is and he knows all about his diary. Victor looks at him with a lot of interest.

Phyllis unpacks candle holders and some sexy lingerie. When Nick gets to the bar he drinks a beer while waiting for Phyllis. The bartender hands him a room key telling him a beautiful woman left it for him. Nick asks what she looks like. The bartender says she has redhead with a killer smile. Nick says that’s the one and he smiles.

Michael is about to knock on Jack’s door when Phyllis calls him. She needs a favor. She says Jack and Sharon are having dinner at the club and she wants him to make sure they stay there until Sharon gets her special delivery but Michael wants no part of it saying it will backfire on her. Nick gets there so she has to hang up on him and she takes her robe off and tells Nick surprise.

Frank tells Victor that he knows the diary is a fake. He tells Victor if his fancy high class lawyer will spring him out of jail and a million bucks he will see to it that he gets all he needs to prove the diary is a fake. Frank tells him a few details like a description of the diary will convince Victor he is telling the truth. He asks Victor if he would like to make him an offer now.

Nick wonders what all of this is about. Phyllis says she thought they deserved a night to themselves. She tells him she is going to seduce her husband and she is going to do it right. She is going to make him forget everything. She says it is just them there as she kisses him and starts to undress him.

Estella gives Noah some instructions at the tack house and Noah gets Summer to bed when Phyllis calls to check on Summer. He tells her everything is ok. Noah tells her he is going to hit the books when Eden knocks on the door. She puts Nick on the phone and he tells his dad that he is going to hit the books to study. Eden tells Noah that she can’t stay long because she told Fen’s sitter that she was going to the library so they need to get cracking on the books. He assures her that they won’t have to sneak around much longer.

Phyllis gets Nick to start a bubble bath and while he is there Phyllis tips the waiter telling him to delivering champagne along with extra $100 if he will deliver the papers to Sharon Abbott. She tells him to tell her it came from a guy about so tall with brown hair coming from the gym.

Sharon is surprised when she opens a gift to find a clean chalk board. He says it is to represent a clean slate. She says all she wants is honesty. While watching Sharon, Brad calls Phyllis questioning her about Sharon’s marriage. Phyllis assures him that Sharon’s marriage is going to be over. Michael walks over to Jack and Sharon’s table asking to speak to Jack but they say whatever he has to say can be said in front of Sharon. Michael accuses Jack of writing the diary saying it sure kept him on his seat while he read it. Jack denies writing it and tells Michael to get off his back.

Victor tells Frank to sit down and then says he doesn’t pay extortion threats. Frank tells him that is chump change to him as he introduces himself to him. He says he can get Victor out of there. Victor wants to know what he knows about the diary. Frank tells him he will tell him that as soon as he has the million dollars in his account.

Noah and Eden are studying when he tells her he really wants to do something else as he moves closer to her and then he starts to kiss her. She asks what he is doing. The she pulls him closer and they kiss. The phone rings and it is Phyllis calling to let him know his Dad’s cell phone battery is dead so if he needs them to call her phone.

Jack tells Michael he means it. He wants him to back off. He says he had nothing to do with that diary. The waiter walks over and tells Sharon he has some papers for her. Jack asks if she was expecting something, she says no. When she opens the papers she looks at it and says in question, his credit card statements?

Eden says she has to get home before Michael and Lauren do. She says she better not borrow Noah’s vest saying she wouldn’t know how to explain her having it. She gives him one more kiss and leaves saying good night.

Frank tells Victor fine then he will keep his information to himself. Victor leans forward and warns him that if he has read the diary, he knows what he is capable of so he would think long and hard about who he is dealing with here. Frank calls for the guard saying he is ready to go back to his cell.

As Sharon goes down the list she reads GC Motor Arms, Emperor’s Legion? She is confused while she reads his charges to his credit card. Michael tells her that the Emperor’s Legion is an escort service. Jack says he can explain but would rather do this at home. Sharon tells him no she wants him to explain this now. Jack asks does he really have to explain this in front of Michael. She tells him yes. He looks at her and tells her he is so sorry but the truth is he is a sex addict.

Jan Barrett

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