Victor is talking to Victoria telling her that there is some good news. He tells her that they are bringing her home today and that they are setting up her old room just like it use to be for her. He says the best news of all is that her mother is moving back in with them too.

Nikki calls David to explain to him what’s going on with Victoria. She tells him she was going to come back to the club for a little while today which makes David happy. Victor comes out of the room so Nikki tells David she has to go but she will talk to him later. She tells Victor that was David on the line. She wanted to let him know what she has decided to do. Meanwhile David doesn’t know Nikki’s plans. He orders a massage for Nikki in the hotel room and then wants breakfast sent up to the room afterwards.

Jack is stopped with Ben telling him he just got a call from the ethnics committee. They want him back to answers some more questions. Daniel says well he thought that part was over with now. Ben says so did he. Sharon asks what would happen if Jack declines. Ben looks at Jack and tells him if he does then he may as well kiss his career good bye.

Gloria gets Kevin to help her in finding the man that John was in prison with. She needs to get her hands on that letter that John gave him for her. Kevin agrees to help her but he tells her that she will owe him big time. She says she has already given him plenty, like giving him life. He tells her that’s not good enough. He says he will come to collect the favor when he is ready. She says ok.

At the hearing Jack is being subjected to yet even more questions. John’s ghost is haunting Jack again in the court room urging him to please tell the truth. Jack tells Sharon she doesn’t have to sit there with him but she says she will stand by him. John tells Jack he is a lucky man to have Sharon as his wife. When they end their questioning they call for a recess. Jack asks when they come back if they will give him a chance to speak to them on the record, and they say yes. Out in the hall later Phyllis shows up and Ben tries to stop her. Jack asks what is going on. Ben says the last thing Jack needs is to have someone there to support him that just got out of prison. Jack says he is happy she is there and thanks her for coming.  John’s ghost is still there haunting Jack and he tells Jack that he hopes this time Jack will be the man he raised him to be and tell the truth for a change.

Nikki and Phyllis talk about Nikki’s decision to move back in at the ranch when they bring Victoria home. Phyllis tells her she admires her for her decision but is curious about how David will take the news. Nikki says David will just have to understand. Her daughter needs her and right now family is all that matters to her. Daniel calls Phyllis and tells her about the committee calling Jack back in for more questions. When she gets off the phone she tells Nick about it and that she thinks she needs to go to Madison to give Jack some moral support. She tries to explain why she feels the need to go but Nick tells her he understands and it is ok for her to go. He says he is going to stay there though and make sure everything goes well with Vitoria’s move home.

At the hotel Nikki sees the flowers that David had delivered there for her. He tells her he ordered her a massage and he thinks she needs some time away from the hospital. She says she has to admit that the sound of a massage sure sounds good. So she agrees to stay. He offers to be there for her if she wants to talk or he can just let her have some time alone. She tells him how sweet he is.

After the massage she admits to him that he was so right, that is just what she needed. She and he start talking and he gets her to laugh. She said she hasn’t giggled in ages and it feels so good. She tells him she has to tell him something and she isn’t quite sure how to start with him so she is just going to come right out and say it. She tells him Victoria is being released from the hospital today and they are moving her out to the ranch. He says well that is wonderful. She says yes it is but the thing is she is going to move back out to the ranch too. David says what? She says it has nothing to do with him or Victor. She just needs to be close to her daughter while she is still in this coma.

David thinks there has to be another way. Nikki says no, she needs to be there to watch her. David says ok then she can stay there during the day and come back to him at night. She says no, Victoria needs 24 hour care and she can’t leave her. David asks her then what does this mean for them. She tells him that she guesses this means there will be no them now. She gets dressed and apologized again but says she has to go. He asks her can’t they at least talk about this. She says there is nothing to talk about she has to do this and she leaves.

David later calls Nikki and leaves her a message on her phone begging her not to stop seeing him. He tells her even if they have to meet in the middle of the night it would be better than nothing.

Victor gets a call from a reporter asking about his involvement in the JiMin case making Victor furious. He tells them never to call him again. He tells Nick that apparently Jack Abbott is pushing this to make him look like the guilty one. Meanwhile Jack addresses the committee and apologizes to them for his actions and asks for forgiveness without mentioning Victor’s name.

Kevin and Gloria listen in to the confession of Jack’s. Gloria is mad as hell. Kevin tells her to calm down that she will be happy when she hears what he has found. She asks him if he found the man. Then someone knocks on the door. Kevin opens it and it’s the cellmate’s son and he gives Gloria the letter. She looks at it and says this is it, it is John’s writing.

Jan Barrett

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