Jack lets Billy know about Gloria being responsible for the tampering with the face cream. Jack says he just hopes she spends the rest of his life in jail. Jack invites Billy to move in with him but Billy says he is happy where he is now. Jack admits to him it is a big house and that he is lonely there alone.

Phyllis and Nick are at the club celebrating Nick’s birthday. Sharon walks up and says hi to Phyllis then she wishes Nick a Happy Birthday. Phyllis tells her she heard that she and Noah have moved into the hotel.

Neil is getting ready for his wedding when Olivia tells Tyra on the phone she really needs to tell Neil how she feels. Neil leaves and Karen comes out all nervous as Victoria tries calming her down. Karen says she has dreamed of this all her life and asks Victoria not to let anything ruin this for her.

Kevin reads Katherine’s book and he asks Jana if she knew that Jill once paid a homeless man to woo Mrs. Chancellor. Jana is still beating herself up for not being able to see through Lowell like Kevin did.

Gloria complains about not being able to be out doing what she wants to do on New Year’s Eve. Another inmate tells Gloria that there is a woman in there claiming to be Katherine Chancellor. Gloria whispers that Katherine is dead. The girl tells her she can tell her that herself as Katherine is brought into the room by the guard.

Jack and Billy talk about Billy being the father of Cloe’s baby. Jack advises him to stay clear of his brother Cane and the family. Jack doesn’t think Billy dating Lily is a good idea though. Billy says he doesn’t care what Cane thinks because he really likes Lily.

Neil is happy that Lily and Devon like Karen so much and he appreciates their support in this wedding. When Devon and Lily walk off Tyra helps Neil with his tie. She tells him he is all set now as she kisses him on the cheek.

Jana tells Kevin from now on she will rely on her instincts only, she has had it with good vibrations. When Kevin runs to chase off kids on the patio lighting fireworks, Eden and Noah arrive. They both had to lie to their families in order to be able to spend time together.

Nick offers to let Noah stay with him and Phyllis until Sharon finds a place of her own but she declines the offer. Sharon is told that her table won’t be ready for another hour and she can’t get the table by the window as she requested. She says she will just wait upstairs in her room then and asks that they call her when it is ready.

JT arrives to fill in for Victor as Neil’s best man. Neil says Victor sent over a case of Champagne and Neil says he guesses Victor is too busy to attend and he understands. Tyra thanks Neil for his sacrifice when Anna’s name is mentioned. Neil asks what sacrifice, the sooner he marries Karen the better as far as he is concerned. When Anna comes in she hugs everyone. Lily and Billy talk together outside and she says she sees that “Sonny” has left the dating site. He says because he has found his match. He thanks Lily for inviting him and then tells her she looks beautiful.

Katherine asks the guard for an extra blanket but he tells her this isn’t the Ritz. She says it got cool last night so he tells her to get use to it. Gloria goes over to Katherine and sees that Katherine’s memory is gone even though she thinks Gloria does look a bit familiar. The guard tells Katherine she has a visitor and when they start to hug the guard stops them from having any physical contact. Murphy says he is worried about Katherine.

Jack sits alone at home when he thinks back to the promise he made to Sharon that he would be the perfect husband to her. When he comes back to reality he calls out for his Dad. He tells his Dad that Sharon and Noah left him and he says he misses his pop. He makes a toasts saying Happy New Year as he raises his glass and then he leaves.

Sharon still waits for her table when Phyllis jokingly offers to send a bottle of champagne over there. Nick offers to go somewhere else if she is uncomfortable but she doesn’t want to. When she sends Nick for a glass of sparkling water Phyllis calls Brad to tell him that Sharon is alone and could use some company.

Eden and Noah talk about the money they found in the Teddy Bear. Noah tells her there was over $60,000 in there. Kevin overhears the kids talking about how they wonder where Lowell got that kind of money. Noah tells Eden well it is hers now.

Gill brings Anna to the wedding. Olivia pressures Tyra even more about talking to Neil before he marries Karen. Victoria comes in and tells Neil his bride is ready. Anna asks Tyra isn’t Karen beautiful. Karen walks in wearing a short white dress. Tyra says she is dazzling.

Murphy tells Katherine he hates seeing her there. He says he would even sell his bait and tackle shop to raise her bail if he has to but she tells him not to. Gloria listens in and when Murphy leaves Gloria tells Katherine she can’t be Katherine Chancellor because Katherine Chancellor never knew anyone that owned a bait and tackle shop. She tells her it is too late to get her hands on the Chancellor money because it has been divided up already.

Victoria wishes her father could have made it there for the wedding when suddenly Victor walks in telling everyone not to start without him. Neil is surprised saying well look who it is. Victor looks at Victoria telling hi sweetheart.

Sharon answers the knock at the door and is surprised to see Brad there. She asks what he is doing there. She tells him about her table taking so long so she cancelled her reservation. She opens the door inviting him in. Just as he goes in and she closes the door Jack walks up and sees so he turns away and leaves without saying anything.

Nick tells Phyllis that something is missing. An accordion player walks over playing music. Phyllis tells everyone that her husband likes to do things like this as they get up and start dancing. Phyllis watches Jack coming downstairs and storm out as she and Nick dance.

Kevin informs Jana that Eden has the $60,000 and she found it in her teddy bear. He tells her that it is at Noah’s Dad’s house He wants to get the money back and he is surprised that Jana is going to go along with his idea of how he wants to get it back.

Victor takes his place as best man in the wedding as the minister starts the ceremony. He says speak now or forever hold your peace to the group of people attending the ceremony. Everyone remains silent even though Olivia looks over at Tyra as though she is begging her to say something now.

Gloria admits she does look a lot like Katherine thinking if she had plastic surgery they did a good job. Katherine says wait, she is remembering something about a car and Gloria helping her finding a missing car at a coffee shop. Gloria is shocked and smiles saying Katherine it’s really you as she hugs her. Katherine asks her if they are good friends and Gloria assures her that they are and even tells her that her son works for her and he is one of her most trusted employees and promises to fill her in on everything.

Neil and Karen say their vows and are pronounced husband and wife. As Neil kisses his bride Anna’s gift to them is to sing for them saying she learned the song before she knew she was coming home.

Jana tells Kevin to forget all this karma crap that money is theirs and she is ready to go get it. Kevin hugs her and says yes his baby is back. With Anna’s voice singing in the background Noah kisses Eden while they stand outside Crimson Lights. As the New Year arrives, Karen and Neil kiss. Sharon and Brad kiss but she stops it telling him she can’t do it. He tells her he understands. Jack is home alone as he watches the clock strike midnight and he whispers Happy New Year as he sits there all alone.

Jan Barrett

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