Jana tells Kevin to count his blessings and to look at the bright side of things. It is their first Christmas together. She hands him an envelope saying it is her gift to him. It is an IOU for $62,999.99. She admits she feels like an idiot but he says he thought they agreed not to talk about it anymore. A little girl comes in and tells Jana she wanted to come make a donation and admits she had been saving her allowance saying she has almost $10 but she heard that every serving counts. Jana concludes that there is some good in this world.

Neil comes in and Tyra thanks him for giving Anna the keyboard. He says he hopes she will be there playing it always soon. Karen comes in and they talk about their soon to be wedding leaving Tyra looking jealous as they seem to not even notice her there.

Daniel and Amber are in bed together as they come up for air. He tells her he has another gift for her. She gives her a framed autographed photo from Loveline’s Drew and Stryker. He tells her he kind of gives Loveline the credit for them getting back together.

Esther wonder’s who Cloe’s baby will look like. Cloe says probably a little of everyone. Esther tells her she is so happy they are there helping her get through the first Christmas in years without Mrs. Chancellor. Little do they know Jill is at the Chancellor Estate crying as she asks if this is really her mother? Katherine tells her it is her and she is home. Jill hugs her.

Amber tells Daniel she has another gift for him as well. She has designed him a black jacket. She says it is made in some sort of plastic. Daniel loves it as he tries it on but then removes it expecting more love making but Jana calls and asks if they need her to bring anything. Oh, Daniel had forgotten about inviting them over. They start cleaning the place a little when Amber complains about Kevin coming over. Saying Mrs. Chancellor came to her in a dream telling her that Kevin was responsible for her death. Meanwhile Kevin is complaining to Jana about going over there as well saying he really thinks Amber thinks he is a cold blooded killer. Jana says maybe Amber was just grief stricken and maybe she will apologize.

Jill is about to call everyone and tell them she is alive but realizes this can’t be Katherine. Katherine insists that she is and explains about being with Murphy and not remembering anything but now she remembers that she is Katherine Chancellor. Jill looks at her and says she looks and sounds like her mother but she is not her mother.

Tyra starts crying as she fights with a large banner saying “Congratulations Neil and Karen” Olivia shows up saying she realized that this is breaking Tyra’s heart about Neil marrying Karen so she thought she would need a friend. Back at Neil’s place, he and Karen called Victoria and they ask her to be her matron of honor.

Daniel comes in with chips and pretzels but Amber is still not happy about Kevin coming over as she thinks about her dream. When Jana and Kevin come in, Amber tells him she has a gift for him, a special one.

Jill starts asking Katherine questions to see if she is really Katherine like where her bedroom is. Katherine points upstairs and Jill says of course but which wing? She asks her birthday. She tells her that this is so cruel of her to try and extort money even though Katherine tells her she doesn’t’ have all her memory but she knows this is her home and she belongs there. Jill says she belongs in jail and she sets off the alarm.

Tyra tells Olivia that she is happy for Neil and Karen and she is not bothered about them getting married. Olivia says it is obvious that Tyra cares about Neil more than she is admitting.

Victoria is excited and is honored that they would ask her to be Karen’s matron of honor. They tell her that Devon and Lily will be walking Karen down the aisle. Karen says she loves the whole family and even Tyra and Anna. Victoria proposes a toast to the future Mr. and Mrs. Neil Winters and their future.

Jana is happy with her gift from Amber, which is a certificate to a day at the spa with Amber. Kevin opens his gift and it is a copy of Katherine’s book. Also there is a framed email from Katherine saying what a great guy Kevin is for helping her. Daniel asks who wants a beer as he runs out to his car to get it. Jana likes the idea of reading the memoir so Kevin hands it to her saying here it is all yours. Kevin tells Amber he has had enough of her suspicions and accusations and he is going to put an end to all this crap as he runs out the door.

Jill tells the cop that this woman here is an imposter. He agrees that she looks like Katherine Chancellor but Jill says she is a fake. She says she has done this before. She thinks this woman has seen Katherine’s book and now she wants to get money out of them. Jill assures the police that this woman is not her mother. She has no ID and doesn’t even know when her birthday is. Jill calls Cane and tells him someone broke in and is claiming to be Katherine so Cane tells her he will be right there. When she hangs up she tells the cops she wants them to arrest this woman. They handcuff her and lead her out with her crying saying this is a terrible mistake as Jill throws her jacket toward them going out the door.

Esther comes in with Cane and Jill explains to them about the woman. They explain to Cane how Marge had kidnapped Katherine and Esther before. Jill tells them of the shock she had when she seen her but then she realized it couldn’t be her mother. Esther does remember though how Marge helped them out in the end saying she did have a heart. She says for her to do something this terrible makes her ill.

Katherine is led into the women’s jail as the guard says she sure is a dead ringer for Katherine Chancellor. The other guard says her daughter claims she is an imposter for Katherine. They say poor thing, doesn’t know who she is. The guard explains that she is going in the night court to be arraigned. She asks Katherine if she has a lawyer and when she says no, she says she will get a public defender.

When Daniel comes back with the beer he wonders why Amber has the door locked. She says it is Kevin as she is freaking out claiming that Kevin is going to kill her. When Jana comes back in she asks where Kevin went.

Kevin goes to visit Gloria in the jail and tells her that Amber is freaked out thinking he killed Mrs. Chancellor. He asks Gloria to tell Amber that it was her that worked Katherine over to get the stock from her and that he didn’t do anything. Gloria calmly tells him she can’t do that and then says she is sorry.

Tyra tells Olivia that even if she did have feelings for Neil it wouldn’t matter because he is in love with Karen. Olivia’s isn’t so sure of that. She says she has known Neil for a long time. Karen is not really his type but she thinks Tyra is. Back at Neil’s place Neil gets a business call and tells Victoria and Karen he has to take it so he goes to the back of the apartment. Leaving them alone they discuss the wedding together. Karen tells Victoria it is happening so fast even though she loves Neil and she knows he loves her but she thinks if it wasn’t for Anna’s situation she isn’t sure they would even be getting married right now or not.

The judge set Katherine’s bail at $250,000. The guard explains that if she can’t get someone to come up with 10% of that she will have to spend the night in jail. She says she does have one phone call though so she calls Murphy and tells him that Jill didn’t believe her. She said she called her crazy and had her arrested so now she is in jail.

When Victoria leaves Neil thinks Karen looks like something is bothering her so he asks if something is wrong. She says they don’t have to do this. She reminds him that she can’t have kids. She says if this is just for the foster parent application she can easily just move out. Neil asks if she is getting cold feet. He assures her that he is marrying her because he loves her. When she still looks like she is questioning him he asks her how about this and he kisses her.

Olivia tries to convince Tyra to admit her feelings about Neil to him. She asks what she has to lose. Tyra answers her pride, her dignity and her self respect. Olivia tells her she has to talk to him before he ends up married to someone else.

Gloria refuses flat out to help Kevin. She says Amber is a troublemaker who can’t keep her mouth shut. Kevin accepts it and says it is ok. He will find a way to deal with Amber and keep Gloria’s name out of it.

Jana is upset with Amber about her attitude towards Kevin. She assures Amber Kevin wouldn’t hurt a fly. She says she can explain about the money that Katherine left behind
And he did try and return it. When Amber still accuses Kevin, Jana tells her that she used to think they were friends but she has just killed whatever she felt for her. Then Jill calls Amber and tells her that her and that damn book is bringing all the crazies out to make her life miserable. Jill calls her an idiot and hangs up.

Katherine tells the guard that her friend said he would try to find a way to get her out but he doesn’t have that kind of money. The guard feels sorry for her and tells her at least she will have a nice warm bed to sleep in tonight and she will get served a hot breakfast in the morning. When she starts to take Katherine to her cell, Kevin is coming out from visiting with Gloria when he spots Katherine walking past him.

Jan Barrett

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