Jill and Gloria are both shocked with Billy and his part in this takeover. Billy says the company belongs to his sisters, Jack, along with his step mother and her husband. Cane can’t believe that his brother would betray their mother like this. Jill says Billy would never betray her unless someone else was behind it and brainwashing him. She turns to Jack and realizes he is the one behind this. Jack raises his glass and makes a toast to the much awaited revival of Jabot Cosmetics.

Sharon questions Noah when he tells her he is going to a friend’s house to do homework. She refuses to let him go until he tells her the friend’s name. He hands her a slip with the friends name and number telling her she can trust him while Eden stands outside in the cold waiting on him. When Noah goes out the door, Sharon tries to catch him because he forgot his gloves but he was gone already.

Amber and Daniel try working on his paintings and her designs but they both come up empty. Jana comes over and is surprised to hear that they are both quitting their jobs at the Magazine. She figures that Phyllis will flip out when she finds out Daniel is quitting.

The Baldwin’s and the Newman’s talk about the kids in their terrible two’s and having a teenager in the house. Lauren says that Eden is not a bad kid no matter what Sharon thinks of her. Phyllis asks was Sharon blaming Eden, and then says she is really a piece of work isn’t she. Nick mentions that both times Noah got into trouble he was with Eden after all. Lauren tells him that doesn’t prove anything though. Eden and Noah rush in. Nick sees them and says he is supposed to be grounded.

Jill and Jack have words about the takeover. He tells her Jabot was his father’s company and since he can’t run it himself he is delighted to have Billy and the Bardwell’s do it for him. Jill says Katherine had to be out of her mind to give Gloria that stock. Gloria says that isn’t so. She says Jill embarrassed her mother when she scandalized the company and then when she hired her son Cane Ashby who’s only business experience is making a great Harvey Wallbanger. Cane says his grandmother thought he was doing a great job but Gloria says Katherine didn’t have any choice. While they all argue over who has the best qualifications Ashley walks in and announces that Jack won’t be running anything, neither will Billy. She says she will be. Brad gets a big smile on his face while Billy, Jack and the Bardwell’s looks shocked.

Ashley says she is sorry she is late but she only just got back from London. She says she wanted to be there because she thought some would blame Jack for this takeover. She says he didn’t do it. Jill says come on now, Jack has been dreaming of this since he lost it. Ashley reminds Jill that Jack can’t have anything to do with the company. Jill mentions the face cream incident and Ashley reminds her that she was cleared of any wrong doing with that but she does plan on adding more security. She states that she hasn’t been on a vacation. She has been in LA and London and she has created some new fragrances assuring them all that she hasn’t lost her touch.

Gloria drags Jeffery to the side and asks him what just happened. She says she went from first place in line for running Jabot as CEO to standing behind two of John’s twits. Jeffery assures her that they are not taking the back seat to anybody.

Nick scolds Noah and Michael is agreeing with him as they lecture Eden and Noah about running round in the restaurant disturbing people who are trying to eat and study.. Noah says they didn’t mean any harm. Michael brings up that he thought Eden was going to the library to study. They tell the kids to go out to the patio but Lauren tells Michael she will take over since she is calmer than he is. While Nick and Lauren are with the kids, Phyllis breaks down with Michael asking him not to tell anyone but she saw Nick and Sharon kissing in Paris. Sharon walks in asking if they have seen Nick. She says he asked her to meet him. Michael tells Phyllis that Nick called Sharon and he reminds her that Nick is crazy about her. Phyllis says she knows that but Sharon is always calling them, she is so needy and he drops everything to run to her. This all started ever since Sharon and Jack started having trouble with their marriage. Phyllis says she has information that could break them up so why not use it. Michael warns her that it is a dangerous game. He tells her not to do anything rash because these things have a way of backfiring.

Jana loves Daniel’s painted canvas saying it is bloody brilliant. She then asks Amber to design something retro/mod for her to wear while riding her scooter. Amber asks where Kevin got enough money to buy the scooter. She says she saw Kevin hand over a wad of cash. Jana thinks back to finding the bag of money and then tells Amber that however he paid for it, they must be able to afford it, or he wouldn’t have bought it, she is sure of that.

Lily tells Colleen she can’t believe Billy just betrayed his own mother like that and wonders where his family loyalty was. Colleen says well Jabot does belong to the Abbott’s. Colleen says Billy was loyal to his Dad. She says it was her grandfather’s company after all.

Jill complains to Cane and Cloe that first she loses her mother and now her son. She says this is legal though, Billy had told her months ago about the dummy company and now it makes sense to her why Gloria was so desperate. Lily and Colleen watch as Billy tries talking to Jill. Cane tells him to go back to the side of the family that doesn’t think he is scum. Lily stands there shaking her head and then she stomps off.

Ashley talks with Jack telling him she is surprised he is ok with this. She says he is being very accommodating for someone who just had his secret control pulled out from under him. Jack assumes she only said she was going to be running things. She corrects his assumption. She says it is a done deal. She is moving back to Genoa City and will hold Jack to his promise of doing this for their Dad and not getting himself into trouble.

Michael tells Phyllis that Nick and Sharon will always be close since they do have a son together. He says blowing Sharon’s marriage apart might backfire on her. Sharon could turn to Nick and Nick might leave her if he finds out she done something. Phyllis is more worried about what is going on out on the patio right now.

Sharon rants and raves about how Eden is a bad influence on Noah or visa versa, says Lauren who also agrees with Nick that the two of them shouldn’t be seeing one another outside of school. Noah refuses to stop seeing Eden. He says it is not like they are running off to get married or something. He wants to know what the big deal is, they have fun together so how come they don’t give them a break.

Brad rubs it all in with Jill saying talk about falling flat on her face. Jill looks at him and says, up yours, Bradley. Brad just laughs saying always the lady. Kevin walks over to Billy and tells him he loved the way the Abbott’s and his mom blindsided Jill. Billy looks at him and tells him to shove it as he walks away.

Jack apologizes to Jeffery for the way things went down. He says Ashley does have experience that will make the shareholders happy at least. He says Billy is a quick study. Jeffery’s ok but has a word of advice for Jack, saying Ashley can be the Lone Ranger and Billy, Tonto, but unless the Bardwell’s are happy this all goes bye bye. Gloria listens in and looks pleased at what she heard Jeffery say.

Lily asks Cane if he is ok saying she knows how much being CEO at Jabot meant to him. He says his mother will bring him in at Chancellor Enterprises so he won’t be unemployed for long. Cane asks her about Anna. He tells her he heard that she is there to return Billy his cell phone. He says he knows it is none of his business about her spending time with Billy. Lily leaves when Cloe walks up and she tells Cane she wants to get out of there.

Ashley assures Billy that he will be a key player in the company. She says he is smart and full of great ideas. She has a lot of confidence in hi, He hugs her saying he looks forward to working with her. Lily walks up and she and Billy have a minute alone together.

Gloria joins Jeffery at the bar for a drink telling him she overheard his conversation with Jack. She tells him it sure sounds like they are a team and to think she was ready to cut him out and loose. She laughs as she whispers that the Abbott’s don’t know it but they just saved their marriage.

Kevin goes to Amber and Daniel’s apartment and gripes that he is going to be working for Billy Abbott and now he is going to have to suck up to that maggot. Amber says this is what Kevin has wanted all along. He asks if they think he wanted Mrs. C to die. Amber says it seems to be more of a convenience for him. Jana tells him that Amber is not accusing him of having anything to do with Mrs. C’s death. Amber says no, it is just odd timing that’s all and Kevin agrees.

Cane is at home and he thinks back to a talk he had with Billy about getting bloody. Cane said he had no problems with that except when it came to family. Cloe brings him back to reality when she brings over a tray of comfort food. She says she isn’t worried about money, even without his inheritance. She says she has her job at Restless style and after all they are Chancellors!

As they all go back in the café, Lauren and Sharon admits that they are not making much headway in group form. So they think a plan “B” is to divide and conquer. Michael tells everyone they can talk again soon and he leaves with Lauren and Eden. Nick says he is going with Sharon and Noah. Sharon says they need to work this out as a family. Phyllis is upset that she is left there alone. She calls Brad and tells him that Sharon is about to get some bad news about her husband so he should be there to pick up the pieces for her.

Jeffery tells Gloria he doesn’t think Billy will be hard to manipulate and Gloria thinks Ashley is a lost cause. Gloria says Ashley isn’t like Jack, she is an adult. She may be a cold fish but she knew that she loved her father. She says Ashley is the most fair minded, and she thinks she will come around. Jill tells Ashley that she is going to be watching Jack and if she catches him getting involved in Jabot she will ruin him and then she will ruin her too. Ashley looks at Jill and tells her to have a nice day as she smiles and then walks away.

Billy thanks Lily for returning his cell phone. He admits that what she witnessed looked bad. She tells him she really doesn’t want to hear his reasons nor does she want him to bother checking on Anna’s situation for her.

Jack tells Billy that he has his job cut out for him taking orders from him and convincing Ashley that they are his own ideas. Billy believes that Ashley thinks he will be worthy on his own. Jack tells him he is but they do have a deal. He warns him not to forget who footed the bill for his lavish lifestyle. He says surely he knew that one day this all would come. Billy says he understands and agrees that he owes Jack. He says just tell him what he wants him to do. When he turns around he sees his mother staring at him the same way the Bardwell’s are staring his way.

Jan Barrett

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