Phyllis finally gets Nick to leave the hospital and go home for a little while. At home he apologizes to her for not being able to be with her more right now. She tells him she understands. He whispers in a question, his sister is going to be OK. Then they start kissing and undressing each other to make love.

Later after Phyllis showers she comes downstairs and finds Nick sitting there with Summer. He gives her a gift which is a game and he challengers her promising to cut her some slack since he knows she is a bit out of practice. While playing the game Phyllis lowers her robe off her shoulder to distract Nick and his game. He tells her she is not playing fair so he raises his shirt to distract her.

Neil and Karen are at the charity function and Karen has declared the night as off limits to work. While having a drink Cane spots them and asks Neil if he has heard from the insurance company yet. Karen stops him before Neil can answer and tells him she has declared the night to be business free so Cane apologizes. Heather walks up and they ask if she is there representing Genoa City’s D.A.’s office. She says she is indeed, and then takes Canes arm as they go off to their table.

At the hospital Brad tells Nikki that he hates it that the baby hasn’t got a name yet. She tells him well Victoria is still asleep, but she will name him when she wakes up. JT comes up and asks Brad how the baby is doing. He says that he is small but he is tough and he is hanging in there. He says the baby needs an identity of his own. He says it would be easier to send vibes to a Mark or an Ian instead of baby boy Newman.

Colleen asks Lily if she would mind going to the charity benefit with Adrian as his date and she agrees. When they get there they start looking for their table and come to find out they are assigned to the same table as Cane and Heather. Cane looks happy to see her and helps her to her seat which happens to be right next to him. Heather and Adrian seem to have a lot of interests in common and end up excusing themselves to go look at something, leaving Cane and Lily together at the table. Neil sees Lily with Cane and he is upset. Karen asks him doesn’t it mean anything that Lily is having fun. He says yes but she has always had bad judgement when it comes to men and he worries about her.

The doctor tells Nikki and Victor that maybe it is time to send Victoria to a long term care facility. Victor tells him they will discuss it and let him know. He and Nikki both seem to think that when Victoria wakes up she needs to be with her baby. So Victor says then it is settled, Victoria will not be going anywhere, she will stay right there. Later they decide to bring Victoria home. Nikki thinks that would be a good idea. Nikki calls Nick and asks him to make some calls and get started setting things up at the ranch to get it ready to bring Victoria home.

Nikki tells Victor that her family is the most important thing to her. She says she wants to be there every minute so she can do what she can for Victoria. So she tells Victor that she would like to move back to the ranch. Victor asks her if this means her relationship is over with David. She tells him right now she is only focusing on her family. He tells her then OK, he thinks it would be a good idea because Victoria will need her mother there with her. She tells Victoria that the family will be together again now.

Brad corners the doctor coming out the nursery and asks him if he could do a blood test on the baby. He said he has to know if the baby is his or not. The doctor tells Brad the baby’s blood type is O positive. Brad is so excited and he tells Colleen that is his blood type too and he hugs her. JT came walking in just as the doctor announces it to Brad. He loses it with Brad calling him a selfish bastard. He says that right now all that matters is that Victoria and the baby are both OK. Brad says obviously he is worried about Victoria too but he was just concerned for his son. JT says well yeah but guess what? He also has O positive blood type so the blood type of the baby does not prove anything about who the father is. Brad says he wants to give the baby something he didn’t have for a long time. He wants to give him a name.

Adrian and Heather speak to each other about Heather’s old room mate, which happens to have been an ex girlfriend of Adrian’s. As they go back to their table Adrian says his leg is hurting so he thinks he should head home. He says he probably has been on it too much today. Lily asks if he needs her to go with him to drive. He assures her he will be just fine. Cane offers to drop her off at home when he leaves. She says she can just catch a ride with her Dad, but Heather asks her if she is sure she would want to ruin her Dad’s fun. She says well maybe she will catch up with him later.

Neil and Karen walk up and Lily tells him about Adrian having to leave and asks for a ride home. Neil tells her about the tickets to the concert he is bidding on. She says Cane has been bidding on the same tickets. Neil says they are about to announce the winner. Surprisingly they both lose. Karen had been secretly bidding on the tickets and she won. She got the tickets for Neil and Lily as a gift. Cane offers to take Lily home but Neil says he can take his daughter home himself. Heather and Cane decide they just don’t click together so she thinks they should just agree to be friends and Cane agrees.

Jan Barrett

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