Neil is interviewing singers to sing in the Club New Year’s Eve and gets Karen’s help. Karen is trying not to be judgemental about a singer they were interviewing. She sings a few tunes to show him what she likes in singing and Neil is impressed. He asks her to play that song for him but she says no and she doesn’t play the piano either. Later Neil walks in while Karen is sitting at the piano singing. He tells her he would like for her to sing the night of the party. She says she can’t do that but he says he can hire who he wants.

Nick is at the main house to see Victoria. He tells Victor that he told Victoria to wake up so they can all sing Auld Lang Syne together like they traditionally do. Victor says that would be the greatest gift ever. Nick says speaking of gifts he heard that he received a good one yesterday. Victor asks him if he heard about the lawsuit then. Then Victor asks how come he always seems to side with Nikki against him. Nick says mostly it is because he hardly ever agrees with anything he does. He tells his father that he didn’t come there to pick a fight with him. Victor says that is hard to believe when he is always taking up for his mother. Nick asks his Father for just once to make a New Year’s resolution and Victor says and what will that be. Nick says for him to give in and make some changes here. Victor says his mother has made her choice and it is much more than he can swallow.

Nikki runs into Phyllis in town and Nikki tells her as soon as she can see the roads she is going to see Victoria. Phyllis tells her that she didn’t know if she was a ware of it or not but Nick and Victor is barely speaking to each other these days. Nikki says no she wasn’t aware of that and then invites Phyllis to stay and join her with a cup of tea if she isn’t in a big rush.

At the Abbott Mansion Sharon answers the door to Gloria. She is elated with the news that the letter she had has been proven authentic. It was John’s handwriting and now she knows that John loved her and never wanted her to be left out of his will. Jack tells her that she is no longer welcome there and wants her to leave. When she is going out the door she tells Sharon to get out while she can now. Jack tells Sharon he is sorry that she had to hear all that. She says she is sorry she did too.

Jack calls his lawyer out in the snow storm to the house and tells him to find a way to stop Gloria from getting her hands on his Dad’s money. The lawyer advises him to just settle with Gloria. Jack is against it but Sharon interrupts by telling him he should just abide by his Father’s wishes and give her the money that’s due to her. When the lawyer leaves Jack asks Sharon what does she want him to do. She says just give her the money that belongs to her. It would be what John would want him to do.

Jack notices that Sharon seems to be getting ready to go off. He asks her where is she going. She starts to make an excuse but then says she just has to get out of there. He says but in this Blizzard? She says she just needs to get out for a little while and leaves. Noah is watching all this and tries calling Nick when she leaves but gets no answer. So he grabs his jacket and goes out the door himself without saying anything to Jack about leaving. He goes to Nick’s house and is waiting outside the door when Nick comes home. He asks Noah what is he doing there and Noah says freezing.

When they get inside Noah tells Nick his Mom is leaving Jack. Nick asks how he knows that. Noah said he overheard them talking. He tells Nick he is sick of his Mom always leaving like she does so he wants to come live with him and Phyllis. He says his Mom is so unhappy and nothing he can do seems to cheer her up. Nick tells him he is sort of going through the same thing with his parents. Nick says he has to know that he is loved by everyone no matter what. Noah wants to know if this is his fault. Nick says no way dude, where did you come up with that. Noah says well when he and his Mom split he felt like it was his fault but Nick assures him none of this is his fault. He says he thinks that they need to call his Mom and let her know where Noah is. Sharon asks Nick if Jack knows but he says he doesn’t think so. She says ok she is on her way now to pick Noah up.

Before she gets there Jack calls her wanting to know if Noah is with her. She says no but she is on her way to Nick’s now to get him. She asks if they got into a fight or something. He says no, when she left he went up to look in on him and found him gone. She says she will be home soon with him. When she gets to Nick’s she tells him that she can mess up her own life but she doesn’t want to mess up Noah’s life too. Nick asks well is it true then that she is leaving Jack. Before she can answer Noah comes down the stairs and tells her to just tell the truth. She tries explaining it to him but he tells her he loves Jack and she says she knows, and Jack loves him too.

Nikki is out at the ranch to visit with Victoria when Victor comes downstairs. She says hello to him and when he is quiet she says alright he doesn’t have to speak to her but he can listen. She asks him to please let them try and find a common ground together for the sake of the family. He tells her after all they have done to each other what else can she expect. Suddenly she covers her face and falls to the sofa. He asks her if she is OK. She says suddenly she feels so sad. Nikki starts out the door and Victor stops her telling her she is not going out that door in that storm right now. He closes the door as he pulls her back in. 

Phyllis calls Nick to let him know her car is literally stuck in the snow in the parking lot so she is stuck there. He offers to go get her but she says no because then he would only get stuck too. He tells her Sharon is there to pick up Noah and he will explain that to him later. When he gets off the phone she says they better get home but Nick tells her how bad the storm is so they tell her to stay there til they get a break in the snow.

Sharon calls Jack to let him know she is stuck out at Nick’s cause of the storm so she says she will just have to see him tomorrow. He tells her he will be there when she gets home. When he hangs up he starts calling out for John when someone is knocking on the door. To his surprise he finds Ashley standing there and she tells him hello Jackie, I am home!

Jan Barrett

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