Nikki and David discuss his proposal to her. She starts out saying one thing with a but in it and he stops her. He says he has always known when there is a but in it that always means no and he understands. She tells him she has always taken pride in always trying to make quick decisions on things but this time she can’t.

Katherine comes out to see Nikki and asks her how it went with Victor after he found out about the lawsuit. Katherine asks her if she has changed her mind now about it and Nikki assures her that she still has plans to go along with this no matter what. As they are talking David comes downstairs and surprises Katherine. She wants to know if he is living here right now. Nikki says no he just spent the night there last night. She says David is sweet, and admits that he has asked her to marry him which really surprises Katherine. Katherine tells her that she is much stronger than she thinks she is. She says she has the strength in her to stand up to Victor through all this on her own and fight for what she wants.

At the club Jeffery runs into Gloria. He tells her he is ready to make a formal announcement that they are engaged to be married. She isn’t ready but he says either that or he can make an announcement about her being the one that tainted the facial cream at Jabot.

Kevin calls Jana’s doctor to try and get home to testify at her hearing but he has some reservations. Michael comes in and talks to Kevin about Gloria with Jeffery. Kevin goes all around the subject trying not to tell Michael anything but Michael starts piecing it all together. He figures it all out that Jeffery is onto Gloria about the face cream and he thinks that Jeffery is blackmailing Gloria into marrying him. Kevin is still trying to deny it but Michael isn’t listening. He tells Kevin he knows he is right here.

Gloria walks in right then and asks what he is right about. He tells her he is right about all the things she has been up to trying to hide from him. Gloria denies everything and tries to keep changing the subject without admitting anything. When Michael says he has to go but she isn’t off the hook yet she announces to them both that she is planning a huge gathering at their apartment for New Year’s and she expects them all to be there and of course Jeffery will be there too. Michael grumbles as he goes out the door. Gloria goes after Kevin the minute Michael is gone asking did he have to say anything to Michael. Kevin swears he said nothing and then reminds her that Michael is a lawyer. He is use to figuring these kind of things out on his own.

Jill has lunch with Jeffery and he hints around to her that he and Gloria are getting close and he says you never know what they might come out with for everyone to find out about them. Jill starts to say something and stops saying she doesn’t know him well enough to give him any advice. He encourages her to tell him what she is thinking. She says OK, she is going to tell him what she thinks. Her advice to him is to stay as far away from Gloria as he can. After they are done Jill thanks him for lunch and he says his pleasure but he says about her advice about Gloria he is afraid he might not be able to take it from her. She says he will soon find out on his own why she advised him of that.

Victor calls Neil over to discuss the settlement over the accident at Clear Springs. He tells Neil that the law suit doesn’t surprise him but he says even though he knows Nikki is out for blood, with Katherine Chancellor being involved it bothers him. Neil asks if he and Katherine have a history together. Victor says they are just old friends but he guesses that is all over with now and this really bothers him. He wants Neil to help him dig up anything he can find about Nikki and David and he says no matter how dirty it is he wants to use it against them.

JT comes out to the ranch to visit Victoria and he and Victor discuss the baby. JT tells him he is a fighter and he has even gained another half a pound and hopefully they will let him come home soon. He wants to bring the baby there to be with Victoria. He thinks maybe having the baby there with her might bring her back to them. Victor tells JT that he is glad his daughter chose him to be with. He says he has the feeling that he will never betray her trust and he appreciates that in him very much.

Victor meets Michael at the club to discuss this so called evidence that they are claiming they have on him involving the JiMin murder case. He wants Michael to check into it. Victor says he thinks Jack is setting him up on this. Michael tells him that he is really having more than his share of troubles right now with this and Nikki’s lawsuit. He offers Victor some advice on the lawsuit but Victor tells him not to suggest that he settles in this case.

When Victor is about to leave Nikki and Katherine walk in and she warns him to be careful on his way home because the roads out there are treacherous. When he walks out David is behind him and he tells him he is not going to win this one. Victor turns around to him and tells him to let him give him a piece of advice. He says he is out of his league in this one and his advice is for him to get out of it while he can. David says no thanks. He thinks he will stick around for this one. Victor says well then he will be the one that is sorry later. With that Victor turns around and leaves. David just smiles.

Katherine and Nikki are having dinner at the club and Katherine asks Nikki all kinds of questions about her feelings for David. Katherine asks her if she is in love with David but Nikki changes the subject on her talking about Victor. Katherine says that’s not what she asked her. Nikki says David makes her happy, he is supportive  and is always there for her even when she doesn’t realize she even needs him so that should count for something.

Victor asks JT if he will try to find out everything he can about David. He says David has a lot of influence on his wife. JT says he thought he and Nikki are getting a divorce. Victor says yes but Nikki is still his wife so he has to look after her interests. JT agrees to find out what he can.

David gets a call from someone demanding money that he owes to them. He gets all frustrated as he hangs up. Nikki comes in and sees he is upset. He says he was worried about her out in that storm but asks how her dinner with Katherine was. She says Katherine helped her come to terms with something she has been feeling. He asks what that is. She tells him it is the fact that she is falling in love with him.

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