Jack has the dinner table all set for Sharon but when she walks in she doesn’t want to stay. He explains what they are serving and asks her to stay and eat and that he hopes they can share some water under the bridge between them. He tells her she knows she is still angry with him but she says she is past being angry. She says it is more like she is disillusioned with him. She says it just isn’t as easy as he thinks it is for her. He talks her into staying. Jack makes a toast to the New Years and wishing all the happiness ever. She toasts back to happiness. Then he starts to tell her about his New Year’s resolutions that he has planned. The main one is that he wants to be the man she can live with again. He says somehow he lost him along the way but with her he knows he can find that man again. She just says his name, Jack. He tells her he means it, that he loves her and Noah with all his heart. She tells him she can’t do this and she leaves.

Daniel is playing with his new camera that Phyllis gave him when Amber walks up. She asks him how was his Christmas and he shows her the camera, then asks her how was hers. The expression on her face tells him that it wasn’t so good so he tries to cheer her up by pretending to be a photographer taking pictures of her when she suddenly falls over when she sees Cane walk in. Cane orders a cup of tea and Amber gives it to him on the house. She starts talking to him and he thanks her again for the gift. She asks him if he got to his Mom alright and he says yes, then he explains he has to get to his paperwork.

Phyllis walks in and finds Nick sitting in the living room in a daze and she has a hard time getting his attention. He finally tells her he can’t get his Dad off his mind. He tells her that he doesn’t understand what Victor is up to and why he is determined to go after his mother right now. He says he basically just can’t stand to be around his father right now.

Nikki comes downstairs at the main house from seeing Victoria and as she is getting ready to leave Victor comes in and she doesn’t say a word. She just leaves. When she gets to Sharon’s house David tells her he has cooked her dinner but she says he didn’t have to go through the trouble.

Victor calls Paul in and asks him for help in investigating Ji Min’s murder. He wants Paul to help him find out where Jack Abbott was the night Ji Min died. Paul doesn’t want to do this. He says he is wasting his time. Victor says ok then it was a waste of time having him come out there and Paul leaves.

Sharon goes to the Athletic Club and runs into Phyllis. They do idle chat about their Christmas, when Brad walks up and kisses her on the cheek telling her he is sorry he is late. Sharon is uncomfortable now that Phyllis sees her with Brad and she tells Brad she is sorry that she just can’t do this. He asks her to stay. Once again Sharon cries on Brad’s shoulder’s over her problems and of course Brad is there to offer his ear. He asks her what she actually wants. She says she wants to be happy and she wants someone that she can rely on and someone that Noah can rely on. He tells her Noah will survive. She needs to do what is right for her. She tells Brad he is right, she has to end her marriage now.

Jack goes to see Nick and tells him that he is losing Sharon. He says in fact he may have already lost her now. Nick tells Jack that Sharon just has a lot to deal with right now. Jack says the last thing in the world he intended to do was to cause them pain. Nick says he needs to give Sharon some space, not to back her into a corner and give her a reason to run. Jack goes home and is talking to Noah when Sharon walks in and overhears them talking til Noah spots her. When he says Mom she hurries up and says she will be right back. Noah says there is something wrong isn’t there. Jack says everything will be fine but they just need to give his Mom a few minutes. Later Sharon finds Noah sleeping on the sofa and just as she is about to wake him Jack walks in telling her not to. He says he is exhausted so he will just pick him up and carry him up. He tells her to just do what she has to do, that he understands and he will give her the time she needs to do what she has to do.

Paul meets Maggie at the coffeehouse. Paul tells her Victor Newman is capable of a lot of things but he doesn’t think he would stoop to murder to get what he wants. Maggie says all her evidence leads her right back to Victor. Heather comes in and Maggie leaves Paul and her together for a few minutes. He asks Heather if she has any plans for New Years, and she says yes. She explains that this is all still painful to her. He says he knows and he only wants to try and make it up to her. She says she knows he is sorry but she has to go now and walks away leaving him sit there.

Victor is served papers. When he opens them he asks himself what the hell is this. It is the papers of the lawsuit from Nikki and Katherine and Jack. He gets his jacket on and walks out the door. He goes straight to Nikki. He barges in and says to her that she is suing him for a half a billion dollars and then asks if she is out of her mind. David tries defending Nikki making Victor even madder. He throws a chair asking David who the hell asked him. Nikki yells at them to stop this. She says if he eases up on the loan then they will ease up on the lawsuit. He tells her if she is going to try to play him at his own game then she is in for the biggest surprise of her life then storms out.

At the main house Victor looks at a picture of Nikki and as he thinks back in the past he slams the framed picture down breaking it. Then Nikki and David are talking and he tells her not to let Victor get to her. He tells her the future is bright for her. She asks him if he has a crystal ball. He says he has a plan and it is one that will solve all her money problems. He asks her to marry him.

Jan Barrett

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