Victor goes home at the ranch and finds Ashley there waiting for him. She tells him Michael told her he would be coming home. She has decorated the house for Christmas. She welcomes him home with a kiss.

Gloria is hoping Michael can get her out of jail in time for Christmas. Gloria admits that everyone in town would like to see her fry plus she has that civil suit against her now. Michael asks well what did she think would happen once it all came out. Kevin dangles a candy cane in the air as he reminds them all what day it is. Michael says Merry frigging Christmas as he breaks the candy cane.

Lily finishes wrapping all of her gifts and sets them under the tree. Devon tries to cheer Tyra up by telling her that Anna is coming soon to visit. She tells him she should focus on that and make this a special Christmas. Olivia comes over and surprises everyone saying Nate decided he was going to spend Christmas with his girlfriend so the Winter’s welcomes her to spend the day with them.

Billy comes to see Jill telling her he wanted to spend Christmas Day with his mother. Even with the tension between Billy and Cane Jill says they have got to let this go. She tells them it is Christmas Eve, a night to remember what they have, not what they have lost.

Murphy goes home and finds Katherine, aka Marge unconscious on the ground in the ice and snow. He lifts her and tells her to hang on he is going to go for help. He tells her to stay with him.

Kevin tells Gloria that the guard has given them 15 more minutes to stay with her. Gloria says then they get to leave and she is left there to rot in that place. They talk about Lowell. Michael says he feels it is his fault she is there because he is the one that begged her to testify against Lowell. Michael says “Ain’t life grand” He asks Gloria why all her men are criminals. Kevin asks that they lighten up.

Victor and Ashley are in bed after making love and he tells her he has a question for her. He asks if she will move in with him. She tells him she is ahead of him. She has moved all her stuff in upstairs already. He tells her he loves that and they kiss.

Gloria is left alone with Kevin and she tells him she can’t blame Michael for being angry. When Michael comes in on his cell phone he says Lauren is at Crimson Lights with the kids and Eden is having a rough time. Gloria sympathizes with her. Kevin says Gloria has had her ‘I see the light’ moment on Christmas Eve. Gloria says when she makes bail she is going to make the DA see that this was a terrible accident. She says she will win over the DA. Kevin tells her she needs to let Michael handle this. She says ok, she will be quiet as a mouse. Gloria says next Christmas they will all celebrate together with a big Christmas.

After they have their dinner, Olivia says she is stuffed. Lily shares the tradition that the youngest person in the room gets to open a gift tonight. Anna opens the gift from Neil and Karen and it is a dress that they ask her to wear to their wedding. Neil looks at Karen and says that he has the best present ever as he kisses her.

Billy compliments Esther on the dinner. Esther says she is happy that he was there. Cloe raves over what a good husband Cane has been to her. Jill announces that the children at the homeless shelter will wake up to a Christmas tree and gifts for them all. Esther told Jill she had called them in order to try and keep Katherine’s tradition going and they told her someone else had taken care of it. Now she knows who it was. She tells Jill her mother would be so proud of her.

Murphy brings in the doctor and introduces him to Katherine saying he is the best doctor around. Katherine apologizes for Murphy getting him out on Christmas Eve and tells him she is ok.

Kevin stands by as Jana explains the V8 Feed America Campaign to the customers at Crimson Lights. Kevin thanks all that are donating when Jana is done. He tells Jana that Gloria is ok but he is worried about Michael. Jana tells Kevin she knows he is still upset about her giving his money away to Lowell and now she could kick herself for doing it too. She feels like an idiot for not seeing through the man. Kevin tells her that her heart was in the right place and he forgives her as he hugs her.

Lauren shows Michael the ornament his son made and he tells him good job son. Eden isn’t in the mood to do anything tonight. She would rather be spending Christmas at the ashram saying that is all she needed. As she talks about Lowell she gets upset and runs off. Michael is sympathetic and understands how Eden feels but he doesn’t know what to do to help her or himself for that matter.

Olivia finds Lily reading a text message she just got. Lily tells her isn‘t from Cane and for the first time she is excited about seeing someone else.

Cane gives Cloe an early Christmas present which makes her excited. When she opens it she finds a reindeer statue. She says perfect, thanks. Jill and Esther argue over who was responsible for dessert. Cane says he will go to Crimson Lights and get some, saying they are open today. He says he will go get some chocolate mousse and fruit tarts. Next Jill and Esther argue over making the coffee. Esther refuses to make it but offers to show Jill where everything is so she can make it.

The good doctor checks Katherine (Marge) over and says she has no concussion but there is a lump on her head. He is a bit concerned with her memory loss though. He wants her to see a specialist and he writes down the number for one and tells her Merry Christmas as he is about to leave. When the doctor is gone Murphy tells Marge they are skipping going back to the diner and they are just going to stay there for the holidays which Katherine thinks would be prefect.

Eden comes back and apologizes for running out like she did. Lauren suggests they go skating. Jana says maybe they could go bowling. Michael tells Eden she has got to live with the cards that she has been dealt with. Lauren drags him inside from the patio and fusses at him. He said he can’t help his mood. He is furious that Gloria is in jail and his father is running around free as a bird. He says and now he is ruining everyone’s Christmas Eve. He says he is sorry, and then says he is going for a walk to get some air.

Jeffery visits Gloria in jail and shows her a diamond necklace. He taunts her by asking if he knows his little jailbird’s taste or what? She admits it is beautiful but tells him he is mean. She says she can’t even touch it. He says au contraire, he worships her. He says he was jealous and he let his emotions get the best of him. He says he is only divorcing her to keep the Abbott’s from getting everything she has in the civil law suit. He tells her to trust him.

Billy congratulates Cloe for winning over Cane. Jill walks over and says it has been a rough day. She says she and Katherine spent so many years in this house but few of them were as mother and daughter. She advises them never to take anything for granted.

Murphy blames himself for Katherine’s accident saying he should have never let her come home alone. Katherine tells him she had planned on cooking him dinner. He says he is making his specialty, whatever is in the freezer casserole. She tells him he is too good to her.

Victor and Ashley are cuddling together downstairs. He tells her he didn’t think he would ever be happy again after Sabrina died and here he is now, and he is happy. Ashley tells him she needs to talk to him about what happened in Mexico He tells her he will tell her what happened on that boat. He says Walter hired him to take him fishing. He thinks back to Walter in the rain saying they had taken on too much water. Victor remembers shouting back at Walter asking him is he still doesn’t remember who he is. He tells him he is Victor Newman and he says that Walter killed his wife and their unborn child. Ashley stops him and tells him she doesn’t need to hear the rest.

Victor tells Ashley that he trusts her with his life and he will tell her but only her, no one else. Ashley tells him it is Christmas Eve and she thinks they need to get some sleep instead and rest up for tomorrow. She goes upstairs leaving Victor downstairs to turn the lights off. He thinks back to kicking Walter. He remembers Walter hanging on to the rails of the boat yelling for Victor not to leave him but Victor runs off. Victor snaps back to reality and turns the lights out and goes to bed.

Neil and Karen snuggle on the sofa when Anna asks Devon why he is so quiet. He tells her that he was thinking that it wasn’t too long ago when he had been spending Christmas in a group home but not now. He says he has a father, a mother watching over him from heaven, a step mom to be, two amazing aunts and two great sisters. He tells Anna if she is ever scared at night to remember everyone in this room will be looking out for her. He tells her everything is ok.

Lily bumps into Cane and they laugh together. They figure out that they are both there to get dessert. She smiles at him telling him to have a nice Christmas as she walks out leaving him there looking like he loves her.

Esther tells everyone it is snowing and there is a baby deer just outside the window. When Cloe looks like she is in pain, Billy asks if she is ok. Jill walks over to a photo of her and Katherine and she starts crying as she stares out the window.

Murphy adds whipped cream to Katherine’s dessert. Katherine is sleeping on the sofa and is dreaming of the past. She hears people in her dream repeating the name Katherine over and over. She wakes suddenly and she sits up and says out loud that her name is Katherine Chancellor.

Jeffery tells Gloria to cheer up. He says she will get the diamond necklace when she gets out of jail and she will get him too. She looks at him and reminds him that they will be divorced. He promises that he isn’t going anywhere. And teases saying he could bribe the guards for conjugal visits.. Gloria stands and says this visit is over. She asks if he really thinks she could ever sle3ep with a rat like him. She calls to go back to her cell saying it is starting to stink in there. Jeffery yells out to her, Happy Holidays darling.

Lauren tries talking to Eden again to cheer her up. She tells her that they don’t pick their parents but every now and then they get to choose their family, someone who will be there for you through thick and thin. She tells her if she chooses them to be her family they would never do her what her father did to her. They would never walk away. She asks Eden to choose them. Eden takes Laurens hand and smiles and then goes to get Fen. While she is gone Lauren calls Michael and leaves a message for him. She says, “Hi sweetheart. We’re doing good here. Hope you are too. Meet us at home. I love you.”

Michael is sitting in a bar alone. He asks himself what he thinks. He says he used to believe that they made themselves who they are but now he thinks it is not always up to them. He says whatever you are born with, that is it. He wonders maybe it would have been better for everyone if he had never been born. He turns around quickly when he hears the door slamming as it shuts and then a gust of cold air passes over him.

Jan Barrett

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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