Victor is at Phyllis’s house playing with Summer. When Nick comes in he is surprised to see Victor there. Victor says he wanted to spend Christmas with his family. He tells Victor that Nikki will be there soon. Victor asks when, and Nick says very soon. Nick tells him that he is welcome to stay of course, but Victor says he will be gone before she gets there.

Jack sees John’s ghost again at the Abbott Mansion. John reminds Jack of all the fun they had during Christmas in that house in the past. He mentions Mamie’s cooking and says now those were good times Jack. Jack agrees by saying yeah those were good times.

Lily and Devon are at Neil’s apartment and Neil comes out with some decorations that he found packed away. It is filled with things that Lily and Dru had made when they were in Paris. Neil comes out with a Barbie Doll that Lily says she made the dress for so it would look just like Dru. She said when she made it she wanted it to be the tree top. Neil says they will use it on their tree now. It had a hook on the back of it that Dru used. Neil says from now on they will always have it as the treetop. Karen comes in and they all join in for the Christmas decorations they are making.

Sharon comes in with gifts for everyone. Neil tells her the kids are worried that if they will like Karen and accept her that somehow it would be betraying Dru. She tells Neil she has been preparing to move out of Jack’s house. She says it is something she has to do. Then she changes the subject.

Gloria comes in and tells Kevin and Lauren that this will be a great Christmas Eve. Lauren says that as soon as Michael comes in they are going to Phyllis’s. Gloria asks her to send her apologies for not being there. Kevin asks where she will be. She says she is spending it with Jeffery. Kevin asks wouldn’t she rather spend it with her family. Gloria says Jeffery is family now. Lauren tells her that she is sure Phyllis wouldn’t mind Gloria bringing Jeffery but she declines the offer saying maybe another time. Kevin says he can’t stand her not being with family so he announces that he will just go with Gloria and be with her instead. Gloria says it isn’t necessary, she will be just fine, but Kevin insists on going. Just then Michael calls Lauren and tells her he is in St. Louis and stuck there. His flight back home has been cancelled due to a snow storm. 

Lauren gets to Phyllis and Nick’s with the baby. They talk about all the things they have all been through throughout the year. Each one of them went through their own personal tragedies. Jack and Noah come in and the first thing Noah asks for is to go visit Victoria. Daniel says he was about to go do the same thing so he offers to take him. When they are gone they tell Jack that Nick knows about Sharon’s plans. They try to comfort him by telling him Sharon can always change her mind and not leave him. Jack says he wanted Nick to know that he has decided to join forces with Katherine and Nikki with the lawsuit. When Noah and Daniel get back they let Noah open a few gifts. He opens Jacks and finds two ping pong paddles. He gets excited when he finds out Jack bought him a ping pong table. Daniel offers Noah a challenge with it and Noah tells him he is on, but he will get his butt kicked.

Maggie and Paul are sitting at a table in the restaurant waiting for Heather to join them. Paul admits to Maggie that he is really nervous. Heather walks up and Paul helps her sit down and welcomes her. She says she hopes she wasn’t late. While they are eating Heather is asking Paul a lot of questions about how he felt all those years without her. He asks her if she wants the truth. She says she is the DA, she always wants the truth. He tells her at first he tried blocking it out of his head but later she was all he could think about. She interrupts and says but not enough to come and tell her the truth. He tells her she doesn’t have to be there if she doesn’t want to be. She says she didn’t say that. She says she just can’t make this easy on him. She hopes he can handle this. He tells her they can take it one day at a time. That would be fine with him. Maggie tells Paul after they are done eating that if they don’t leave now they will be late for Mass. Heather asks if they are going to Mass. He tells her yes. She tells them she would like to join them if that would be ok. Paul smiles and says of course she can go with them.

Jill and Katherine and Esther are waiting for Cane to join them for dinner at the Club. Jill mentions that she can’t help but feel like there should be another place setting there with them. She misses JiMin but Esther tells her that she is sure his spirit is there with them. Jill says that usually she wouldn’t be able to tolerate statements like that from her but tonight she feels so different.

Her phone rings and it is Cane telling her he is at the coffeehouse and his car died on him. She offers to go get him but he tells her no thanks. He called the garage so it shouldn’t be long before he gets there. When he hangs up Amber says she is sorry about his car but since he is stuck there for a little while he may as well accept her Christmas gift for him. He tells her she wasn’t suppose to but she assures him it didn’t cost her that much. When he opens it, it is a jacket from an Australian team that Cane liked. He laughs and tells her she remembered. She says sure she did.

The night ends with Neil reading from the book about the night Jesus was born. He ends it with him saying Merry Christmas Dru. Then it goes To Jack’s house with Jack telling John’s ghost that he is lonely. Then back at Phyllis’s Noah says he heard a loud noise outside. Phyllis’s volunteers to go outside to see what it was and finds Michael out there. He wants to surprise Lauren. He says he caught the last flight out, he was determined to spend Christmas with his family.

Jan Barrett – Merry Christmas To All!

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