Katherine goes to see Nikki and asks if she is still going to go through the lawsuit. Nikki says she has to in order to protect her assets. Katherine tells her she wants to make a suggestion but she may not like it. She tells them they need to ask Jack to join them in this lawsuit. Nikki and David both say no right away. Nikki said she promised herself she will never do business with Jack again.

Later Katherine, Nikki and David meet with Jack at the Athletics Club. They approach him about this law suit against Victor. Jack says if he wants to go after Victor he could do it on his own, he doesn’t need them. David tells Jack if he joins them then it would make Nikki his partner with Clear Springs. Nikki promises him he will not regret it if he joins them.

JT sees Paul at the coffeehouse and tells him the test results are in on the DNA test and it is now official, he is a Dad. Paul congratulates him and tells him he wasn’t expecting this but he is happy for him. He tells him it might be too early but he lets him know that he is welcome to come back to work anytime he is ready. Then Paul offers some advice and tells him be sure to take advantage of his time with his son because they grow too fast. Paul admits to JT about how he has a daughter and he wasn’t a part of her life as she was growing up. He tells JT that Heather is his daughter.

Paul later sees Heather at the counter and asks her if she has any plans for Christmas or was she going to go home to see her mother. She says she isn’t going home. He says well in that case would she like to join him and Maggie for Christmas dinner. She tells him thanks but no thanks. He asks her if she has ever been alone during Christmas. She says no, he says well he has. He starts telling her the story about when he was on a case trying to save his Dad and how he never felt so alone in his life. She says well she went more than 25 years not knowing who her father was and she has survived, so she will survive this.

Sharon goes to talk to Nick and Phyllis and asks them for help with Noah when she moves out of Jack’s house. They ask her where is she moving to and she says back to her old house. They remind her that Nikki is staying there and they want to know if she has told Nikki her plans yet. She says no she hasn’t.

Victor calls Michael and asks him to come out to the ranch to talk to him. While waiting for him to show up Neil comes in with papers from the insurance company and Victor is not pleased with the figures they have to offer as a settlement. He tells Neil they will just take their business elsewhere. Neil says it won’t be so easy to find someone else since the oil company is owned personally by him and not by Newman Enterprises. Victor tells Neil about the cops being after him now and about the blood found in his gym bag that was Ji Min’s blood.

Nick goes to talk to Victor and tells him the tension between him and Nikki is not only causing problems with them but it is also hurting everyone else too. Victor remembers going to the house and seeing Nikki with David. Victor tells him that all Nikki is worried about is her independence and that sorry excuse for a man that she hangs out with. Nick tells him that in all fairness this started with him calling in on that loan. Victor says that he did that to protect the interest of the company. Nick reminds him that it was him drilling that put his sister in that hospital bed like she is right now and his grandson fighting for his life right now. Victor gets mad and tells Nick to get out of his house right now. Nick leaves.

Jack goes home and tells Sharon about Nikki and Katherine suing Victor and they asked him to join in on it. Sharon is surprised and asks him what he told them. He said he told then he would give it some thought. He then tells her he would like to know what she thinks about it. She says at first that it really isn’t her call. He says but he would like to hear her input about it. She tells him if one does such a thing for revenge it always backfires on them. Later Jack goes to see Nikki and Katherine and tells them he is in.

Heather hands Daniel a bill for the repairs on her car. He is not happy with the price. She tells him he is probably just not use to going to legitimate places for repairs. She brings it up that she knows how he is, she has looked at his record. He tells her if she bothered to read that report she would know that his mother didn’t raise him. He says he gave his Mother hell when he first came back to Genoa City but now they are really close because he forgave her and doesn’t regret it. He then tells her that she will be getting a check for what he owes her in the mail and walks away. Heather stops him and apologizes to him and asks him to please tell her some more about how it was between he and Phyllis when he came back. She wants to know more about how they reconciled. He says it’s really simple, he just forgave her and he is really glad that he did. This makes Heather think about it. She goes to look for Paul and tells him if the invitation is still offered she would like to join him and Maggie for Christmas dinner. Paul says of course, then Maggie asks her can she cook.

Sharon goes out to the ranch to speak to Nikki. She tells her she is sorry about what Victor is doing to her. She says she was wondering if now maybe Nikki was going to move back to the Inn but Nikki says she isn’t worried about Victor, that Victoria is her only concern. Sharon says oh, well the thing is she and Noah need to move back in because after the first of the year she and Jack will be separating. Nikki says she is sorry, she didn’t know. Sharon assures her that she isn’t there to kick her out. Nikki asks her what does she expects, for them to become roommates then. Sharon shrugs and says well would you mind? Nikki is reluctant. Sharon says she knows they really don’t like each other too much but she was really thinking it would be good for Noah if she was there for him. Nikki says well it would be nice to be around Noah all the time. She says they could be like the odd couple. Sharon laughs and says ok but who would be the messy one. Nikki just looks at her and says well she isn’t messy. Nikki laughs and thanks her for not wanting to just kick her out so she agrees that they could just become room mates.

Jan Barrett

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