Jack calls Ashley and leaves a message telling her it is D-day and he asks that she calls him when she gets the message. Gloria and Jeffery come in excited. Jack reminds her that this is all supposed to be a surprise. He says he is to be consulted on everything and she needs to stick to the script. When Gloria walks out Jeffery says he will let Gloria have her fun and then he will step in.

Jill is getting ready for the stockholder’s meeting nervously with Cane by her side. She says with the support of her two sons the shareholders will want Jabot to be a family run company again. She mentions that Billy is at Lily’s for a family crisis concerning Anna being taken by Family Services. Cane says he has to go over there but he assures Jill he will be back in time for the meeting.

At Neil’s apartment, the attorney tells Tyra not to go to Anna’s school to check on her. He wants her to play this by the book. He warns that this might take weeks to resolve though. Lily watches Karen as Neil and Tyra are hugging and she can see she is uncomfortable with it.

Esther tells Nikki that she thinks Jill has the missing emerald ring that Katherine left for Nikki, but Nikki isn’t so sure about it. Nikki says she doesn’t want to fight but she won’t let Jill keep something that was meant for her to have.

Pearl checks out the ring on Marge’s (Katherine) finger saying she bets that isn’t costume jewelry. She thinks it is as real as they come. When Pearl walks off Katherine examines the ring more.

Jill tries calling Cane but can’t reach him. She tells Cloe Cane didn’t have to run over to Lily like this. Gloria and Jeffery walk in and Jill scolds them for even showing up. Gloria tells her that they do sleep at night and Jeffery adds when they finally get around to sleeping that is. Jack walks in and Jill wonders why he is there. He says he is not there for lunch, and he asks if the seats are assigned. She tells him he has no say in Jabot anymore, and she adds that it must torture him. Jack says he wouldn’t miss this for the world. When Jill walks away Jack calls Billy wondering where he is saying it is almost show time.

Billy ignores Jack’s call as he hears it said that Yolanda is claiming this to be a kidnapping case. The lawyer wants to try and arrange supervised visitation. Lily answers the door when Cane comes up. She asks what he is doing there.

Jill is upset because Brad showed up. He tells her that his daughter and her mother are Abbott’s and Tracie is a stockholder. Jill gloats about him being unemployed. He says he hopes she came armed with more than the Aussie on training wheels she made CEO. He says with Katherine gone, it is going to be tough.

Gloria sees Kevin all dressed in his suit and she tells him how much she likes it. She wants him beside her when she makes the announcement. Jeffery reminds her that it is their announcement not just hers. Kevin is ready saying it is good to go Gloria says the unexpected will be her grabbing Jabot out from under Jill’s nose.

Cloe calls Cane and leaves a message telling him to get over there unless he wants to become an ex CEO of Jabot. She tells him to call her when he gets the message. She sees Colleen and asks what she is doing there. Colleen tells her unlike her she is a real Abbott and she didn’t have to sleep her way onto the guest list. Cloe tells her the baby is a girl and Cane is in love. Colleen says in love with the baby, in love with Lily but not in love with her wiping Cloe’s smile off her face.

Jill sees Nikki and says she thinks every disgraced former Jabot executive is there today. Nikki tells her she won’t be there for long. She tells her that she and Esther are trying to find Katherine’s ring. She tells Jill she needs to turn it over to her.

Pearl comments again on Katherine’s ring saying she knows all about jewelry from watching the shopping channel. Katherine doesn’t remember where she got it though. Pearl says maybe she stole it but Katherine insists that she is not a thief.

Tyra and Lily thank Cane for offering to be a character witness for them. Neil tells him that he has all that covered and advises Cane that his brother has already found them a great lawyer. Devon walks up assuring Cane that he is sure there are more important things for him to do so don’t let them keep him. Billy wonders about the stockholders meeting. Cane tells him it is about to start and asks him what does he want him to tell their Mom. Billy says he will be there soon.

Nikki denies that this is about a trivial piece of jewelry. She said since they can’t find it they assumed Jill has it. Jill admits that since she is Katherine’s daughter she thinks she should have got that ring but right now that ring is low on her list of priorities. She tells them to get a life and let her get back to hers. Nikki goes over to the bar and joins Jack whom she starts in on about framing Victor.

Olivia tells Lily that next time she will get the door. Lily admits it hurts her when she sees Cane and it hurts her when she doesn’t. Karen then admits to Olivia that she is worried that Tyra’s so dependent on Neil. Olivia thinks back to her talk with Neil then she confirms to Karen that it isn’t her being paranoid, she has noticed it too.

Jack tells Nikki all he did was introduce the publisher to Adam. He claims he didn’t even know what was in the diary. Jack is surprised when she isn’t defending Victor and asks her is she has finally cut him loose. She tells him yes she has and he should try it sometimes, it feels great.

Jill gets nervous when cane hasn’t come back yet and she needs his support right now. She is relieved when Cane shows up. When Jill walks away he tells Cloe about Anna being in foster care right now. Jill asks where Billy is just as he comes in. Jill says she really misses Katherine saying it is big shoes to fill. Cane tells her she can count on him.

Lily notices that Billy left his phone there. She picks it up as it rings. She decides to bring it to the club for him. Supervised visits at Crimson Lights have been arranged. Karen watches as Tyra is back in Neil’s arms.

Colleen doesn’t understand why Brad is there today. He says he is enjoying watching the people who were so mean to him squirming and he has no desire to make their lives easier. When Colleen understands Brad smiles and tells her she is definitely his daughter.

Jack remarks to Billy that it is all about to pay off. Billy is acting guilty at blind siding his own mother. Jack reminds him that she made Cane CEO and stuck him in a cubicle outside the mailroom so it is no time for him to be getting cold feet now. Jack reminds him that they are doing that for their father.

Jill introduces herself as CEO and daughter of Katherine Chancellor. Nikki starts to walk off when Jill starts but Jack tells her she might want to stick around for this, saying things are about to come. Nikki says she can’t watch Jill play the grieving daughter.

Tyra composes herself for when they bring Anna in to see her. She hugs Anna and Anna tells them all she missed them so much. She just assumes though that she is there to go to Devon’s house.

Katherine spills ketchup while refilling the dispensers so she removes the ring to wash her hands after. Pearl slips the ring into her pocket without Katherine seeing her. When she comes back to clean up she says crisis averted.

While Jill starts the meeting Gloria stands up announcing she wants to talk about the power in the company and then she tells everyone that Jabot is going back to the Abbott family. She says along with the Abbott children’s stocks and hers and Jeffery’s the family will be taking over. Jill protests asking what the hell is going on. Gloria tells her starting today the majority stake in Jabot cosmetics has shifted back to John Abbott’s children who have combined their shares with those of his widow and of the stock that Katherine left her with the stock that she and her husband now own giving them controlling interest.

Pearl leaves the diner in a hurry. Katherine can’t find her ring anywhere as she looks all over the counter asking Murphy where it went. She tells him her ring is gone.

Nikki talks to Esther who hands her a fax she received from Mitchell saying he has checked in every safety deposit box that Katherine had and the ring wasn’t in any of them saying it is gone. Nikki says or someone might have hidden it. She takes out her phone and tells Esther she will just call the police and report it stolen.

Tyra and Devon have to explain to Anna how come she can’t come home yet but Anna is worried she will have to go back to Yolanda’s. Olivia introduces Anna to the lawyer Billy found and Anna tells him to tell them to take her out of foster care and she will work harder in school and get better grades. Karen talks with Anna telling her she knows how she feels because she has been there. She calms Anna down. Anna says she can always sing she supposes as she looks at Devon. Anna thanks Karen and hugs her. Anna asks Tyra to promise her to hear her when she sings as they hug each other with Tyra silently telling Karen thank you.

Jill tells Gloria this is why she was so obsessed with getting her hands on Katherine’s stock. She accuses her of planning a hostile takeover all along. Gloria denies hostility saying it is just gratitude to Katherine for wanting to put things right. She says that stock put John’s company back with his family. Gloria announces that Jill and her son Cane Ashby will be cleared out of the building by Friday. Jill stands and asks if she thinks she is going to let her and that buffoon run Jabot? Lily walks in the minute Jack gives Billy the nod, so he stands and tells his mother that actually that would be him. He looks around and introduces himself as William Abbott and then turns to face Jill as he announces that he will be the one in charge of Jabot now. Colleen and Brad look amused while Jill looks completely confused and betrayed. Jack sits back and has a big grin on his face.

Jan Barrett

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