Michael is hoping that Kevin will bring Jana to the jail to see Gloria because she always has a way of calming Gloria down. Kevin hasn’t told Jana anything about what Gloria has been charged with though. Jana wants to know what Gloria did. Michael excuses himself so Kevin can explain. Kevin admits to Jana how he broke his promise never to lie to her again.

Jack goes to see Sharon at the Jabot mansion to give her the news about Gloria being arrested for the face cream problem. Sharon tells him to come inside.

Phyllis and Nick are preparing for Summer’s birthday party when Phyllis snaps at Nick telling him she doesn’t give a rats ass if he blows up any more balloons or not. When he asks her how come she seems so on edge she tells him because of the kiss he gave Sharon in London? She tells him he hurt her.

Adam goes to see Heather and she tells him it is over between them. He says he is taking off but she reminds him he can’t leave town. He gives her the ring and when she doesn’t want it he says he doesn’t either, but she can sell it if she wants to and then he leaves. Heather starts crying and when someone else knocks on the door she finds Paul there and she cries in his arms.

Nikki thanks Victor for seeing her. She says it is that time of year for them to add money into their children’s trust funds and she doesn’t want to miss it this year since it has become a tradition. She reminds him that today is Summer’s birthday. He says to tell her he adores her and to wish her a Happy Birthday. When she starts to leave she tells Victor it is too bad he can’t be there to tell her himself

Jana is in shock that Gloria would do such a thing.  And how could Kevin hide this from her. Michael also gives her and Kevin the bad news that Lowell was guilty after all saying he used them and went on the lam again. Kevin blurts out that he knew it. Michael gets a call and he says he will be right there so he leaves.

Noah goes to see Eden. She tells him she isn’t sure what to believe anymore about her father. She notices something different about the teddy bear and when she checks it she finds all the money in there. They say they need to hide it because Lauren is always tidying up so she would find it if they hid it there so Noah offers to take it to his house for her. They get paper and scissors and stuff it inside the bear.

Nick tells Phyllis she is the one he is in love with and just as he is about to prove it to her Nikki comes in asking if she is too late for the party. Phyllis darts upstairs to check on Summer leaving Nick to explain the tension there. He tells his mother he just did something he wishes he hadn’t have done and he thinks they will work it out. Nikki notes his choice of words, and asks “You think?”

Jack tells Sharon how his life has went downhill ever since he was forced out of Jabot with the exception of her and Noah. He admits he was so filled with rage. Sharon thinks Gloria and Jeffery deserve everything they will get. Jack apologizes for everything. He tells her she stood by him as long as she could and he has so many regrets. Sharon holds his hand and tells him they all make mistakes. And it’s what they learn from.

Lowell sneaks into Michael’s home and as he tip toes over to grab the teddy bear Eden catches him. She asks him wasn’t he even going to say good bye to her?

Paul hurts seeing his daughter hurt like this. Heather admits she should have taken his advice about Adam. He tells her she did the right thing. He tells Heather he found some evidence in Mexico but it is against Adam, not Victor and it is ironclad. Heather cries some more saying next time she will trust her own instincts.

Gloria claims she was framed but Ashley doesn’t want to hear that. She yells at Gloria telling her that she ruined people’s lives and her father’s company. She tells Gloria she is more dangerous than she thought. She says Jabot is going to file a civil suit against her for ruining her brother’s career and her reputation. She says they will take every penny she has and her stock with Jabot.

Jack gets flashbacks of John and then suddenly John appears. Jack is sitting in the boardroom when Ashley interrupts asking what he is doing there, reminding him that he isn’t allowed there. She tells him she gave him her proxy but she is drawing up a civil suit so they can get Gloria’s stock back. Later when Jack sees John again he blames his father for shaming him into giving Gloria a break.

Jeffery visits Gloria in jail and he brings divorce papers. He tells her if she signs it then the Abbott’s lawyers can’t touch her, everything will go to him and he promises to wait for her. He reminds her that she testified for her ex lover. Then he asks her would she rather give her money to Jack and Ashley or him. Gloria growls that she would rather give it to Satan. She tells him to go to hell. He laughs and says he will leave the papers with her but once the civil suit has been filed it will be too late.

Adam goes to see Victor who says he was expecting him. Adam tells Victor he isn’t there to gloat but he is there to say goodbye and to thank him. He says Genoa City has been one big learning experience. He tells Victor he wants to be just like him, and he has been studying his moves. Victor tells him he is baffled as to how Hope could raise a son like him, a man of such low character and such a great disappointment. Adam tells him Merry Christmas as he is about to leave but Detective Wallace walks in and reads Adam his rights as Paul and Michael come in behind him. Wallace says he is under arrest for obstruction of justice.

Eden asks Lowell if he came back to get her. She wants to know if they are going back to the ashram. Lowell tells her no, not this time. . She notices he has the bear. He tells her he wants it to feel close to her. He tells her to be at peace and he runs out the door.

Sharon goes to Nick’s with the gifts for Summer and she tells Nick that Noah forgot them at home. Nick steps outside and explains to Sharon that it was nice of her to bring the gifts but he doesn’t think it was a good idea for her to go inside and then he explains about Phyllis seeing them kiss in London. Sharon says how sorry she is about that saying she feels terrible about it.

Phyllis brings Summer downstairs and asks where Nick is. They say he is outside talking to Sharon. Phyllis goes out and tells Nick they are about to sing Happy Birthday. She says hi to Sharon and bye. Sharon gives the gift to Nick and says have fun as she leaves.

Back inside Summer blows out her candles and they all go into the kitchen to get ice cream. Phyllis starts to cut the cake as she glances over to the gift from Sharon and without thinking she cut off the head of the bear cake.

Sharon comes home and is petting Fisher when she sees Jeffery with his feet up on her new sofa. She ordered him to remove his feet. She tells him to go back because him and Gloria are out of there. She tells him Jack was good to both of them and now Gloria has shown her true colors. He says he was a victim too in all this. He gets up and says fine, he never wanted to live there anyway. Sharon sends Fisher after Jeffery and she laughs.

Jack argues with John’s ghost. John tells him Gloria was his wife and he loved her. He says there was no reason to be suspicious of her. Jack tells him that his wife has had a free ride long enough.

Kevin, Jana and Michael all go in to see Gloria who has been waiting to find out when she was going to get out of there. Michael tells her that the dockets are full so it won’t be until tomorrow or the next day before she will be able to get out on bond. Gloria starts crying saying after everything she has been through. Michael tells her about how Lowell lied and now he is gone again. She says that is it.

Ashley goes to see Victor who tells her the good news about certain people coming forward to testify about the diary being a fake. He tells her they will soon be together and they have a lot to celebrate.

Dennis is all set when he asks Heather if she is sure she wants to do this. She tells him she wants to see this guy put away. Adam walks in and meets his court appointed lawyer, Rafe. Adam claims there is no case here. Heather tells him he should look who is coming through the door. A man says Olla amigo. The man is all cleaned up in a suit. It turns out to be the bartender and his daughter from Mexico.

John admits to Jack that Gloria’s behavior was despicable and that Jack is entitled to hate her. He tells him that he was a target of sabotage and he doesn’t see how Gibson can continue to punish him. He says to let the Universe deal with Gloria saying she will get what is coming to her. He says no one skips through life without consequences to face after.

Lowell is hiding behind a dumpster at the warehouse when he opens the teddy bear and finds only wads of paper inside. He starts screaming and he throws the bear screaming where his money is. He starts kicking trash cans around in a rage of anger.

Gloria tells Michael that she went out on a limb to help his father all for nothing. Michael says yes apparently so. She says damn that cream and she can’t even blame Jeffery. She says he warned her with his eyes not to take the witness stand but she thought it was the noble thing to do. She says Lowell is evil. She thinks that stuff about karma is true. She admits she did want to screw Jack and Ashley over but she realizes she has actually just screwed herself. She stands there crying and Kevin feels sorry for her so he goes to her and hugs her.

Jan Barrett

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