Nikki meets Katherine at the club to discuss Victor. She tells her that he is using her loan as a punishment for her not obeying him. She says he wants to make sure that she leaves that marriage with nothing but the clothes on her back. She says she knows how he operates and she should have seen this coming. She was hoping he would be easier with her after all these years. She says but apparently none of the years with her means anything to him now. She tells Katherine she is going to sue Victor and she asks her to join her. She says not as a friend but as a business deal. Katherine hesitates but doesn’t really like the idea of it. She tells Nikki that she will consider it and let her know but she warns her that of course she will have to talk to Victor first. Nikki says OK, that’s better than just a No.

Katherine runs into Cane and she tells him about Victor calling in Nikki’s loan. Cane doesn’t understand the nerve of the man. Katherine tells him she is going to talk to Victor. She calls him and tells him she was disappointed in him when she heard the news. He says he sees she has talked to Nikki. He tells her she shouldn’t be surprised. Even she agreed before that Nikki was getting in way over her head. Katherine says she would like to talk to him about this so he invites her to come out to the ranch.

At the ranch Katherine and Victor discuss the loan from Nikki that he is calling in. She tells him that Nikki is his wife and the mother of his children. She says this is just going to turn ugly. She begs him to please don’t do this. Victor tells her before Nikki started any of this she came to him for advice. He told her it was crazy and advised her not to do it but she went on and did it anyway so now she has to pay. Katherine tells him he needs to accept that Nikki is moving on with her life. When she says what she went to say Victor offers to show her to the door. As Katherine is going out the door he tells her to tell his soon to be ex wife that he will not back down on this no matter what.

David goes to Sharon’s house to see Nikki. He tells her that this lawsuit is a new beginning for her. He tells her that he thinks the Clear Springs project is definitely salvageable. He told her he seen her lawyers and they drew up some papers and when he hands them to her to look at he tells her to especially read the comments on the last page. They want to go for a half a billion dollars in the suit. Nikki says Holy Cow! David tries talking to Nikki after she admits she is feeling kind of sorry for Victor knowing this is really going to hurt him.

Neil goes out to the ranch to see Victor. He tells him he had a meeting with the insurance company about the damages out at Clear Springs. Victor asks for the figures from that. Neil says they were low balling. Victor says that’s not the only problem they have. He tells him that Nikki is planning on suing him to get out of paying for the loan. Neil tells Victor he should settle with the insurance company over this deal in Clear Springs. He tells Neil that he should know him well enough by now to know he would never back down that easy.

Amber comes in with Christmas decorations for their apartment. She pulls out a few wads of hundred dollar bills and looks around the apartment. Daniel comes in and startles her. She hurries up and puts the money back in her bag. She asks him how come he is looking at her like that. He looks around and says he is waiting for her to explain all this, meaning the decorations she just brought in. She asks all of what. She tells him to look at all of this. When she walks away to put up more decorations, Daniel spots the money in her bag and asks her did she win the lottery or something. She lies her way through it saying she got it from the CD she made for Fenmore’s.

Daniel invites Amber to join him at his Mom’s for Christmas but she says she will see. He tells her she isn’t fooling him that he knows she is holding back waiting to see if Mrs. Chancellor is going to invite her to join them. She admits well she and Katherine did get close since they were trapped together in Clear Springs.

Lily and Devon are at the coffeehouse when Cane walks in. Devon sees him and asks him to join them but he says no thank you. Devon notices that Lily was quite rude to Cane by not even saying hello. She tells him it is none of his business and then she leaves. Devon goes up to the counter and orders coffee from Amber. She asks where Lily went. Devon just looks at her. She says just because Lily doesn’t like her, doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Lily. When Devon walks away Cane comes up and Amber tells him she got him a little Christmas gift. He tells her she has to stop that. She tells him not to spoil this for her, and then asks when would be a good time to bring it over. He smiles and says he is sorry but he can’t accept it.

Katherine goes to see Nikki. Nikki asks her if she went to see Victor and Katherine tells her that the man is impossible. Nikki asks her if she has decided to join them or not. She tells her that if this was just about vengeance it would be different but reminds her of her saying that she was a business woman. Nikki says she believes she said she was a sharp business woman. Then Katherine says yes she is going to join her if they decide to sue. David tells her that Nikki’s lawyers have already drawn up papers to get the suit started.

At the ranch Maggie goes to see Victor. She tells him that she needs to talk to him about how he got JiMin to change his mind about having that press conference. Victor says he was angry with the man but not enough to kill him. He then says if she doesn’t mind he wants to go up and check on his daughter. Maggie tells him to go on up and she will wait there for him. Victor turns around and says normally he would throw her out but she can just wait for him. When he comes back down Maggie tells him that they have DNA samples of JiMin’s blood found in Victor’s gym bag. Victor tells her that is impossible and he did not kill that bastard.

Jan Barrett

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