Ashley visits Victor in jail and says she is embarrassed at how her brother lied telling her is was merely a coincidence that he was with a hooker at the same hotel where Adam met with the man that forged the diary. She says there is no way she can trust Jack around Jabot. Victor tells her how terrible it is when family turns their back on you. He says that Adam’s mother was such a kind woman, so he doesn’t understand how Adam can do what he does.

Heather introduces Adam to Dennis Elroy who has some questions for him about the diary. Adam waives his right to having an attorney present because he says he has done nothing wrong.

Katherine is heading out on a secret mission. She tells Murphy not to ask her questions this close to Christmas as he helps her put her coat on.

Jack comes back from the jail and tells Jeffery that Gloria wouldn’t see him. Jeffery is not surprised to hear that. Jack talks about how Gloria sabotaged the cream and then tried it on her own face. He says of all times for this to happen with the Abbott family just recently getting control back of the company. He shutters to think about what this will do if this gets out that his father’s widow is responsible for Emma Gibson’s death. Jeffery says the press will have a field day with it. Jeffery offers to take Jack back to the jail himself to see if she will talk to him.

Victor and Ashley think about how Adam betrayed them. She tells Victor that Abby will be home for Christmas and sends her love. She says Abby misses him so much. Victor tells her that Adam refused to cooperate with him so it is still Adam’s word against Frank Ellis’s.

Adam tells then the same story about how he found the diary in the trash. He said he met Frank at a job interview and they had coffee together. He said Frank said he was an investment banker.  Heather says that Frank claims that Adam hired him. Adam asks that she gives him a break, Frank is a three time loser looking at some serious prison time. Elroy tells Adam that the details of Ellis’s statement were very convincing. Adam thinks maybe Victor hired Frank in jail and then everyone would win but him.

Jill goes to Crimson Lights and orders some tea and then she hears about a food drive in progress. A young man pops in asking for donations for the cause. Jana explains to her about how they work it. Jill remembers how Katherine always donated for this, so she decides to make a donation in the name of her Mother.

Katherine walks into a pawn shop and shows them her ring asking how much money she can get for it. The man behind the counter takes the ring and looks at it closely.

Adam says maybe the diary is a fake and that he would make him the victim of a hoax. He says he thought he was protecting his father, but he changed his mind when the man that was responsible for Sabrina’s death turned up dead. Adam said since he was out of work he figured this would be the way to make some money. He said Jack hooked him up with a publisher who authenticated the diary. He asks what if Ellis forged the diary and planted it for him to find. Then he asks what if one of Victor’s enemies set him up in this. Or what is Ellis wanted to use him to get back at Heather. Dennis assures him that they will look into all this. Adam is shocked that Heather would think he could be capable of all this saying she knows him. When Dennis walks away to make a phone call Heather asks Adam what the hell is he doing.

Katherine asks the man how much can she get for the ring. He says he has seen that ring before. He says $5000 but she says it is worth 3 times that amount. She gets his final bid of 10 grand and not a penny more so Katherine takes the deal.

Jeffery and Jack arrive at the jail. When Gloria comes out in her jail house jumpsuit Jeffery tells her “Hello darling, look who I brought to visit.” Jack tells her he would like to wrap his hands around her scrawny neck and squeeze the life out of her. When she tells Jeffery to get him out of there Jack refuses to leave until he gets some answers from her. When Jeffery leaves them alone Gloria tells Jack she didn’t put cleaning solvent into the cream and she thinks Jeffery is railroading her. She says he forced her to confess. She says she is the last person that would hurt John’s company.

Ashley runs into Jill in the hallway at Jabot and she offers to have her stuff sent to her. Jill says no need. She says she is still a major shareholder she is moving upstairs so she is not going anywhere. Ashley tells her she knows she is going through a lot right now but it still doesn’t give her the right to speak to her that way. Jill wishes her luck keeping everyone in line, especially her backstabbing brother and Gloria.

Victoria and JT visit Victor. They say they heard about Frank Ellis’s confession. They ask when he thinks he could get out of there. Victoria thinks he should be released today. He says Heather has the confession. Victoria says she is worried that Heather could be in on this with Adam. She is worried that she could destroy the confession in order to protect Adam.

Heather asks Adam why he is lying but he just sits there and denies everything. He tells her he didn’t admit anything to her. He only told her to burn that confession so they could leave and get married. He says if his plane hadn’t have been delayed he would be in London now. He asks how he will explain that to her boss. Heather tells him she has plans to prosecute the hell out of him. He says he will get a good defense attorney and rip her to shreds and she can kiss her job good bye.

Heather goes to talk to Elroy and tells him that Adam’s lying and has been all along. She says he won’t get away with it. Dennis asks if she has more confidence in the forger than her own boyfriend. She says she still has dots to connect but she knows Adam is guilty as sin and she promises Dennis that she will prove it.

Jeffery goes over to Jill and explains to him what happened to his face. He tells her he used an old jar of face cream that Gloria had from Jabot. Jill is horrified when she learns that that is what happened to the missing jar. Jeffery tells her how Gloria was the one that contaminated the cream and says she told him so herself. Jill is mad as hell now saying she will kill her for this.

Jack lets Gloria have it as he yells about how she sabotaged the face cream and caused the Abbot’s to lose control of Jabot. She tells him it wasn’t her. Jack doesn’t buy it. He tells her to think he let her stay in his house and was going to become partners with her to regain the company back. He tells her she is going to prison for manslaughter.

Victor tells Victoria that Frank’s confession might not hold up in court. JT tells him Paul is on this. Victoria asks when they were going to tell her about all this. JT says he just did. Victor says that if he can trust anyone with this it would be Paul. JT agrees saying Paul will do the right thing. They worry about how Heather will manage to put the person she loves in jail though.

They say Adam is free to go for now but warns him not to leave the country. Heather tells him he has enough money from the 2 million he got for the diary so he can survive for a few weeks there. When Adam leaves Dennis tells her he wants Gill Wallace brought in on Frank’s confession. Heather wonders what should come first, to prove that Victor killed Walter Palin or that Adam made it look like Victor did it. She tells Dennis she would like to step down from Victor’s case and handle Adam’s. He tells her Michael will accuse her of being a conflict of interest. She says Adam belongs behind bars along with her father. Dennis tells her to remind him not to cross her as he leaves.

Katherine hands Murphy a gift and when he opens it he can’t believe the amount of money she has given him. He asks where she got the money and then if she robbed a bank. She tells him she sold her ring. He says he can’t accept this, that it is too much. She tells him he has been so good to everyone. She asks him to look her in the eye and tell her he doesn’t need this money. He tells her this is her nest egg. She doesn’t want to hear of him paying her back in light of what she owes him, her sobriety.

Jill and Jeffery break the news to Ashley about Gloria being responsible for the face cream disaster at Jabot. Ashley can’t believe this and then tells them to take her to Gloria, she wants to kill her.

Jack says if there is any loopholes to get Gloria off this he is sure Michael will find it. He says the worst day in his life what the day his father died. The second worst was the day he was told he could no longer work at Jabot. He tells Gloria she was responsible for both of those days. Jack promises to have a front row seat at her trial and will move heaven and earth to do what he can to help if the DA’s office asks him to.

Murphy counts out the money and sees there is $10,000 there. He is surprised that she got the guy at the pawn shop to double his offer to Pearl. She says she would have taken $7500 but she wanted to squeeze more out of him. Murphy calls her Marge telling her she missed her calling. Then we see the pawnbroker with the ring in one hand and on the telephone talking to someone saying it was a steal and the ring must be worth at least a half a million saying he had never seen anything like it. He tells the person he is talking to, to come down and check it out.

Ashley calls Jack and leaves a message for him to call her back immediately. She then plans to file a civil law suit against Gloria saying that woman won’t keep one penny of her father’s money. After Ashley storms out the room Jill says she would like to see Gloria get 20 years for this. Jeffery asks if she is still jealous of Gloria. He teases her reminding her of the two of the, on that table. She tells him she is not interested in him even if he were the last man on earth.

Victor asks Victoria and JT not to tell anyone about Frank’s confession because he has a plan. JT tells him they will do whatever he needs. Victor says he intends to be home for Christmas. Victoria agrees to keep this quiet and tells Victor she will see him tomorrow as he leaves to go back to his cell. Out in the hallway Victor bumps into Jack and he tells him his time is running out. Jack smirks saying this coming from a man in jail for murder.

Heather is back in her suite thinking back to Adam telling her that she is his best friend and the only one he can trust. She remembers him telling her he wants her to spend the rest of his life with her. A knock at the door brings her back to reality and she finds Adam at the other side of her door. When he comes in he tells her that he’s loved her more than anyone he has ever loved but she broke his heart. She tells him he broke hers as she calls him a felon. She says the man she is in love with doesn’t exist. He tells her to wake up and see that Victor killed Walter Palin and now she has thrown their relationship away to protect Victor. She tells him they are both manipulative bastards. She gives him his ring back and tells him to get out. She orders him top take it and she forces it into his hand.

Jana talks to Victoria and JT about the food drive, Victoria tells her of course they will make a donation and she looks for her wallet. The woman is impressed with Victoria’s generosity. Jana says in that case drinks are on the house. When Victoria makes her order JT calls her over to his table. He tells her that Paul is onto something in Mexico that will bury Jack and Adam.

Jan Barrett

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