Victor is at Nick and Phyllis’s house to celebrate Summer’s birthday. As they talk Victor let’s Nick know about him calling in Nikki’s loan. Nick says oh, an early Christmas present huh? Nick tells Victor he is doing this for himself not for the interest of the company. Nikki and David walks in and Victor tells them they are early. He tells Nick and Phyllis to give the birthday girl a kiss for him and he leaves. Nick calls out to him to please stay but Victor leaves anyway.

Nikki and David discuss how they are going to fight Victor on this. She says he is not going to get his money back and he is not going to get her company. David tells her to beware, that Victor will come back at her fighting. She says well who knows Victor’s tactics better than she does. She will fight back
Nikki apologizes to Phyllis for disrupting the party with Victor. She says she just isn’t too happy with him these days. Phyllis tells her that is fine, she understands and tells them both they are welcome in her home anytime. They start talking about Victor calling in his loan and Nikki tells Nick her plans to sue Victor over all this to save her company. Nick is irritated that she would sue saying it will only hurt everyone involved, not just Victor. She says Victor is responsible for the accident at Clear Springs and it is time he pays for it.

Gloria lets herself in at Kevin’s with a lot of packages that she wants to hide from Michael and Lauren. Before she can put them away Michael and Lauren come over with a gift for Gloria to hide there at the same time. Kevin says oh well they can just hide them all in the same closet. Gloria admits buying one really expensive gift for Jeffery too. After Lauren and Michael are gone Gloria tells Kevin that she told Jeffery that she would marry him but not til she convinced her children that she was in love with him. She is on her way to meet Jeffery and at first Kevin says he is going and she says no but then she changes her mind and says ok that maybe he could go along and sit at the bar and just stare at Jeffery to intimidate him.

Sharon is wrapping a gift for Summer when Jack comes in and tells her he bought another gift for Noah. She tells him he is really going overboard with it. He says he is really enjoying it. He tells her he really wishes she would change her mind about leaving after the holidays but before Sharon can answer Noah comes in needing help wrapping his gift for Summer.

Victor goes to the hospital to see the baby. He asks JT if he has named the baby yet. He tells him yes, they have decided to name him Reed. Victor says oh yeah, that is Nikki’s maiden name. He talks JT into going home to try and get some sleep. JT doesn’t want to leave but Victor promises to call him if there is any change at all. He finally agrees and leaves.

Sharon and Jack and Noah come in for the party. Nick takes a picture of Noah and Daniel with Summer, then Phyllis talks Sharon into taking one with Jack and Summer. Phyllis gives Jack a gift as a thank you for helping bring Summer in this world that night in the elevator. Later in the kitchen Phyllis and Sharon talk about Sharon and Jack. She tells her about a letter Jack wrote while he was trapped under all the concrete when he thought he might die. She says the letter was all about her. Sharon asks why would he show it to her when she didn’t even see it. Phyllis says he didn’t, she accidentally found it on his desk. She stresses how important it is that she reads that letter before she makes any decisions about ending their marriage.

At the club Gloria meets Jeffery. After they sit down he starts to order drinks when he turns around he notices Kevin sitting at the bar. He asks Gloria if that is her son and when she says yes, he suggests that they give him a show. He goes over to her and starts kissing her on her neck making sure Kevin can see. She gives Jeffery the gift she bought for him. When he opens it he finds an expensive watch and he tells her he really can’t accept this. She tells him please do. Kevin calls Michael to tell him what Gloria just did but Michael tells him not now, he will talk to him later.

After Michael brings Lauren home he goes to the club to meet Gloria. He joins them at the table and asks her how her date was. She asks about Summer’s birthday and Michael tells him about Jack being there. Gloria decides to hold out on settling John’s will. She tells Michael she wants everything that’s owed to her plus interest and that includes the Abbott mansion.

Lauren and Michael come in and right away Jack and Michael gets their digs into each other. Phyllis interrupts and says that he loves them both but if they ruin this party she is going to kick both of their butts. Jack and Sharon decide to leave but Nick tells Jack as they are about to go out the door that if there is anything he can do for him not to hesitate to ask.

At the club JT is there working out and Cane sees him. While they are both working out Cane tells JT that he admires him for how he stepped up and accepts becoming a Father so easily. JT admits how he almost started hyperventilating when he was told the baby was his. But now he is looking forward to raising his son.

When Sharon and Jack go home he tells her he forgot the medicine bag that Phyllis gave him. He says he will call her in the morning. Sharon tells him that Phyllis told her about a letter that he wrote while he was trapped. He says yes he did. She asks if she may read it and he says sure and gets it out the desk and hands it to her. She reads it out loud while he stands there. She starts crying. Jack tells Sharon that everything in that letter is true. She says she knows. He asks her if she is just not in love with him anymore. She says that’s not it, she just doesn’t know if she can trust him anymore. She is worried about Noah now. She doesn’t want to let him down. She says she is not leaving him, she isn’t going to talk about a divorce, she just needs some time away from him to think this through and if he loves her he will give her the time she needs.

Lily goes to the club to workout and she runs into Cane again. Colleen calls her and she tells her about Cane being there. She asks how she is supposed to avoid him if she keeps running into him like that.

Jan Barrett

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