JT is so excited that he is the father of Victoria’s baby. He tells Victor this is a good day for him. Victor says he is sure Brad won’t be thinking that way. Brad comes up and congratulates JT. Nikki walks in and sees them all there together and gets worried. She asks if something is wrong. Victor says no everything is fine. He says that they got the DNA results in and JT is the father. Nikki tells Brad she is sorry. Victor tells Brad that they will keep him informed of any new developments involving the baby.

Cane is deep in thoughts about how he almost kissed Lily. While sitting there thinking suddenly he hears a voice saying Kiss Me. When he opens his eyes he sees Amber standing there with mistletoe in her hand. She is just about to ask him to have dinner with him when Jill walks in and interrupts. When she tries to include Jill in the invitation, Jill cuts her off telling her they have things to do. When Amber walks away Jill tells Cane she still can’t see why he was ever even married to that girl. They see Lily later and Jill invites her to join them for dinner.

Katherine sees Amber sitting at the bar in the club and catches her staring at Cane and tells her she couldn’t be more subtle. She asks Katherine if she is going to join them and she says no. She tells her that she has to go work out for her bad shoulder. She asks Amber if she would like to join her. Amber tells her she would love to but she lost her membership there at the club. Katherine makes her a deal that if she will be her personal motivator then she will get her a new membership there. Amber tells her yes she will do that.

Katherine tells Amber about some of the hard times she had with Jill when Amber tells her about how Jill totally cut her off before. Katherine confesses to Amber that the man that she and Jill fought over was her husband. She tells Amber how she picked Phillip up at the airport to drive him home and how she had been drinking. She tells her that she has blamed herself for all these years. She tells Amber that Cane doesn’t love her and if she doesn’t let this go she will lead a miserable life.

Jill and Cane and Lily discuss the contest and how they can promote it. Lily suggests that they shoot some of it in France. Jill loves the idea and thanks her for the suggestion. Cane says he likes the idea too and he thinks this just could work. Jill says she remembers that Lily lived in Paris with Dru a few years back. Cane tells Lily they need to talk after Jill leaves. He wants to talk about what almost happened between them. He tells her that he is 31 years old and she is only 19. She gets mad telling him he wanted to kiss her. He says he is so sorry. She tells he made her think he wanted something between them then storms out mad.

Brad calls Sharon and tells her the news that JT is the father of the baby, not him. Sharon goes to Brad’s office to comfort him telling him she is so sorry. He tells her he really wanted that baby to be his. They try to discuss business but Brad is just not into it. Sharon tells him ok he really needs to talk about this before he goes crazy. He tells her about how he felt when he lost his other baby in the car accident and now he has lost this one even though he was never his. He says he had himself completely convinced that this baby was his, but in reality his new son only existed in his head.

Nikki tells Victor that today is Summer’s birthday and she was wondering if they could possibly go to the party together for a change. Victor tells her she obviously doesn’t know what is going on. She says no, and asks what he is talking about. He tells her the loan to her is due and now he says the entire balance is due. She is surprised and says that project is just about totally washed out. He says he doesn’t give a damn, the money is still owed to him and he is calling her on it. Nikki says they have a premature grandson and a comatose daughter and he is going to pull this on her now. He says he is saving her from herself.

David walks in wanting to know what is going on. Victor tells him his wife and he are discussing business that doesn’t involve him. Nikki says David is in business with her so whatever he wants to discuss can be discussed in front of him. Victor says he is leaving since he can’t breathe with all the hot air those two put out but when he returns he will want to continue talking about it with her. When Victor walks out David asks if this was about the loan. She asks if he knew about it and he says yes for a few days now. He didn’t tell her since she has had so much going on and with the holidays here. She is furious and tells him to never do that again. She didn’t want Victor shielding her from things and she surely doesn’t want him to now. He apologizes and tells her he will wait for her in the car.

Nikki and David get back to Sharon’s house where Nikki is living and she asks David when Victor told him about the loan. He tells her Neil told him a few days ago. He also tells her that a few weeks back Neil approached him about it and he asked him to put it on hold. Nikki says oh great another thing that she doesn’t know. She tells David they need to get something clear. She can’t stand a man that thinks they know what is best for her on their own. She asks him to please don’t be that kind of man. He says ok it is understood, he won’t be that man and he is sorry. She asks him to repeat that since she is not use to hearing that statement. He says well he will go one even better and he says he is very sorry.

Nikki asks David how long will it be before Victor wins. He reminds her that she used her company as collateral. She says this is true. David tells her that a few weeks ago he told Neil if Victor pursued this they would go to the media. She says yes they will but after he was hit from the oil company she doubts it will even matter now. They think about ways to handle this to their advantage.

Nikki goes to see Victoria but finds Victor home. He asks her if she brought her check book. She says no she didn’t. He tells her to call the man she hangs out with and tell him to bring it. She tells him she will keep her company. She says she is going to sue him since he was partly responsible for the accident. He tells her she doesn’t have the money for that. She says there are lawyers that will work with her on this. She then excuses herself saying she is going to see her daughter now.

Jan Barrett

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