Adam meets with the wedding planner at Crimson Lights and informs her that the wedding date has been changed for tomorrow. This puts her into a panic until she learns that Adam is the son of the famous Victor Newman saying that does change things. Adam tells her he doesn’t need details. He just needs her to make this happen.

Heather thinks back to Adam’s explanation to her about the diary and now Victor is claiming to her that Adam is behind it swearing that he has never lied to her. She says she is not there to see Victor, she wants to talk with Frank Ellis.

Kevin is still upset with Jana but now he has more to worry about that the missing money. He got a message from Gloria telling him that Jeffery is in the hospital for an allergic reaction and he need to go there now.

Gloria is being handcuffed as she tells them that Jeffery’s statement is false. She begs Jeffery not to do this but he just hints around to her that he will implicate whoever else was involved too. She snaps at him that he will never get away with this as they take her off. She screams demanding to talk to her son, Michael Baldwin. Jeffery yells back to her not to worry about Jabot.

Michael is talking to Lowell at the warehouse telling him he is going to come with him and turn himself in to the DA but Lowell tells him he is not going back unless he thinks he can knock him out and drag him there, he needs to back away from him now. Michael tells him he can’t. Lowell reminds him that he is no saint. He has crossed the line before himself. Michael says he has a wife and son that look up to him and if no other reason than that he has to do what he thinks is best. Lowell reminds him of his attorney/client privilege. Michael says he quits and it is his duty to report him if he thinks there is danger. Lowell asks who is in danger. Michael answers Eden, that’s who.

Frank tells Heather that he wrote the confession. He said he wasn’t paid a dime to write it. Heather warns him that if he was intimidated at all she can protect him. He accuses her of wanting him to say he lied about it because she wants to get her boyfriend off the hook. She denies it. He reminds her of the time she saw them at the coffee house, he says that is where Adam asked him to forge the diary. He asks her if she really thinks he is an investment banker. He stands and tells her if she needs anything else she will know where to find him as he goes back to his cell.

Adam is still with Beatrice giving her a $10,000 deposit when Heather calls him telling him to meet her at his office. He tells Beatrice to wish him luck as he is about to leave saying he will be in touch.

Victor goes to Heather who says she has somewhere else to be right then. He tells her he doesn’t give damn. He wants her to know he went to his son first out of respect for his mother and offered him a chance to come clean and leniency if he would give Jack Abbott up. He refused so now Adam has made his own bed.

Kevin walks in at the hospital and asks Jeffery how he burned himself. Kevin realizes that Jeffery used the cream on his face and Jeffery tells him about turning Gloria in. Kevin calls him a son of a bitch. He says him turning her in could implicate all of them.

When they get Gloria to the police station she complains about the handcuffs hurting her so they removed them. She gets handcuffed to the chair so she asks how come they are treating her like a common criminal. They play a recording of her confessing about the face cream to Jeffery. She tries telling them that her husband likes playing these twisted games. The officer says they need to start the paper work now but lets Gloria make her phone call. She calls Michael telling him she needs to come get her at the police station. And she whispers that she is in an awful lot of trouble.

Lowell seems surprised that Michael thinks Eden is in danger. He says he has sacrificed lots for Eden. He says he may have screwed up with Michael but he did it right with Eden. He tells him that Eden worships him. Michael agrees saying that she doesn’t know who he is though. Lowell pleads to Michael to let him go. Michael tells him he has lied to him and his sister. Lowell says he doesn’t think he can hurt Eden like this. He says he is going to walk out that door and keep his mouth shut for him and Eden.

Adam goes to Heather’s office ready to surprise her about the wedding plans when he sees something is wrong. She tells him she is going to give him one last chance to tell her where he got that diary. When he lies again she snaps that it is over. He doesn’t understand until she throws the confession to him. He asks her to please try to understand. All the evidence suggests that Victor went to Mexico to kill Palin. Adam tells her he did it for them. He tells her she is all he has. He says the journal money is their ticket out of there. He says no one will believe the truth. He tells her to burn the confession, and they can leave and never look back.

Kevin calls Jana and begs her to find Michael right away because his Mom has been arrested. When he hangs up he tells Jeffery that he thought he loved his mother. Jeffery said he does and he will wait for her. Kevin asks if he is on crack. He says now there is no way to fix this calling Jeffery an idiot. Kevin picks up the glass of orange juice and throws it in Jeffery’s face. Jeffery screams out in pain. Kevin tells if he thinks that hurt, just wait and he leaves. Jeffery yells out for the nurse.

The detectives talk about the cold cream case saying they guess it isn’t a cold case after all. Wallace says they have a suspect and a taped confession, a slam dunk for the DA as they high five each other.

Lauren tells Eden thanks for helping her get Fen back to sleep. She asks her if she leaves is she sure there is no one there that she will miss. Lauren tells her she is welcome to stay there no matter what happens with her father. Eden isn’t sure what she is going to so but says she isn’t going anywhere today. Lauren starts putting Eden’s things away when she comes across the teddy bear. Eden tells her that Lowell told her the teddy bear would take care of her whenever he can’t.

Back at the warehouse Lowell feels he has no choice but to leave Eden and Michael behind. He hugs Michael and tells him good bye. Michael begs him not to do this but Lowell kisses him on the cheek and walks out leaving Michael sitting there crying.

Jana goes to Michael and Lauren’s home looking for Michael telling them they need him because Gloria is in jail but she doesn’t know any details. Lauren says it is one nightmare after another in this family as she shows her frustration.

Gloria begs for another chance for another call to her son since he didn’t answer with the first call. Kevin comes in and he tells her he thinks Jeffery was just bluffing but Gloria tells him that it is too late. She tells him how Jeffery tricked her into confessing and they have it recorded. Kevin is really worried now about the rest of them. He says now they could all be up the creek.

Frank tells Victor he talked to Heather and he said he thinks she is like a bulldog. Frank says he stuck with his story and she believed him. Victor reminds Frank about their deal. He says not to talk to anyone unless he tells him to.

Heather tells Adam if she left with him she could be disbarred and disgraced. She asks if he has any idea how hard she has worked to get where she is today. He tells her he will take care of her. He asks if she loves him. He tells her about making the arrangements to get married tomorrow in Chicago. He says she is all the family he has. She tells him she can’t do this. He says he would turn himself in to spare her the pain but he knows she loves him enough to leave with him. She tells him to get out of there before she changes her mind. He kisses her and tells her to follow her heart. He says he will wait for her at the airport.

Kevin can’t find Michael but he says Lauren and Jana are looking for him. Gloria tells the policeman that she was setup. Kevin interrupts telling her not to talk because she has a right to counsel. She says she can’t go to jail while waiting on Michael. Kevin tells her she needs to be strong and not say a word until Michael gets here.

Lauren gets Eden out of the room and then tells Jana where Michael is and that he should be home soon. She tells her that their mother in law has the worst timing. Jana leaves for the warehouse praying that she will find Michael still there.

Michael shows up at Heathers office and requests that she has a warrant sworn out for Lowell Baldwin saying he is guilty. Michael tells her he can’t look the other way this time.

Heather listens to Paul’s voicemail that says he is out of town. She watches the snow falling out the window as the phone rings. She sees it is Adam calling but ignores the call. Adam is at the airport and his flight has been delayed because of the weather. Victor is seen in jail looking at the magazine with him in his tuxedo on the front cover. Then Kevin watches Gloria being led off to jail. Lauren is happy when Michael arrives at home and she asks if he knew about his mother being arrested. Michael has this devastated expression on his face. Then we see Gloria receiving her mug shot at the police station.

Jan Barrett

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