When Eden comes home she finds Michael and Lauren going through the material from Lowell’s case and asks why they are doing that since the charges were dropped. Michael tells her that he is just tying up some loose ends but notes that Eden is a little upset. He tells Lauren it must have been something Lowell told her. He wonders if he has been conning them from the beginning. Lauren doesn’t want to go there. Eden comes out saying she is going to be staying at a friend’s house tonight. Michael calls her back in and asks where she is going.

Lowell waits for Eden at the warehouse as he thinks back to when he stuffed the money that Jana gave him into the teddy bear. Back at the Baldwin’s Eden snaps at Michael asking him if he thinks she is going clubbing. Michael asks since Lowell was released today wouldn’t she want to stay home tonight. Lauren tells Michael to tell her, so Michael lets her know they like having her there saying this is her home. Eden sticks to her story as she looks at Michael. He hugs her without saying another word.

Esther comes home with dry cleaning that Katherine had sent off that she had forgotten about. Jill tells her that she wants to get all of Katherine’s things out of that closet saying because she plans on moving in there. Esther tells her that she has her own rooms. She says maybe she wants those rooms. She says but not to move in, just to keep them as they are forever.

Katherine and Murphy come home from a fundraiser and they joke around about how they raised donations. She tells Murphy that he has real business acumen and then she calls him Phillip. Murphy is confused and wonders who Phillip is.

Kevin is at café looking for the money and then asks Jana to please tell him that she moved the money from somewhere. She tells him yes actually she did move it. He suddenly calms down until she looks at him and tells him that she gave the money to Lowell.

Michael reminds Eden what it is like living on the run looking over her shoulder. He tells her she doesn’t have to run anymore. She still keeps with her story saying her friends are waiting for her but he doesn’t want her to go.

The family breaks the news to Anna that she won’t be home for Christmas. They tell her that the people in charge mean no harm but to them all Tyra is to her is her Aunt, not her mother. Tyra tells her how much she loves her. Karen assures her that she won’t walk down that aisle to get married until she is there. Karen tells her that the big day is set for Martin Luther King’s Day. Anna brightens up telling Karen she can’t wait. The social worked comes in to get Anna saying it is time to go. As soon as they are gone, Tyra snaps at Karen for giving Anna false hopes. Neil defends Karen saying that Karen has reason to be hopeful. He says he has renewed his status as a foster parent so they have a chance they might become her new foster family. Tyra changes her tune and thanks Neil with a hug with Karen standing there looking irritated.
Jill and Esther argue over how they feel about Katherine’s rooms. Esther accuses Jill of never caring about Katherine. Jill says Esther fawned over Katherine, like a good servant but Katherine was her mother not Esther’s. She says her mother knew she loved her and she doesn’t have to prove that to anyone.

Katherine thinks hard trying to remember why she called Murphy Phillip. Murphy says he has been called worse but he wonders was Phillip a boyfriend of hers or perhaps a brother. He assures Katherine that she will have lots of memories returning and he will be there to help her when she does.

Kevin assumes that Jana only gave Lowell $1000, surely not all the money. She tells him that Lowell is not a stranger to them and she did give it all to him. She claims she did it for Kevin. She says it was eating away at his soul. She says the money was never going to help him. She says he knew it was wrong besides she would rather be dirt poor than to see him suffer. He wants her to call Lowell and get the money back. She refuses to call and say it was a mistake. Kevin asks if the money was never theirs then it wasn’t hers to give away.

Michael creeps around in the warehouse and finds a hiding Lowell who is surprised to see Michael. Lowell asks if he gave Eden a ride there. Michael says she is at home with Lauren. Lowell says he thinks it is time that he moves on and he was going to write him a letter. Michael says that is funny because he found a note, about missing funds which leads him right to Lowell.

Neil and Karen explain that they applied to become foster parents again but didn’t say anything about it until they knew they would be eligible. Neil says that is why Karen told Anna what she told her. Tyra says she understands now. Karen asks if she is still mad at her. Tyra shakes her head no but doesn’t even bother to apologize to Karen.

Kevin and Jana continue arguing over the money. He says she knows he is mad. He tells her she has no idea how mad he is. Jana says she was worried for him, for them saying he has been so distant lately and very defensive. She did it for both of their sakes. Kevin says he is tired of her always looking down their path. He tells her she took all that money without even telling him and asks what does that say. He says this isn’t OUR journey at all and then he storms off mad.

Michael tells Lowell he has been doing some digging. He asks where could he have possibly gotten over 4 million dollars to buy the ashram property all those years ago. Michael says now he knows who Lowell really is. He says he fooled Gloria and Howard and didn’t go back to the bank to prevent the bomb. He says the insurance document says the explosion set off a fire that spread to the vault and that an estimated 4.5 million dollars burned. He calls Lowell nothing but a thief behind lofty ideals. Michael says he is the bastard in every since of the word that helped set him free.

Murphy thinks that Katherine’s memories are like fish, you can’t chase them, you have to wait quietly and still for them to come to you. He encourages Katherine to take it slow. Katherine sits there thinking and she can hear herself fighting with someone for her own home. She says she remembers having a home and that someone was fighting her for it. She says she was angry and it was her home they were fighting it. She can hear Jill’s voice arguing with her and she wonders who she is as she looks out the window.

Jill and Esther continue disagreeing about Katherine. She tells Esther that it it weren’t for Katherine’s damned will, she would be out of this house faster that she can say good riddance. Esther snaps back, telling her that she may be Katherine’s daughter but she is not Katherine Chancellor. She tells Jill that is what bothers her that Katherine loved her and she knew she loved that house. The doorbell rings and they both go to answer only to find a delivery man delivering packages for both of them. Jill says OMG Katherine sent them both Christmas presents before she died.

Lauren is folding the clothes from Eden’s bag as she assures Eden that Michael will talk Lowell out of leaving. She tells her that he can be very convincing. She tells Eden they want her to stay there with them saying they would miss her. Eden says she wasn’t supposed to tell them she was leaving with Lowell. Lauren tells her she thinks she is a good person saying she just couldn’t walk away. Eden doesn’t think her father would agree with that. She says he will think she let him down. The teddy bear with the money in it is sitting there in Eden’s bag.

Michael tells Lowell he knows about him putting the ashram in Eden’s hands so he could keep his hands clean. He accuses him for using Eden like he used him the night of the rally saying he was his human shield. Lowell says this is all technicalities. He wants to go back to when Michael believed in him. Michael demands that he tells him everything or he will connect the dots on his own and go to the police. He assures Lowell he is NOT on his side.

Kevin is still upset with Jana as he shows her the plumbing bill of $2000. She says they will manage. She says they will handle the bills together. He tells her if she wished to be poor then it is her lucky day because she is going to get her wish, as he storms out again mad.

Rafe goes to see the Winter’s with the bad news that Anna won’t be released into Tyra’s custody. Devon is mad saying Yolanda use to pretend to be sober just long enough ruin everything. Rafe says Yolanda’s missing persons report is still on file and Tyra did cross the state line with Anna. Tyra says Anna is now paying for her mistakes saying Neil would be a great foster parent. Karen says that living with them would put Anna close to her brother. Rafe claims that with Neil and Karen just living together and not being married about could be an issue. Cohabitation isn’t deemed stable in the eyes of the law, saying they are two people with no commitment. Tyra brightens up and asks if Karen moved out could Anna come there then?

Esther and Jill are sitting together in front of the fireplace wondering if they should open their gifts now or wait. Jill points out that Katherine ordered these gifts while she was hiding her drinking. They realize even with Katherine’s drinking she still loved them but still shut them out. Jill says the bartender in that hellhole told them Katherine had been going there for a month. Esther thinks back to the time they did an intervention saying they should have gone again. Meanwhile Katherine is still wondering about who she is saying she was an awful drunk, asking Murphy if he thought she was. He tells her she is sober now though. Katherine tells him there was some woman trying to help her before but she wasn’t very nice to them. She asks him how he can put up with her. He says it is a piece of cake, anybody would have done the same thing. She thanks him for not being just anybody.

Karen doesn’t get it. She says an addict can make a false statement on a police report but an engaged couple isn’t stable. Devon agrees with Karen saying that’s why he hates the system. Rafe thinks it is ridiculous too. Karen says she doesn’t think her moving out is the answer though. She suggests that perhaps she and Neil should just get married sooner then, asking how about New Year’s Eve? Neil loves that idea but Tyra just bows her head. Rafe says he will check and see which option would get Anna back sooner and promises to be in touch. Tyra looks disappointed when she watches Neil kissing Karen as he looks pleased to be marrying Karen now for even another reason.

Esther is happy to help Jill mover her things into Katherine’s suite. Jill says there is no need, it was a silly sentimental idea anyway. Esther now doesn’t think it was silly. She says they will both go through Katherine’s thins when they are ready. When Esther takes the tea tray out the room, Jill looks at the picture of her and Katherine and asks out loud if Katherine has any idea of the emptiness she has left her with. She asks how come she can’t feel her spirit. She yells for Katherine. Then she places her hand on the box that was delivered to her.

Murphy brings Katherine some cookies saying if Marge was in a fight his money would be on her. She admits to Murphy that she is a tough old broad and that she is getting memories of her daughter. Murphy tells her that she always told him she didn’t have kids. Katherine remembers a baby, an adoption once upon a time saying the baby was a girl.

Michael tells Lowell that Eden would come there to save his sorry ass without asking questions and now he has to decide whether to rip him out of her life or not. He says Lowell is the only parent Eden has even known so if he turns him in, she will run leaving Michael spending every night wondering if his sister is still alive. Lowell tells him then he should let them go saying money is just paper. Michael blurts out that Lowell killed for that paper. Lowell says that making him and Eden suffer won’t bring the man back though. He begs Michael to turn his back and let them walk out.

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