Michael can’t help but gloat about Jack resigning from the Senate seat to Phyllis. She of course defends him but Michael doesn’t hide his feelings whatsoever. Phyllis asks him what makes him so sure that the letter Gloria has is even for real. He says it is because it is the one thing involved in this whole thing that seems to make any sense.

Jack comes in at Gina’s so Phyllis excuses herself from Michael so she can go talk to him. She reminds Jack that Summer’s birthday is coming up. She says she wants to thank him for being there for her. He says he will always be there for her. She tells him he might not feel like that when she tells him what she has to tell him. She tells him that Gloria found out about his Father’s cellmate from Jana, and Jana found out from her. So this makes her responsible for that letter coming out. He tells her his Dad did not write that letter that Gloria has. He says she is not responsible for it so she should stop feeling guilty and he walks away.

Kevin is at the prison trying to calm Jana down about her case going to court. When her lawyer comes in they are both shocked to see his age. Kevin asks him how long has he even had his degree. He says he has been out of law school for six weeks. Jana asks him has he ever had a case like this before and he says no this is his first. This doesn’t make her or Kevin feel too confident on their chances of winning now. The lawyer leaves and Jana can’t believe he didn’t stay longer to discuss their case. She tells Kevin she thinks now she will be spending the rest of her life behind bars. Kevin tells her that he has spent too long away from her at night so he plans on making sure she gets out. He tells her not to worry.

Kevin talks to Michael about helping Jana. He tells him that the public defender that is taking her case doesn’t even have the ink dry on his degree and he doesn’t know what he is doing. He begs Michael to help him. Michael says they have talked about this before and he knows how he feels about it. Kevin starts talking again about breaking Jana out of prison before he will stand by and let her be convicted which makes Michael uncomfortable.

Michael goes to Phyllis and asks her of her opinion about Jana while they were in prison. She says at first she was kind of creepy but the more they were around each other she started seeing her differently. She says they became friends and Jana even became protective of her. She says she honestly thinks that the medical condition Jana had was the cause of her problems from before. She thinks things are different now for Jana.

Later Phyllis goes out to the prison to talk to Jana. She tells her about Michael talking to her about her and she tells her what she told her. Phyllis tells her she can’t help but feel that this is all an act. Jana tells her no, that everything is real. Phyllis tells her OK, but her reputation is on the line here and she says as long as she keeps telling her the truth it will be good and they can be best of girlfriends but if she lies to her, she can be her worse enemy. Meanwhile Michael goes to Kevin and tells him he agrees to represent Jana. Jana calls Michael and she tells him about Phyllis coming to see her. He tells her that Michael has agreed to represent her.

JT goes out to the ranch to see Victoria. He tells Victor that the baby seems to be holding on and fighting to live. Victor tells him he can go on up to visit with Victoria but he asks him to come see him before he leaves. He wants to talk to him about the baby. When JT comes back down Victor tells him that from now on he doesn’t need an invitation to come there to see Victoria. He says it is well known about his daughter’s passion for him. JT thanks him. Victor says now if only that paternity tests come back showing him as his grandson’s father, they will all be happy. JT says if that happens he will be able to hear him from across town yelling. JT tells Victor that it is apparent that he doesn’t think Brad would be too good of a Father.

Sharon tells Jack that Noah wants to go get the Christmas tree today but she tells him he doesn’t want her to go with them. He doesn’t think it is cool to have his Mom standing there taking his picture as he cuts down a tree.  Jack tells Noah that they aren’t going to be able to go on the vacation they all had planned because of all this business he is going through right now.

Sharon ends up at Newman’s office and she runs into Brad. She tells him that she dropped her son off at a friend’s house and suddenly found herself in the parking lot there. He says could it by some chance have something to do with the fact that she just doesn’t want to go home. She says well that could be. Brad wants to know what she is going to do about her marriage. She says well whatever she decides to do it has to be all about what’s best for her son, because he is the one that counts here. They start talking about the paternity test and how he is waiting on the results. He tells her if the test shows that he is the Father of the baby, he intends to do whatever he can to keep Victor as far away from him as possible.

Brad tells Sharon he is going to says something nice about her husband but she can’t tell anyone. He says Jack has a lot of faults but even he has to admit Jack has been a great stepfather to her son and she should take that into consideration. She smiles and tells him thank you for being her friend and then hugs him. She doesn’t know Jack is standing right out the door watching them. Jack walks in saying he hopes he wasn’t interrupting anything. He tells Brad he would thank him to keep his hands off of his wife. Sharon comes to Brad’s defence telling him that Brad was only being a friend and if he had been here earlier he would have heard Brad talking good about him and she storms out. At home Sharon tells Jack this is not working. She says as soon as the holidays are over she and Noah are moving out.

Victor and Brad and JT are all at the hospital when the doctor comes out with the results of the paternity tests. She looks at JT and says congratulations that he has a son!!

Jan Barrett

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