Nikki is talking to the baby at the hospital when David comes by for her. She tells him about the scare they had with him but he seems ok now. She says he is a fighter just like his mother is. She tells him that Victoria is going to wake up any day now too, she just knows it. She asks him if he is ready to go and he asks where to. She says she is staying at Sharon’s house now. David is surprised that she would even want to be that close to Victor but Nikki says this way she can be close enough to Victoria at least without having to fight with Victor everyday.

Amber is determined to pull this off in disguise to join this contest and tries again to get Daniel to help her, but he still refuses. He tells her he just doesn’t want to see her get hurt again when she gets busted. She tells him about this dress she is going to get. When he sees it he tells her she can’t afford that on the salary she makes.

Colleen apologizes to JT about heating the pasta dish up from the freezer that he was saving for when Victoria comes home. He tells her he just wants to be alone. She tells him to come with her and she will buy him a decent meal at Gina’s. He tells her no that he isn’t hungry. She says she is not leaving til he agrees to go get something good to eat. He tells her well then she is welcome to the couch. Her phone rings and it is Lily. She agrees to meet her with JT and they will have dinner together. When she hangs up she tells him he has got to go because Lily is going to meet them and help cheer him up.

JT calls Colleen and tells her he decided to go to the hospital instead of going to Gina’s. While he is there Cane comes in and tells JT he brought him something to eat. While they talk Lily and Colleen come in with some take out too for JT. Cane and Lily go sit and they get to talk for a while.

At Sharon’s house David comes in with groceries and tells Nikki he is going to cook her a home cooked meal tonight. The phone rings and it is Victor. He tells Nikki he is going to the office for a few hours if she wants to come visit with Victoria. He says he will be leaving in about 5 minutes. She thanks him and hangs up. David tells her he has some business he needs to talk to her about. She tells him she really can’t handle business now so he tells her to go see Victoria and they can talk about it later. When she gets to the main house Nikki finds Victor still there. He says there has been a change of plans. Victor’s dog has one of Nikki’s shoes chewing it and Nikki starts to take it away but sees it is too late, he always has it halfway chewed so she gives it back to him. Nikki tells Victor she was at the hospital earlier and the baby’s color is getting better. Victor says he is glad to hear that. He asks if there is any word yet on the paternity test. She says no not yet. Victor admits he sure hopes the baby’s father is JT.

Nikki decides to play the piano for a while. Victor is listening and gets a bit choked up. He comes in and asks Nikki if she found the mail. She says yes and she got a Christmas card from her sister Casey. She tells him that Phyllis is planning something special at the Tack House for Christmas. They start talking about the past Christmas’s with the kids. He tells her he is going to the office and Nikki asks if he is going this late. He says yes there is something he has to take care of. She says ok for him to call her in the morning and she leaves. Victor whispers that she has no idea of what is going on and he guesses someone is going to have to tell her.

When Nikki gets back to Sharon’s house she tells David Victor was there. He is worried that Victor might have given her a hard time. She says no, actually Victor was quite calm. She says in fact they actually got to talk peacefully together and even discussed Christmas plans. She asks David what was it he wanted to talk to her about. He tells her it was nothing that can’t wait. He asks her if there is anything else he can do for her. She tells him no but she doesn’t know what she would have done these past few weeks without him and then she kisses him. Just then Victor walks up to the door and looks through the window seeing her with David. He just turns and walks away instead of going in. The dog starts barking and Nikki hears him. She goes to the door to see where he is and calls his name as she opens the door but doesn’t see him anywhere. When David leaves Nikki is waving good bye to him when she finds mail on the ground by the front door. She calls the main house and leaves a message for Victor thanking him for bringing her mail saying it was very thoughtful of him.

At Gina’s Daniel comes in and tells Gina he hit someone’s car in the parking lot and wants to know if she can help him find out whose car it was. He gives her the license plate number and it turns out to be Heather’s car. When she gets there he tells her and offers to fix it himself. She asks for his license and proof of insurance and when he shows her, his proof of insurance card has expired. Heather advises Daniel that in the state of Wisconsin it is illegal to drive without insurance. He says he has it, he just doesn’t have the new card, that is all. He has a high deductible so he wants to try and fix her car himself. She says to take it to the dealer but he says a dealer is too expensive. She says a garage won’t fix it right though.

Later Amber calls a friend and asks him to help her out fixing Heather’s car and he agrees. Daniel tells Heather he knows a guy that can fix it cheap. She apologizes to him saying the car isn’t as bad as she thought so she agrees to let him fix it his way. Daniel gives her the man’s name just as Cane and Lily walk by. Cane overhears and tells them that guy is a crook. Heather remembers the name Cane mentions as someone she prosecuted before for selling stolen parts. She tells Daniel to forget it. She says she will take her car to the dealer and his insurance company can pay for it and then walks out.

Jan Barrett

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