JT is at home drinking. He is so depressed thinking about Victoria and the baby. He wants the baby to be his so bad. Someone is knocking on his door and JT yells at them to go away. It is Colleen at the door and she yells back to him to open the door. When he opens the door he asks her what she is doing there. She tells him her Dad told her about the paternity test so she thought he would be sitting there alone while waiting for the results. She says she knew he would need a friend. She tells him he is stuck with her, she isn’t going anywhere. She tells him he needs a long hot shower. He asks what makes her think he needs a shower. She tells him because he smell and she sends him off to the bathroom. When he comes out Colleen asks him if he feels better. He says yeah as he looks around. He says thanks for cleaning the place up some. She tells him dinner is in the oven and he remembers her cooking saying he hopes it has improved. She tells him it has to have. They talk about how Victoria was knitting the baby a blanket and about how she use to sit there knitting and talking silly stuff to the baby.

Victor is at the nursery seeing the baby when Neil comes up to say hi. Victor tells him how the baby had a scare and he couldn’t breath but he seems to be better now. Neil tells him when it is your kid or your grandkid it makes things so much worse watching them sick and then he offers to wait with him there. Victor says he appreciates it. Victor tells Neil he should be home with his family and not there with him. He tells Victor he is ok. Victor goes in to see the baby and he tells the baby to hang in there.

Gloria tells Kevin she is going to have to marry Jeffery. She says she has to keep her and him and Michael out of trouble. Kevin says it is not like her to give up so easily. She says she isn’t giving up. She is just going to say yes to Jeffery to try and buy some time til she can figure out what to do about this. Lauren and Michael walk in and he asks them what has he come in on. He knows those looks they have on their faces to know something is up. Gloria puts on a front for Michael and pretends nothing is wrong then asks what he got them for Christmas. He says he isn’t telling. She asks why not, he knows they are only going to peak anyway. He says not this year. He is putting it all under lock and key. She says she can pick a lock. When he walks out Kevin tells her she covered really well.

She calls Jeffery and tells him they need to talk. When she gets ready to go Kevin ridicules her for how she is dressed and begs her not to go. She says this is something she has to do. As she is about to leave Michael walks in and asks her where she is going and he says he hopes this has nothing to do with Jeffery. She says no, she is going Christmas shopping, that he gave her the incentive to go. He asks her since when does she go shopping dressed like this. She says a woman in her position always has to look her best.

When she leaves Michael looks at Kevin in question. Kevin asks him if he can help him with something. Michael tells Kevin it is his moral obligation to protect him from any hit, meaning he wants to know what Gloria is up to. Kevin pretends that Gloria is planning a gift for him and she would kill him if she finds out he told him. Lauren comes in and they mention that they are all hungry so they decide to go out to eat at Gina’s. When Michael and Lauren go off to get ready Kevin calls Gloria to warn her that he tried to talk Michael out of it but couldn’t, they are going to the club for dinner, see her soon and he hangs up.

Gloria meets Jeffery and asks him what exactly he expects from her if she says yes. She wants to know will they share the same bedroom or what. He says well try this on for size, he won’t send her to prison. She says OK she will marry him but only under one condition. She says he has to fall in love with her or at least pretend to make people think he does or else this won’t work. She tells him that she only marries for love and no one will believe them if he doesn’t seem to be in love with her. He agrees and wants to know when they should start. She says no time like the present. He says he won’t be able to keep his hands off of her and starts kissing her neck just as Lauren and Michael and Kevin walk in. Michael asks Jeffery if he is a Christmas present looking at Gloria. She says she ran into Jeffery while having a drink. He asks her if she was shopping for a Martini. She says she stopped in for a bite to eat because she doesn’t like to shop on an empty stomach. Jeffery invites them all to join them for dinner and doesn’t take no for an answer. After dinner when Jeffery leaves Michael drills Gloria wanting to know what’s going on. He knows Gloria and Kevin is lying to him. Gloria says Jeffery is attractive and he reminds her of William so she can’t turn off her feelings. She wants Jeffery to celebrate Christmas with them. Michael tells her she has lost her mind.

Victor gave orders at the ranch not to let Brad in to see Victoria unless he is there. When Brad tries to come in he is refused. He calls Victor and all he gets is his voice mail. Brad whispers, that son of a bitch! While Victor is in the nursery with the baby, Brad comes in and asks the nurse how the baby is. He asks if his breathing is better. She apologizes to him saying she can’t give out any information. She says he needs to get that information from the baby’s guardian, Victor Newman. When Brad talks to Victor, Victor tells him that he has no use for a man that wanted his daughter to die. Brad says he didn’t want her to die. He was only looking at her best interest. Victor tells him he wants him to stay away from his daughter and his grandson.

Neil tells Victor he needs to go home and get some rest. He says he is not going to leave the baby alone. Neil offers to stay for him so he can get some rest. Brad tells them they can both go because he will be there. Victor says he doesn’t see that happening. Neil tells Victor he is going home and Victor tells him thank you. Brad says he is going in to see the baby. Victor asks him how many times he has to tell him that he doesn’t want him anywhere near the baby. Brad tells him if the paternity tests show that he is the Father he will do everything possible to keep him away from him.

Jan Barrett

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