David shows up at the hospital just as Nikki comes out of the nursery where she spent the night with Victoria’s baby. He offers to take her to breakfast and she says that sound line a good idea. She tells David that she plans to spend as much time as possible with Victoria but she just can’t stay out at the house. She says Victor doesn’t want her there to stay and she says he is right. She says she and Victor can never live together again.

Sharon goes home and Jack is happy to see her but she is cold towards him. Ben excuses himself so they can talk. Jack tells her he went back out to the ranch last night to try and talk to her but she wasn’t there. She hesitates and then says she was out. He says he knows because he waited for a while but she never showed up. He asks her where she was. She tells him she was with Brad. She finally tells Jack that she went back to the ranch alone.

Brad and JT are at the hospital with the baby. JT can’t stand it anymore. He wants to have the DNA test done. Brad tells him to talk to his future in laws about having it done. JT says they can’t possibly stop them from doing a DNA test and Brad says you want to bet. Victor comes to the hospital and the nurse comes out saying the baby will be ready for visitors momentarily but only one at a time. Victor says he will be right there. JT asks Victor to let him go in since he has been waiting for a while, and Brad says so has he, but Victor says they can wait a little longer then.

Gloria and Kevin are at Jabot and she is on edge. Kevin tells her she better calm down or the others will know something is wrong. Before Jill and Katherine come in for their meeting the phone rings and it is Jeffery. He tells Gloria that he is sorry the switch board was suppose to be connecting him with Katherine Chancellor and he hangs up. This upsets Gloria. She tells Kevin that Jeffery hung up on her and stated that he was looking for Katherine. During the meeting Katherine mentions a meeting with Jeffery and Jill says oh yes that is right, which throws Gloria into a whirl.

Jeffery shows up at the meeting. Jill mentions that he said something about a business proposition for them and Jill seems anxious to hear what he has to propose. They ask Kevin and Gloria to excuse them til they talk to Jeffery. He shows them the door and before he shuts it he whispers to her that he is planning on telling them everything. Kevin tells her she needs to take her money and get out of town. He tells her not to even go home just get on a plane and go off to some tropical island or something. She says maybe she can just deny everything but Kevin thinks she should just run out of town. Gloria is practicing what she plans to tell Jill and Katherine but when they come out the board room nothing is said. It appears that Jeffery is toying with Gloria. Later at the Club Jeffery sees Gloria and starts on her nerves again. She asks him what he wants. He tells her that all she has to do is marry him.

David offers to buy Nikki a house so they can have Victoria set up to take care of her there without Nikki having to fight http://www.mindanews.com/buy-topamax/ with Victor but Nikki turns him down hoping he understands and doesn’t get mad. He says he understands. David gets a call and has to leave. When he is gone Sharon walks up and asks Nikki how she is doing. She tells her she talked to Victor last night. Nikki says well then she probably knows how she is doing. Sharon tells her she is sorry and wants to know if there is anything she can do to help. At first Nikki says no but then she thinks of something. She asks Sharon if she would mind if she stayed in her house out at the Ranch. Sharon reluctantly tells her of course she can. Nikki says this would be perfect. She could be right there close to Victoria without being under the same roof as Victor. She thanks Sharon for letting her stay there.

Sharon is at the hospital and Brad is frustrated because no one will tell him anything about the baby. He says there is one nurse that is sympathetic with him and lets him go in to see the baby. Just then the nurse comes out and tells Brad he can go in now for a few minutes. Sharon tells him she will wait for him. When he goes in he notices the baby is breathing irregularly and suddenly a buzzer goes off. He asks what is going on but the doctor tells the nurse to get Brad out of there so she can do her job.

The doctor comes out and tells Nikki that they will need to take a blood test to find out exactly what happened to the baby before they can do the proper treatment to help his breathing. JT and Brad get excited when they hear blood test. JT says they only need a few drops of blood. Nikki says she knows what they want. They ask her to please let them do a paternity test. They go out to the ranch to ask Victor if they can do the paternity test. They need Nikki and Victor’s permission. Nikki said the guys deserve to know who the Father is. She thinks they should just do it instead of waiting to go to court over it. Victor finally agrees and tells them to order the tests.

Ben tells Jack that he will stand by him no matter what. He says he had planned on seeing Jack become the next president. Jack thanks him and says he is a good friend. He tells Ben to call for a press conference. He has made a decision. He calls Sharon and asks her to come home. When she gets there he tells her he has decided to resign from the Senate Seat. She says she thinks this is a step in the right direction. She tells him how mad she still is at him. He tells her he is about to go to his last press conference and he would like it if she would please be standing there with him. Sharon agrees. At the press conference Jack resigns, effective immediately.

Neil tells David that Victor is calling in Nikki’s loan. David starts in on Victor and Neil tells him to watch what he says. David asks Neil how he can respect the Man. Neil tells him he has a lot of respect for Victor so don’t be saying bad things about him. He admits he tried to talk Victor out of this but he wouldn’t listen. David tells Neil not to say anything to Nikki about this. He says she is going through enough. He will take care of it.

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