When Kevin takes care of the last of the homeless for Thanksgiving he takes the bag of money from the safe and shoves it under the counter when Gloria and Jana come in. Kevin tells Jana that he doesn’t want to be stingy with his money, even if he has to max out his credit cards. Gloria tells him after tomorrow he can buy whatever he wants. Michael comes in and talks to Gloria about his father. He tells her she could prevent him from being in jail if she wasn’t so pigheaded, self-centered, and self-serving. He tells her that the man is her father. Gloria tells him that after tomorrow he will understand why she had no choice.

Jack tells Jeffery that he had a good Thanksgiving but todays will be better. He said Jill has called a meeting for the major stockholder’s. He is looking at his newspaper when Jeffery announces that he wants to be named CEO of Jabot.

Daniel complains about being stuck working on his laptop instead of sketching while poor Amber cries about burning the turkey.

Tyra finds out Yolanda’s phone has been disconnected when she tries calling her. She asks why Gil is messing with them. Neil says Gil has to go by the books, he has no choice. Devon says he will kidnap his sister if he has to, his sister is coming home.

Jack questions why he should back Jeffery instead of Gloria. He wants to know if Jeffery can control Gloria. Jeffery says he has a secret that can guarantee that he can. Jeffery says he will be good for the company. Finally Jack agrees with him as they shake hands on the deal.

Neil calls Michael and tells him he has a personal emergency. When Gloria leaves Neil explains the situation to Michael. After asking a few questions Michael tells him he is going to need a sympathetic judge who doesn’t mind being pulled away on a holiday. He offers to provide him some names in the morning. Neil thanks him and then he tells everyone that nothing can be done tonight. Billy walks out to make a phone call. Tyra argues that Anna is her daughter. Karen assures Lily that if anyone can stop this it will be her Dad. Billy tells them he has a friend in family law and he just so happens to be at the club so he and Lily leave to go talk to him.

A woman from social services tells Tyra and Neil that she interviewed Anna and she will be picked up and taken to a licensed foster home. Neil tells the woman that Yolanda is a crack addict and she gave Tyra custody. She tells them that Yolanda claims she is clean now and married and she is Anna’s legal guardian. Devon speaks for Anna to defend her situation and talks about the bad things of his mother. He begs her not to send his little sister into hell.

Michael asks Kevin where his mother went. Kevin tells Michael she is his mother too. Michael says he is not in the mood, he wants to know what Gloria is hiding. Finally Kevin admits that Gloria and Jeffery are planning a takeover of Jabot with Jack today. Michael figures out that Kevin is in on it so Kevin admits there might be a big promotion in it for him. Michael warns him that it isn’t good for Gloria to trust Jack, saying she will regret it and then make them regret it too.

Gloria talks with Jack about their plans. She tells him she wants to be named CEO. He asks about her hubby and she says he can go play golf or travel. She will let him think he is in charge. Jack asks if she means like she will do with him. He tells her that is the plan and assures her he is behind her 100%.

Daniel and Amber go to the cemetery as Amber talks and cries to Katherine. She lays flowers on the plot and then she talks about her Thanksgiving dinner being a mess. She talks about how Esther misses her so much and then she says she misses her so much as Daniel holds her to comfort her.

Billy interrupts Mr. and Mrs. Torres’s dinner apologizing as he borrows their son. Billy introduces Lily to Raphe as she explains that people she loves are in trouble. He tells her that he was being beaten up every day in school until Billy stopped it so whatever he needs, he’s got it.

Jeffery comes in and finds Gloria and Jack celebrating. Jack proposes a toast to tomorrow when all of their lives will change. The Bardwells thanks Jack for taking this leap of faith. Jack says it’s been a pleasure, and then he says Jabot Cosmetics, an Abbott family company again.

Neil tells Karen that no one is going to break up this family. The Social Service lady tells Neil he of all people knows how foster homes can be. She tells Tyra she can be charged with kidnapping. She says since Devon is Anna’s closest blood relative he will be allowed to see her. Tyra argues that Anna is her daughter though when she isn’t allowed to see Anna.

Daniel and Amber go back to Crimson Lights and when they see her eyes are red, Daniel explains how they had gone to the cemetery. They take a couple of pieces of pie home with them when they leave. Jana wishes them Happy Thanksgiving. Michael walks in just as Gloria and Jeffery come in. He warns them that this takeover is dangerous. He reminds them that Jack can’t work at Jabot because of the case of the facial cream. They tell Michael they are working with Jack, not for him. Gloria says they will be in charge and Jack is only a pawn. Michael doesn’t trust Jack and says they are thicker than he thought if they think Jack is going to roll over and play dead. He says according to the stockholders, Gloria is a gold digger, Jeffery is a con man with money, and Kevin is an internet geek who’s suddenly got a corner office. He asks how the hell they think that is going to look. They tell Michael this is going to be a dream come true.

When Devon sees Anna she begs him not to let them send her away. Devon promises that won’t happen saying this is only for one night until they can fix the paperwork. He gives her his watch telling her to check it every hour. Lily and Billy come in and tell everyone they found a brilliant lawyer. Billy says he is the best. Lily assures them that he will fix all this tomorrow. Devon blames Gil for doing this. Neil tells Devon to chill out. Gil talks the social worker into letting Tyra tells Anna good night. Tyra tells Anna everything will be ok as Gil apologizes to her. The foster parents take Anna away, as Tyra cries in Neil’s arms.

When they get home and start eating their pie Daniel and Amber talk about Katherine. Amber says if she could be like Katherine, and Daniel interrupts saying she is like her. Amber wonders what she should do with the money that Katherine left her. She says instead of buying things what if they lived, really lived. Daniel says now that is the Amber he sees inside her. He kisses her claiming he is the luckiest guy in the world. Later on when they are in bed together Amber says she feels right again not wobbly and ready to fall over. She says now she knows what to do next. She says her path is clothing design and his path is art. She says Mrs. C gave her the most phenomenal dream, no more Restless Style, all of her energy will go to Daniel, her friends and business. She asks Daniel to come with her. Daniel says of course he will go with her. Amber whispers a thank you to Mrs. C.

Neil is on his laptop with Karen commenting on the look of helplessness on Tyra’s face. She tells him Tyra needs them now. She says the way Devon needed him and Dru. She tells him they need to fight the way Dru fought and never back down, never give up. As she walks off Neil looks so proud of her.

Devon goes outside with Tyra. They talk about the old apartment when Yolanda went out to get a fix and never came back. They talk about how the windows were broken in the apartment and there was no heat. He said he wouldn’t call out for his mother because he knew she wouldn’t come. Devon says he doesn’t give a damn how clean Yolanda claims to be now, she can not have his sister. Tyra hugs him.

Kevin panics when Jana is behind the counter and she finds the money. She looks horrified when she finds it. Kevin tells her he knows it looks bad but whatever she is thinking it is no big deal, it is not great but nothing terrible. He tells her it is Mrs. C’s money. Jana asks if he stole it. He tells her no, she left it there and he tried to give it back and couldn’t and now she is gone. He said Heather said it is found money and he asks Jana if they can keep it now. Jana figures it out that this is how he paid for the scooter. He said yes and the dinner for the homeless too. She reminds him that he promised her he would never lie to him. He says fine, he will give it up if that is what she wants him to do. She tells him she loves him but this is not up to her. She sets the money up on the counter and tells him it is up to him, and she walks away.

Michael lectured Gloria saying her husband ratted out Lowell to the authorities and now she won’t save him. He asks when she became so soulless and heartless. When Jeffery tries to interrupt Michael yells at him to shut up he is talking. He says he is Lowell’s attorney and when this Jabot thing blows up in her face he will be defending her too. Gloria assures him that it is not going to happen. She says she is about to get hers and she intends to get it all.

Meanwhile Jack is on the phone talking about the stockholder’s meeting tomorrow saying they will never see this coming as he hangs up.

Jan Barrett

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