Cane and Lily fill Neil in on what type of person Cloe is and how crazy she is saying she will do anything to get Cane. Meanwhile at the hospital Cloe tells the doctor this baby is a Chancellor and demands that they do everything they can to save it.

Victoria goes and tells Nikki about them finding the stuff at Sabrina’s gravesite. Nikki tells her Paul already told her. Victoria worries about her father and says this is all her fault for leaving her father alone where ever he is.

Victor is seen sitting in a bar with a Mexican bartender serving him shots of Tequila. He is carrying the earring that he found in the car of Sabrina’s. He sees a little girl playing on the floor and he asks the bartender how old his little girl is. He tells the man she is very pretty.

Cloe lies in her hospital bed talking to the baby asking it if it knows what it is doing to her body and then starts complaining that because she can’t drink and she can’t have coffee, no sushi or any of that. She says she is going to need a tummy tuck after this. She tells the baby that it better come through for her. Amber walks in asks her how she is feeling. Amber says she was surprised when she called.  Cloe snaps that she doesn’t exactly have a zillion friends. She blames her mood swings on her hormones. She tells Amber she is bleeding and Cane hasn’t even bothered to show up. She tells Amber she is in a lot of pain and she is really scared.

Cane calls the hospital and finds out Cloe is really there. Neil agrees with Cane when he says he doesn’t want to go there. He says it would be best if he stays as far away from her as possible. Lily says it may sound crazy but she feels sorry for Cloe because she knows how it feels to lose a baby.

Nick and Michael are discussing how to handle this. Adam walks in and is still against them calling the FBI saying it would be bad for business. Nick says he is so sick of Adam caring more about business. He wants to call a press conference saying Victor is incommunicado while grieving over the loss of his wife but Nick doesn’t agree.

Nikki tells Victoria she is being way too hard on herself. She tells her mother that her father fought for her life when she needed him but when he needed her she wouldn’t be there for him. She says from the moment she found out about them together she wouldn’t accept it. She said she was so petty and selfish. She tells her she was horrible to Victor. Nikki says he was angry with her but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. She says he must hate her and the worst part of it is that it is her fault.

Neil says he is going to the office to talk to the staff. Adam says not to worry, he has it all under control. When Adam walks out the room, Nick says he really can’t stand that guy. Neil says he only bothers him Monday through Friday. Nick says he can’t wait around anymore, saying he doesn’t care what Adam thinks. Neil agrees with Nick and then he goes off to the office telling Nick to hang in there. Nick can’t help but feel like this is partially his fault.

Nikki assures Victoria she is not to blame for this. She says in many ways she is responsible for this by keeping David in their lives. She tells Victoria that Victor is in more pain that he has ever been in, in his entire life but yes he is alive, no question about that.

The little girl is selling flowers so Victor buys them all from her, then he goes outside and throws them one by one into the water while the little girl watches him. Victor and the little girl talk and he asks her to go to the store for him. When she gets back she hands him a bag with his medication in it.

Cloe complains about having to eat hospital food saying it makes airline food look like gourmet food. She remarks that Cane was like a knight in shining armor when Lily was pregnant and all she gets is crappy food and his ex-wife for company. She apologizes to Amber saying no offence. She brightens up when Cane walks in and she tells him she knew he would come. He asks Amber for some privacy. When Amber leaves she tells Cane Cloe has been freaking out. He tells her she put him down as the baby’s father so they called him. Cane makes sure Cloe knows he is not there of his own choice. She says the fact that he is really there means he must care until Lily walks in which takes Cloe’s smile away.

Nick and Adam argue about Nick calling the FBI. Adam is insisting that he is going to make this press conference. Adam tells Michael to tell Nick about the Will. Michael tells him that the will have less to do with Adam than he thinks. Adam leaves and Nick and Michael both agree that they would like to chain Adam up in the basement. Nick says that if that punk does anything to put his dad in jeopardy …

Michael goes to talk to Nikki and Victoria to fill them in telling them that JT has a team of investigators working on finding Victor. He says Paul is chasing down leads and Nick has a call in to the FBI. He tells them that he has the feeling that Victoria’s half brother is ready to hang his own portrait in Victor’s office though.

Neil goes over to Lily and Cane’s house and knocks on the door. A delivery man comes up and Neil signs for the letter he has. He dials Lily’s number but gets her voice mail so he hangs up. He slides the letter under the doorway and then he leaves.

Cane and Lily are in the room with Cloe when the doctor comes in. Cloe tells the doctor that Cane is the father. The doctor tells him that Cloe is better, the bleeding has slowed down and they are doing fine. Cane tells the doctor he is not the baby’s father. He tells him Cloe is delusional and advises him to keep an eye on her. Cloe tells the doctor that Cane sleeps around and he even got Lily pregnant one time. Cane says God help this baby to have a mother like Cloe and he and Lily walk out.

Michael and Nikki talk about possible places Victor could be. He says they have ruled out the chateau in France and they have someone checking out the farm in Kansas. Nikki tells Michael she has no doubt in her mind that they will find him.

Lily and Cane go to Crimson Lights and she admires the design Amber is sketching. She tries to warn Amber about Cloe. She says Cloe is good at making people feel sorry for her. She tells Amber that she is sorry about her and Daniel. She says they seemed good together. Amber says well bad news travels fast. She says that dating your best friend isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Amber offers to design Lily’s wedding gown but Lily says she is going to be wearing a Forrester gown.  When Lily and Cane leave Amber whispers that they seem really happy together.

Michael and Nick talk to the FBI at the ranch. Nick says the two things that concerns him is that his father left behind his epilepsy medicine and he needs to take it every day. The other thing would be that they are worries since David Chow was connected with the Mob.

Victoria calls Nikki to come in and watch the news to watch a press conference that Adam was holding. Nikki asks if she knew anything about this. Victoria says she has to go and asks her to watch the baby as she runs out.

Neil asks Adam to at least wait 30 more minutes to hold this press conference. Adam says the reporters are there already waiting on him. He informs the reporters that he is now going by his birth name, Victor Adam Newman.

When Cane and Lily get home he finally gets the chance to tell her about his mother’s wedding gift to them,. He tells her she is going to make him CEO of Jabot. She jumps in his arms and says they need to celebrate. When she starts going through their mail she frowns when she sees the letter with the DNA results.

The FBI agents tell Nick they will have the house watched 24/7 and put a tap on the phone with his consent. They say it is imperative that they don’t go to the press because if this is a kidnapping, it could put Victor’s life in jeopardy. Nick says he better call Neil right now to see if they can stop it.

Adam starts the press conference. When they start asking a load of questions Neil gets the call from Nick so he stops the press conference. Victoria walks in and the reporters flood her with questions. Neil sends them all away and Victoria goes in the room where Adam is. She accuses him of not giving a damn about their father. He disagrees with her and apparently so does Victor otherwise she would have been the one at that podium. Victoria slaps Adam across the face and tells him God help him if something happens to her father.

Nikki is alone and she has a glass of alcohol in her hand and she starts shaking. She takes a deep breath and then goes to the door and empties the glass into the plants outside. Her knuckles get white as she clutches the empty glass while shaking.

Victor is eating peanuts when he takes out a phone and makes a call. He doesn’t say anything except for “I’m here”

Lily hands Cane the letter. They sit down and he opens it. The letter claims he can NOT be excluded, his DNA is in the matching group. Lily takes the letter and reads it. She starts to leave the house but finds Cloe standing at the door. Cloe snickers that she must have gotten the results and it shows that Cane is the father. Lily doesn’t say anything she just runs past her with Cane running out after her.

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