Sharon tries a ring on from the jewelry store that Nick bought Phyllis’s ring from. The salesman tells her he just sold that very same ring to a man that was renewing his vows with his wife and he asks how romantic can that be, right. Sharon thinks back to Nick just as thunder and lightening strikes. The salesman asks her if she is OK. She suddenly runs out of the store and the salesman yells out for her to stop and then the security is running after her.

Victoria finds Nick awake when she goes over there. They both drink beer toasting to Paul and Nikki. Nick says he is so happy that she is marrying a great guy and hopefully she will stick to him this time. They drink to sticking together. Victoria says JT’s parents have been married for 35 years. She remarks how she can imagine being married to the same person for that long. Nick says he hears that it does happen and she says yeah just not to their parents.

Ashley says she just doesn’t know where she stands with Victor anymore. He says he loves her but his actions speak differently. He says he loves her very much and their baby as well. She says but he hurt her and her family. She tells him what he did to Colleen was so cruel. She tells him he betrays manipulates and humiliates her. She tells him he plays games with her life, her career and reputation. She says you don’t do that to people you love. He tells her that surely there must be something he can do. He never meant to hurt her, it was only business. He says there must be something he can do to fix this.

Paul looks at Nikki in shock and asks her if this is a joke. With tears in her eyes she tells him she loves him. He is a dear friend who has always been there for her and she knows he loves her unconditionally. He asks if that is why she doesn’t want to marry him. She tells him it isn’t enough. She says he needs someone who will marry him that will love him with their heart and soul which she just can’t do. She tells him he would be settling for second best. He tells her that being her husband wouldn’t be settling, it is what he has wanted. In fact he wants to marry her more than anything but only if she wants to. He says they can just postpone the wedding. She says she is sorry but it isn’t fair. She slips the ring off her finger but he asks her to keep it but she puts it down on the pew divider. She says she is going to leave town for a while because she needs time to think about what she wants. She says she should have done this a long time ago. She tells him she wrote him a note and she asks him not to read it until later. He agrees to taking care of making the announcement to everyone. He tells her to call him if she needs anything. He tells her he still loves her. He looks at her and says it’s not going to happen, is it? He says not as long as someone is looming over us. She tells him she has to deal with that too. She tells him to take care as she leaves. Paul sits there and loosens his tie as he starts to read the note and looks surprised at what he reads.

Victor tells Ashley he doesn’t want this situation to drive a wedge between them. He tells her she has been upset all the time lately. He says maybe they can just discuss this when things calm down. She says that is a good idea because she just can’t handle anything else tonight. She says she will just take a sedative that the doctor gave her that won’t hurt the baby and forget this horrible day. Victor says he will be up soon and she says no. He says ok then he will just sleep in the guest room as he tells her good night. When he is alone he pours himself a drink. He looks up and sees Nikki and he asks as she walks in what the hell is she doing there.

The security guard catches Sharon in the parking lot and he pulls her back in to the store. She tells him he is hurting her arm and asks what the problem is. The salesman tells her she ran out the store wearing the ring. She denies it but he tells her to look at her hand. When she says Oh My Gosh! She tells him it was an accident and then says the father of her baby doesn’t want to marry her. She says she had a panic attack. She swears she would have brought it back. She isn’t a thief but he tells her she can explain that to the police who are on the way.

Victoria says she thinks she has been following in her Mom’s footsteps and she doesn’t mean that to be in a good way. She names off her husbands… Ryan, Cole, Brad and now JT. She says she can’t help but wonder if their Mom and Dad will ever really be over each other. Nick thinks his Mom has a good chance though with Paul. He says they have a good friendship, it’s a good foundation to build from. He says besides Victor and Ashley are doing well. Nick would like to believe that they are both with the people they belong with.

Sabrina rudely interrupts Ashley’s nap. At the same time Victor is being rude to Nikki for appearing there out of the blue. She tells him she can’t help but still feel like it is her house and she is still married to him. He asks if she has been drinking. She tells him no, she is stone cold sober and thinking clearer that she has in years. . Adam comes down and listens as Nikki tells Victor his three favorite words are ‘you were right’. She tells him she called off her wedding because she realized she is in love with someone else. She says she has only ever loved one man her with her entire soul and that man is him. She says it doesn’t matter how many other women he marries or how many children he might bring into this world. She tells him that deep in his heart he knows he will never love another woman like her.

Paul called Heather and when she gets there he thanks her for coming. She asks if he is ok and he says no, the wedding has been called off and Nikki is gone. She says My God! She is so sorry. He says but that isn’t why he called her. He tells her he needs to talk to her about Adam.

Nikki says she knows Victor doesn’t want to hear this. She says she isn’t there to beg him to take her back, in fact she has a taxi waiting for her. She says that at least he doesn’t hate her or want her dead. She takes a lot of comfort in that and the incredible moments that they have shared. Victor will never forget about them either but he is married to Ashley now and she is expecting his baby. Nikki says she knows that but she feels she has got to share this with him no matter how wrong or inconvenient they are. She says when she thought she would never see him again last summer she didn’t want to go on living without him. She says she sent her worse enemy to find Victor knowing Ashley would be the one to get through to him. She says she has him now. She admits it was a risk but she had to do it to bring him home and to save him. She says no one can ever love him the way she has. She says that is all she came to say and then says good bye.

Adam is amazed that Nikki is leaving but wonders for how long. Nikki asks Victor to please tell the kids that she will call them. He tells her his life is difficult right now. She doesn’t want him to worry about her because she is prepared to live her life without him but she won’t lie about how she feels anymore and she won’t pretend they don’t love each other. When she leaves Victor runs his hand over his face. He is shocked at what just happened. Outside the cab has gone so Nikki calls and asks where it is. She says she will meet the one they are sending back to her outside the security gate. She puts her hood over her head and walks towards the gate in the rain.

Ashley looks for Sabrina. When she sees her she is holding a baby. Ashley asks if that is her baby. Sabrina says no, it is hers and says Ashley’s baby is gone. Ashley tells her to leave and get out of her home. Sabrina tells her this will never be her home. She tells Ashley she is the one Victor loves and he is hers forever. She tells Ashley Victor is coming back to her and he is on his way now. Ashley wakes up in a panic as she says she can’t have him.

Victor is downstairs thinking about Nikki’s visit. As Adam watches as Victor stands outside on the front porch with his hands on his hips and looks out into the rain.

Ashley comes running downstairs and asks Adam where Victor is. She has to find him before he goes back to Sabrina. She grabs her keys and runs out the door while Adam warns her about there being a bad storm out there. He looks so happy that his plan is finally starting to work, right over the edge he says with a smile.

Paul is still at the chapel and Victor walks in. Then we see Nikki walking in the rain as she remembers when Victor pretended he worked for Colonel Austin and then he admitted to her being the young wide eyed naïve girl that she was, that he was Victor Newman.

Nick opens another beer when he asks how Victoria and JT are doing. She tells him they don’t agree on anything anymore, they actually seem to annoy each other. Nick says he will share a secret with her. He tells her to choose to be happy and be grateful for what you have. He tells her she never knows when someone will call her and tells her that he kid is in a comma. He says Summer’s crisis was a wake up call for him. He says marriage is tough but you gotta work on it. He says he was ready to throw his away. She says yeah but for a woman that he has loved forever and that he still loves. He says but he loves Phyllis too and he is where he belongs now. He says next time he forgets to please hit him in the face. She agrees.

Sharon convinces the salesman and the guard that she isn’t a thief. She tells them they have been so kind. When the cops arrive the salesman tells them it was all just a misunderstanding. When the cops see Sharon they remark that they see she is at it again. . The salesman is shocked and he says to think he almost fell for her sad story. Even though she begs them to believe her the salesman tells them he wants them to arrest her.

When Adam answers the door he finds Heather standing there in a fury. She screams out at him that he is gay! He asks what the hell? She tells him not to dare lie to her. And she asks again if he is gay. He says how she can even ask him that all the times they have been together. She says he could swing both ways. She holds Nikki’s note up saying how she saw Adam kissing Rafe. She asks how could she possibly misread anything and why would Nikki lie to her. She says Oh my God, Nikki did try to warn her and so did Rafe but she wouldn’t listen. She says Rafe is one of the most honest persons she knows so she starts to call Rafe but Adam stops her. He tells her he can explain. He admits that yes something did happen but it was a mistake. It was an experiment and it will never happen again. He swears he is not homosexual or bi. He says he loves her and he wants to marry her. He says what happened between him and Rafe means nothing to him. She yells at him that he cheated on her and with another man at that. She says talk about a red flag! She says she thanks God she found out now. When he reaches for her she backs up and tells him not to touch her. She never wants to see his face again and she runs out the door. When she is gone Adam yells “Damn you Nikki!”

Sharon offers to pay the salesman whatever he wants for the ring but she is placed under arrest and cuffed. She is read her rights.

Paul tells Victor he doesn’t know where Nikki went. He says she left town because she can’t get over him. He says she just can’t seem to move on. He asks Victor why he won’t let her go. He says they can’t get each other out of each other’s systems yet that can’t ever make it work even though they keep going back for more. He says he doesn’t have a clue where Nikki is going. He says she will be gone for a long time though. He says she left them both and they may just never see her again. Paul tells Victor he is ready to call an end to this long night. Paul says he just lost a woman that he truly loves but invites Victor to be his guest if he wants to go track Nikki down.

As Nikki continues in the rain walking to the gate Ashley is speeding down the road. Back at the chapel Victor looks at Jesus on the wall. He says, “Lord if you are listening, I know you know the truth. Deep in my heart I still love Nikki. I wish I didn’t but I do, I just do.” Then as Ashley is driving at an excess speed down the road the rain is so hard that the wipers can barely keep the windshield cleared as Ashley can barely see a figure in a raincoat. She thinks it is Sabrina. Nikki’s eyes get big as the headlights shine in her scared face.

Jan Barrett

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