At the ranch Paul, JT and Nick worry that Victor might have been kidnapped but agree there has been no ransom calls. Adam is still against calling the FBI saying it would be bad for Newman. He says he has taken over control at Newman but Neil steps in and tells him that Victor left him in charge right after Sabrina passed away. Nick scolds Adam for worrying about the company more than their father, saying he could be lying around somewhere hurt. Nick tells Paul they have until the end of the day. If they haven’t made any progress by then, all bets are off.

Jack and Sharon are proud of the sales of the magazine saying the advertisers are just lining up for more. Jack says they need a killer story to beat the Sabrina expose.

Cane goes to Jabot and tells Jill that he finally asked Lily to marry him and she said yes. Jill is happy to hear that and she says she has the perfect wedding gift for him. She wants to make him CEO of Jabot.

Neil and Adam disagree on a business deal for Newman. Neil notices that Adam gives orders to Estella giving her instructions for what he expects for dinner, and then informs her that Heather will be joining him. Neil tells him he can see Victor’s disappearance hasn’t interfered with his social life. Lily calls Neil and he tells her they do need to talk so he tells her he will meet her at the house. He thinks back to hearing the news that Cloe is pregnant.

Nick tells Phyllis about him and Adam getting into it again. She says Adam is an idiot and she thinks they should call and report Victor missing. Brad joins them after Nick called him to talk. Nick didn’t want to talk to him in front of Jack. They have a proposition for him. He says he wants to buy Jack out but he doesn’t have the money but he tells Brad he does. He asks him how he would like to be a part owner of Restless Style.

Jack and Sharon watch the news when Heather holds a press conference announcing the Ji Min Kim case is now closed. When Jack turns the TV off he tells Sharon this would make a story that would make the Sabrina article look like Mary Poppins. Sharon thinks it would definitely sell a lot of magazines but she said it would involve people that they both care about. Jack admits that it would even include himself. He reminds her that David Chow also conned him. Sharon says but Nick would be furious and they don’t want another Sabrina fiasco. She says there is one way they can make this work. She says they would definitely need Nikki’s cooperation.

Nikki thinks Victor has gone off to deal with Sabrina’s death. She tells Paul she knows how good he is but if Victor doesn’t want to be found then he won’t be. Paul tells her to stop beating herself up over all this. He thinks she needs to go back to work but she says that is not an option. She says she just told Katherine she is resigning. Paul says to tell Katherine she has changed her mind but Nikki says she is tired of fighting. She says she does need to find something to keep her mind busy though just not at Jabot.

Brad tells Nick and Phyllis that he is in the middle of something at Jabot so he can’t be distracted by another deal. He tells them he will have to pass. Phyllis asks him if he is going after the job of CEO at Jabot. Nick says well Brad wasn’t interested so, so much for his idea.

Cane asks Jill if she is serious and she tells him she doesn’t know exactly when it will happen but she can make it happen as soon as she gets things settled over this David Chow thing. He tells her most mother’s give their sons a blender as a wedding gift. She says she wants to make Jabot a family run business like it use to be. He promises to prove he is a Chancellor through and through and make everyone proud.

Jack goes to talk to Nikki about his idea for a story for the next issue in the magazine. She asks him if this is some sort of a sick joke. Nikki throws a fit with him. She asks him what bizarre planet would she want to share all of this with millions of people. She scolds him for wanting to use her heartbreak to sell his magazine. Jack tells her this is not a sick joke and he vows to do this with or without her. She asks him if he has heard from Victor. He says no, why is something wrong. She tells him that Victor is missing and Jack is surprised to hear this.

Paul says he is having Victor’s cell phone tracked. They still try to figure if Victor left on his own or was he forced to go. JT tells Paul the last time he saw Victor he looked beat. Paul says there is no telling what Victor would do in his state of mind. He gets a call and is told that Victor’s cell phone is still in Genoa City. With the directions they get they figure out it is at the cemetery where Sabrina is buried. They both take off to the cemetery.

Brad asks the receptionist if Jill is in. she tells him he is in there with her son Cane. He asks how long they have been in there. She says for a while. Cane comes out so Brad goes in and asks Jill when she is going to make him CEO. She tells him when the time is right. He asks if she wouldn’t mind putting that in writing. She says actually she would, saying she is kind of busy right now.

Lily sits and admires her ring thinking about when Cane asked her to marry him. Neil arrives and before he gets inside good she tells him that she and Cane are getting married. Neil stops her and asks her to sit down and listen to him for a minute. He tells her that last night he heard that her friend Cloe was pregnant with Cane’s baby. Before Lily can say anything Cane comes bursting in wanting to tell her the news about his mother’s gift but is surprised to see Neil there. Neil comes right out and asks Cane if it is true that Cloe is carrying his baby.

While still sitting at Crimson Lights Phyllis says Nick is drinking like his 10th cup of coffee. He says he just hates going back to Restless Style. He says he feels like he should be doing more to find his father. Phyllis tells him she has an idea on how to beat Jack at his own games. Just as she is about to tell him what it is Nikki calls Nick and tells him about what Jack is up to. Nikki tells him he has got to stop him. Nick gets mad and says he will stop that son of a bitch. He tells Phyllis he is going to kick Jack’s ass.

Heather goes out to the ranch and Adam hugs her saying it is really good to see her. She tells him it is good to be back in the DA’s office. She says he seems distracted. He tells her to sit down but she has to promise not to tell anyone. He tells her about Victor missing. He says either he has been so slammed by Sabrina’s death or… Heather completes the sentence by saying or someone might have taken him. Adam says he is the only one that has been living with him and Sabrina for the past few months. He says Victor is a good man and he treated Sabrina like a princess. He says he has done this before. He says that when his mom died Victor took off and went there without telling anyone here.

Paul and JT are at the cemetery. JT dials Victor’s number and they can hear it ringing. They say it sounds like the phone is buried.

Lily and Cane explain to Neil what happened. He can’t be the father because he never had sex with Cloe. Cane says he got drunk but nothing happened. He says it isn’t possible. Cane tells him no matter how drunk he would be he would never cheat on Lily. They talk about them insisting that they have a DNA test done. Cane gets a call from the hospital saying they have Cloe there with complications with her pregnancy. He says Cloe listed him as the father of the baby and that is why they have called him. Lily sits back and says that girl just doesn’t give up.

Jack goes back to Restless Style and tells Sharon that Nikki told him to go to hell. Sharon understands Nikki’s feelings. Jack thinks they should go ahead with the story though. He tells her Victor has disappeared. Nick comes in lurching towards Jack calling him a son of a bitch. He tells him he won’t let him get away with this. Phyllis asks him what David Chow has to do with fashion anyway. Nick tells him he will inspect every page that comes off the press if he has to, to keep Jack from doing this.

Brad asks the receptionist when he sees Jill leave what files were pulled for Cane. Brad gets suspicious and then he calls Jack telling him and Sharon he wants to talk to him without Nick and Phyllis. He meets them at Crimson Lights and asks them how they would like to do a hot expose on Jill Abbott. He tells them that she knew all about David Chow’s gambling problem before it was made public. He tells them she planned to use that to get  Nikki and David away from Jabot. Jack tells him to sit down and tell them more, with a big smile on his face.

JT fills Nick and Phyllis in on them finding Victor’s cell phone. Meanwhile Paul goes to see Nikki telling her they found Victor’s phone and his epilepsy medicine saying it was buried at Sabrina’s grave site. Nikki says OMG. Paul tries to calm her down telling her they are doing everything they can. Nikki begs Paul not to give up. He promises her he won’t.

The next scene is in a bar somewhere and it shows Victor sitting there wearing his baseball cap and he orders a shot of tequila. He downs it and then orders another one.

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