Everyone gathers together at the chapel for the wedding rehearsal. Katherine says Murphy had to MC at the lodge and then she is introduced again to Father Todd. Nikki shows everyone her new necklace that Paul gave her. Nikki tells Todd that Heather’s boyfriend won’t be able to make the rehearsal or the wedding. Mary can’t make it tonight but she is saving herself for tomorrow although Todd says he is having dinner with her tonight. Nick says Phyllis is with the sitter but will meet them at the club and so will Murphy according to Katherine. Father Todd leads all that are in the wedding party down the aisle when Nick says he is happy that this time his Mom will live happily ever after.

Phyllis sees Sharon at the coffee shop and tells her where Nick bought her new ring. She says she is off to the club for Nikki and Paul’s wedding rehearsal. Sharon remarks how there have been a lot of ceremonies in the Newman family lately. Phyllis laughs and says it must be something in the water, adding that it is all crazy.

Ashley says she is too wound up to sleep but she doesn’t want to talk about what has her so upset. She tells Victor he won’t be able to charm his way out of this situation. She tells him she will never forget the way he manipulated her family behind her back. Victor goes off for something to eat but says when he comes back they have to talk about this saying this just can’t go on.

Lily is at Neil’s apartment after they released her from the hospital. Tyra helps lead her to the sofa because Lily doesn’t want to go to her bedroom. She says once she starts her chemo she will be spending a lot of time in bed. Tyra goes to get her a pillow and a blanket while Neil tells Lily he has stocked up on magazines and stocked the refrigerator. He asks if there is anything else she needs. She says yeah, she needs to see Cane. He tells her it is too soon for company. She reminds him that Cane isn’t company, he is her husband. Tyra agrees with her saying also he is the one that convinced Lily to have her surgery. Lily calls Cane and asks him to come over. He doesn’t hesitate, he says he is on his way.

When Phyllis comes in at the rehearsal Nick tells everyone this it the first night that they have been away from Summer since they brought her home from the hospital. She says the sitter is letting Summer and Reed stay up late and eat ice cream. Victoria says that is news to her and is quite upset when she hears that JT said it was ok. The rehearsal is over and they all applaud the bride and groom when they kiss. Paul tells Nikki he can’t wait until she becomes Mrs. Paul Williams. When he hugs her Nikki’s face looks worried.

Victor tells Ashley they need to clear the air. She doesn’t want to saying it is not good for the baby and with Zapato dying she doesn’t want to make the day any worse. Ashley refuses to talk and when she sees Sabrina appear again she tries not to let Victor see her reaction. Sabrina tells her poor Zapato. She asks Ashley what did she expect since this ranch is a death trap. When Victor sees the look on Ashley’s face her asks her what is the matter.

Neil stands at the door and just looks at Cane when he arrives but then lets him in. Cane says he knows Lily was released from the hospital because Tyra has been keeping him up to date on it. He says plus the hospital has been keeping him informed since he and Lily are still technically married. He sees Lily and tells her she looks so beautiful but she sarcastically says yeah she is a vision. Neil goes off with Tyra so Lily can have some time with Cane after Cane promises not to overstay his welcome.

When Murphy arrives at the club he tells everyone it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow and they all have their own opinion as to whether that is a good or bad thing. Katherine doesn’t think it matters. She says one makes one’s own future. Sharon is sitting at a nearby table and she overhears everyone talking so she buries her face into the menu.

Cane tells Lily he wanted to come before now but he didn’t want to upset Neil and Devon which would only upset her more. She tells him she thought he had left town. He tells her he understands that she lost all her trust in him and then when a delivery comes in with a gift basket he accepts it for her. He tells her he ordered it for her before he knew she’d want to see him. Neil questions Tyra about her keeping Cane up to date on things with Lily. She tells him that Cane played a big role in Lily having surgery and he deserved to know what was going on. Neil tells her that wasn’t her call to make though. He says he is worried Cane will mess with Lily’s head and after struggling with Cane’s betrayal and her having cancer and a hysterectomy the odds aren’t in her favor. Tyra tells him she is going to beat this she is sure of it. Neil says Lily is going to need nothing but positive energy to fight this. He tells her the day will come with she is reminded of the future which was ruined by Cane’s lies and the cancer. He asks how any of that can be good for Lily now or in her future.

Ashley says she appreciates Victor wanting to take care of her but she doesn’t know what to tell him. He tells her things use to be so easy between them. She tells him she isn’t the one who ruined that. When Victor goes to get a cup of tea Sabrina appears again telling Ashley she knows a little secret about her baby.

Nick proposes a toast saying people fall in love every day but to fall in love with someone again is special as he should know. Sharon looks broken hearted as she listens. Nick talks about how long Nikki and Paul have been friends and this time his mother had picked someone who will treat her like the treasure she is. When he starts talking about trust, JT and Victoria are uncomfortable and the Sharon has had enough so she leaves. Nick speaks very highly of Paul. He says he knows what it is like when someone stands by you, which is what true love is. They all toast to Nikki and Paul’s long and happy life.

Once everyone starts to leave Heather stays behind to tell Paul she has never seen him so happy. Katherine talks to Nikki and tells her she was wrong before. She says Nikki wasn’t the one stuck in the past. She tells her about her talk with Jill and how she admitted that she isn’t so sure anymore that she really loves Phillip as much as she thought she did. Nikki is shocked because Katherine has always said Phillip was always the love of her life. Katherine says since she married Murphy she realizes she is where she is supposed to be and with whom she is supposed to be. She asks if Nikki understands what she means. She tells Nikki that she and Paul belong together. She congratulates Nikki as she hugs her. She tells her the future will hold everything she ever dreamed of.

JT tells Victoria the evening was fun. When he sees Victoria isn’t happy he asks what he did now. She complains about him saying it was OK that Reed stays up late and eats ice cream. She asks didn’t they agree to a schedule. He tells her to give him a break, it is only a one time thing. He says he will take care of Reed in the morning while she is getting ready for the wedding. She tells him that is not the point.  He says he gets the point that she is going crazy when she doesn’t have control over everything.

Neil says he knows Tyra meant well and she only wanted to help. He tells her she tried too hard. He says she didn’t have to go with him to pick Lily up. She tells him she just can’t win with him can she. She was trying to be supportive but that doesn’t work for him either. She tells him she overheard him talking to Dru telling her he can’t get through this without her. He asks if she thinks it is strange that he talks to his dead wife. She says it isn’t strange to be talking to his dead wife but she is gone now yet Tyra is here. She only wants to help him. She point blank asks him if he wants to be with her or not. He tells her he is worried about his baby girl dying and he doesn’t need nor have the energy to figure out where this relationship is going right now. She shakes her head and says she guesses she got her answer.

Lily loves the gift basket full of things. She reads part of the romance novel in the basket. He tells her he went online to chat rooms to find out what people in similar situations found useful in getting through. She thinks that is so sweet of him. He explains some of the items saying the eye drops to help relieve dryness that the chemo can cause. He has hand lotion to help fight germs, peppermint and ginger to help in case her tummy gets upset, baby shampoo, and a lint roller in case her hair falls out. He apologizes saying maybe it is too much too soon, saying it is a lot to digest. He tells her she looks tired. She says she is tired. He says he will call Neil and then take off. Lily asks him to please don’t  go, not yet.

When Nick and Phyllis get home Nick puts Summer to bed. Phyllis looks through some photos of Summer. She admits to Nick that she ran into Sharon. She tells him it was nice and civil and no one had to call the cops. She says it was kind of boring which Nick thinks is good. She walks over to him to assure him that boring is something they will never be as she kisses him.

Sharon is in a jewelry store looks at the baubles behind a glass case. She asks the salesman to let her see a particular one please.

Paul and Nikki go back to the Chapel to look for the list she can’t find. He tells her while they are they that he has something to say to her. He says he knows it is hard for her to trust someone after David and to love someone after Victor, but he is very happy that she chose him. He tells her he loves her and he has always been in love with her. When they hug she still has that same confused look on her face.

Ashley gets irritated with Victor as she stands and asks him to please not ask her again if she is ok. She is still seeing Sabrina who asks her how Victor can say he loves her after stabbing her and her family in the back that way. Victor asks hasn’t she even heard a word he said to her. She tells him she needs him to tell the truth. She says Sabrina was a wonderful woman and she was carrying his child. When he lost her he was lost and alone. She wonders if they would have ended up together if she hadn’t have been the one looking for him. She says she thought it was destiny and it was meant to be. She asks was she kidding herself. She asks if she will always be a consolation prize to him. He denies thinking of her as a consolation prize and he has loved her for years. She tells him he loves her all the time. She thinks that is just words. She wants him to tell her who she is to him.

Nick gladly tells Phyllis that she takes boring to a whole new level as they start kissing. Then we see Sharon admiring a ring on her finger. Then on the patio at the coffee shop we see Tyra pulling away from Neil and running out. Cane, Lily and Humphrey snuggle together on the sofa. Murphy and Katherine kiss and smile at each other. Victoria and JT sit away from each other as she drinks the rest of the wine in her glass and he sips on his tea. Victor reaches out for Ashley but she walks away from him. Back in the Chapel Nikki blurts out Paul’s name. She looks devastated as she tells him she is so sorry but she can’t marry him. He looks devastated as the tears start rolling down her saddened face.

Jan Barrett

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