Everyone is trying to track down Victor but no one can find him. They have no clue where he could have gone. Adam comes in and says there were no messages left by Victor at the office. Paul tells everyone he may have found something and everyone goes running towards him.

Katherine tells Nikki about Victor not showing up at the services. She says he cancelled the service and had a private funeral for her that morning. Nikki says he must be hurting more than she thought. Katherine asks Nikki if she fell off the wagon last night.

Lily is on her laptop finding out ways to get a DNA test done when Cloe sees the size of the needle used. She says she is not going to do this. Lily tells her there are other ways of doing a DNA tests. Cloe says she isn’t doing it but Lily insists that she is.

Michael and Kevin get to the jail where Lowell is. Kevin calms Michael down when the guard tells them they won’t have much time to talk to him. Kevin tells Michael he has to do this. The cop comes out and tells Michael it is time. Kevin tells him it is now or never as Michael heads to the back.

Paul shows everyone that Victor’s safe is empty and open. They come to the conclusion that perhaps since this case all involves the mob and the accident was a hit. Paul wonders if maybe Victor has been kidnapped.

Neil goes to see Cane. Cane tells him that it wasn’t the right time to propose to Lily with all that happened. Neil takes that as an excuse and leaves. Cane finds a number he can call for a home DNA test.

Nikki tells Katherine that she did get an urge to take a drink but she didn’t. She says instead she took David’s ashes and found the perfect spot for them. She tells her she put them in a nice pile of manure.

Michael talks to Lowell. Michael asks him if he knows who he is. He tells Michael that he is guessing that he is his son. They talk about he tells Michael he wishes he could have been around when he was growing up. Michael says he wishes that too. Lowell is happy to hear that Michael has a family. He gets Michael to talk about Gloria. After they talk Michael grabs Lowell’s handcuffs and the guard tells him no contact with the prisoner. Michael tells him he doesn’t know who the hell he is but he wants to know what he did with his father.

Cane tells Cloe that someone is coming over to get DNA samples. She asks Cane how he could be so mean to the mother of his child. He says it will show she is a big liar and she just grins. The man comes to get the DNA samples from Cloe. She says no needles but he says he has to use one. He tells Lily the test is 100% exclusion, 99% paternity and they will have the results in a few days. Cane asks if he is sure the results can not be tampered with. When the man leaves Cloe says she is insulted by their implications and assures them she has no doubt that Cane is the father of her baby. Lily throws her out as Cloe laughs.

Jana goes to the ranch and is surprised that Victor isn’t home. She leaves and goes to Sabrina’s grave with flowers. Victoria and JT find the unmarked grave. Jana tells Victoria that Sabrina love her. Victoria thanks her for being Sabrina’s friend. When Jana walks off Victoria sits and talks to Sabrina saying how sorry she is for how she treated her.

Meanwhile Paul tells Neil that Victor could be in danger. Victoria wonders if her father did something to himself. Neil and Nick both say that Victor would never commit suicide.

Nick wonders if they should call the FBI. Adam says if they do that then the media would find out and that would hurt Newman Enterprises, and he says it would be kind of like the article from Nick’s magazine. Adam accuses Nick of being upset because he has replaced him. He says because he is cut out of their father’s will. Nick asks what? Adam is surprised that Nick didn’t know. He tells Adam that he doesn’t care about the money. Nick tells him that unlike him, their father always put family first. Adam tells him he is family and they start fighting. Neil and Paul break up the fight. When Victoria and JT get back they are told about Nick and Adam’s fight. Victoria apologizes to Nick for not telling him about the will. JT asks if there was any word on Victor and they say no. Victoria says she needs to check on their Mom so she and Nick leave. Paul thinks that Victor might be out for revenge saying with the condition he is in now he is capable of anything.

Nikki tells Katherine that she knows she has put her and Jill in a bad position. She says maybe she should step down as CEO. Katherine doesn’t think that is a good idea. Nikki tells her she needs to resign though so Katherine finally accepts it and hugs her.

Lowell tells Michael he just went along with Lowell to switch identities because they looked alike. He says the last time he saw him was 15 years ago. He said the real Lowell is now going by the name of Richard Gerick. A cop comes up telling Lowell his prints don’t match to Lowell’s and he wants to know what is going on. Michael tells the cop he is the real Lowell’s son and he is an attorney and asks for a few more minutes to question the prisoner. The cop gives him a few more minutes then he says he is his.

Michael asks what his father was like. The guy says he was a genius, especially with numbers and science. He tells Michael he had no idea Lowell’s kid would chase him down one day. When Michael starts to walk off he tells him that his father talked about him and he asks if that is something. Mike looks back in tears and says not nearly enough and then he walks out.

Adam tells Neil that he plans to take over his father’s company while he is gone. Neil asks him to run that by him again. He tells Neil that he is a most loyal employee at Newman buit he is not a Newman. He says he will run Newman Enterprises and accept responsibility for whatever this decision brings and he leaves.

Cloe finds Jana on the laptop making wedding plans. Cloe tells her she is getting married soon too. She says with the little booger on the way it is the only thing to do. Jana asks what Lily has to say about that. Cloe smiles and says they don’t know yet but once the tests prove Cane is the father they will.

Cane and Lily sit on the floor eating Chinese food in their house. Cane tells Lily that the other day at the gala he wanted to ask her something. She asks him what he wanted to say to her. He hands her a fortune cookie and when she cracks it open she finds a ring. Cane looks at her and asks her to marry him. She laughs and says OMG and then she hugs him. He says he takes that as a yes. She smiles and says yes and they kiss again.

Kevin tells Michael he is so sorry it didn’t work out for him. He tells Michael that Paul called and said that Victor is missing. Kevin tells him this trip wasn’t a waste of time at least. He says now he searches for Richard Gerick. Michael says but now they are looking for a genius, a high functioning sociopath.

Jana can’t believe how calm Neil is. She tells him she just heard the news that Cloe was pregnant and that Cane is the father of the baby. Then he tells her he has to go.

Nick and JT and Victoria tell Nikki that Victor has disappeared. Katherine says he has done this before and that this is how he handles things. Nikki gets her phone and dials Victor’s number and she gets no answer and you see Sabrina’s grave and can hear the phone ringing.

Jan Barrett

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