JT and Victoria are ready for the service when Nick and Phyllis walk in. Nikki is still in her robe and she tells Nick to focus on his father and sister. Paul calls JT and JT says he hasn’t told Nikki about the news about finding the body.

Adam tells Victor morning. He says it is almost time for the funeral. He tells Victor about them finding Skye’s body and how they think David Chow murdered her. Victor tells him how sorry he is to hear that. Adam says he thinks now he understands what he is going through. Victor says ok and walks out.

Katherine goes to the chapel and talks to God. She says she has been around for some time and she has seen a lot of people leave this earth. She says too many that are much too young to go. She asks God why does he take the young ones, the ones that have their whole lives ahead of them and then someone like her he leaves here. She says to take Sabrina and the way he took her in her book was cruel. She promises God they are going to have to sit down and have a long talk about this.

Michael and Lauren ask Jana if she is ready to go and she says she doesn’t think she will ever be ready. Paul walks in and tells Michael about a Lowell Baldwin arrested for petty larceny and asks if he thinks it could be his father. Michael says it could be.

Daniel shows Jana the sketch that Sabrina commissioned him to draw of her as a surprise for Victor. He asks if she thinks Victor will still want it. Jana says there is only one way to find out.

While Devon and Anna work on their music together Tyra is helping Neil with his tie. Anna tells Neil her Mom said he is going to a funeral. Anna says she is sorry that the nice lady from the gala died. Devon starts talking about going after ones dreams because you never know when it is all going to end. Karen walks in and frowns when she sees Tyra helping Neil with his tie.

Kevin isn’t surprised at all that Lowell is in jail. He asks Michael what he expected Paul to tell him, that Lowell won citizen of the year. Michael says why not. Lauren asks Michael if this means this is the end of the search or does Michael want to know more about his father. Michael says he knows where Lowell is now, so he says let’s just leave it at that.

Nick admits that he is considering selling out to Jack and Sharon. Phyllis tells him that he has lost his passion so what is even keeping him there. He says he doesn’t know, he will have to think about that. She says Jack is a dictator and Sharon agrees with everything he says. They both agree though that they are involved in something they both love.

Nikki offers to watch Reed for Victoria and JT but Victoria thinks she needs some time for herself and she tells Nikki to call them if she needs them. Nikki tells her to call her if she can’t handle being at the funeral or her father. Once they are gone Paul comes over and tells her it looks like she could use a friend.

Adam tells Victor he was told he hadn’t eaten and offers to fix him something but Victor says no thanks. Adam tells Victor he misses Sabrina too. Daniel comes in and tells Victor he is sorry to bother him but he thought he might want to see this. He hands him a large envelope and tells him Sabrina had commissioned him to do this sketch as a surprise for him. Victor thanks him and asks if he would kindly show himself out. Victor closes his laptop and leaves the room without even looking at the sketch.

Anna and Devon want Neil to listen to the song they wrote but Neil says they need to go. Karen tells them they can stay and listen. When they are done, Karen applauds them but Tyra says it won’t pay the rent though. Karen and Neil leave and Anna says how great Karen is.

Jill tells Katherine she needs to discuss business but Katherine doesn’t want to talk about it now. Brad walks in and Jill is surprised to see him there. He says he is there to pay his respects. He tells Jill this isn’t the time or place but they will talk later about this CEO position. Jill walks off.

Nick and Phyllis and Victoria and JT show up at the chapel. Victoria is worried about her father being all alone. Brad walks up and expresses his condolences and leaves. Nick tells Phyllis he has decided not to sell out to Jack. He says the magazine is just as much his as it is Jack’s. He says he is not giving up, especially not to Jack.

When Michael and Jana go off to check on the flowers Lauren and Kevin talk about Michael going to look for his father. She is worried that he will find something he doesn’t want to know.

Adam tells Victoria and JT and Nick and Phyllis about them finding Skye’s body. He tells them they carried her body out in individual bags. He blames Nikki for bringing that psychopath into their lives. When Nick defends his mother Adam tells him he is his mother’s son. He asks them that the hell is wrong with them. And why are they even there.

Paul is still with Nikki when he tells her about them finding Skye’s body and that it looks like David is the one that killed her. Someone knocks at the door and Paul answers it. He comes back carrying a box saying it is David’s ashes. Paul apologizes saying the funeral home was supposed to call and see what she wanted done with the ashes.

When everyone finds seats at the service a man named Kenneth goes over to Daniel saying he and Sabrina were friends and she showed him some of Daniels work. He tells Daniel he would like to discuss a showing of some of his work and gives Daniel his card to call him. Daniel thanks the man.

Lauren tells Michael he needs to go see his father. He tells her they will talk about it later.

Victoria asks Jill to please encourage her mom to go back to work. Jill tells her that David Chow is the one that caused all the turmoil in her mother’s life. Victoria asks her if she doesn’t want her mother to come back. Jill tells her no. Victoria says well if her mother doesn’t come back then neither is she. Jill smiles and says suit yourself and walks away.

Neil thanks Karen for coming with him. She says she is surprised he even wanted her there with him. He wonders why Tyra is in such a hurry to move out. Karen tells him that she suggested it. Nick walks up and asks if he has seen his father, saying he should be here by now. Neil asks Karen why she told Tyra that. She asks him what is he talking about, wasn’t the plan only for her to stay there temporarily. She says the question is why he is holding her back.

Adam tries calling Victor and so does Nick but neither gets an answer. The Reverend walks in and asks what is going on. He tells them that the funeral was cancelled by Mr. Newman and a private burial was performed this morning with only Victor there. Nick is surprised and he says they need to find his Dad now.

When they get back to the ranch Nick and Phyllis and JT and Victoria look all over for Victor and can’t find him. Adam tells them that Victor didn’t want them there. Nick says them fighting over this is not doing any good. Adam says it seems Victor doesn’t want to be found and even if he knew where he was he wouldn’t tell them. JT stops Nick from going after Adam and says Adam doesn’t know. Phyllis asks where Victor is and Nick wants to know what his Dad is up to.

Michael says he thinks he will go see his father after all. Kevin walks up and asks what they are talking about. Michael says he is thinking about making a road trip and asks him if he feels up to it. Kevin tells him yes he if in for it.

Paul brings Nikki cup of coffee and volunteers to stay until JT and Victoria get back. She tells him she doesn’t need him to baby-sit her. She tells him he has done enough already. She tells him she will just take a nap. He tells her to call if she needs anything and leaves. She glances over at the liquor bar and then grabs her hands in a prayer as she is about to cry.

When Neil and Karen get home Roxanne encourages Anna and Devon to sing what they have so far. When they are done Karen gets emotional and says it reminded her of a song her mother use to sing to her. When she tells Anna what the song was Anna says she knows it and offers to sing it for her. Karen starts with the tears as Anna sings.

When Michael is about to leave Kevin is there with him for support. Daniel looks at his business card and starts to call Amber but changes his mind. Adam looks at Skye’s picture on his phone and then finds the sketch of Sabrina. Katherine goes to Victoria’s and finds the Alcoholics Anonymous page open on the coffee table with the crucifix on top of it. Nikki goes out to the stables and crosses the yellow crime tape. She pours his ashes on top of a pile of horse manure and straw.

Victor is seen giving a ticket to a man and then getting on an old school bus wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap. When he sits down he thinks back to putting a rose on Sabrina’s grave and blowing her a kiss good bye.

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