When Mac comes in at Jimmy’s she finds Billy and Jack there. Billy isn’t as drunk as Jack is though. Billy have to carry Jack out and when they passed Mary Jane no one even noticed her standing there. Mac tells the bartender that it looks like they are going to have to order another case of Scotch. Katherine stops in before going to see Nikki. Mac seems surprised to hear that Nikki would be marrying someone other than Victor. She says she thought Nikki and Victor would always be together. Katherine says she thought so too.

Paul and Nikki are making last minute plans for their wedding. He says he is off to get his tuxedo and she says if she has time she will get the rings. The wedding is less than 48 hours away but Nikki doesn’t quite look so happy.

Lauren thinks the charges against Daniel will be dropped. She tells Michael that Daniel should cut Amber some slack saying she did make an enormous sacrifice for him. Michael says Daniel is looking at it as more of a betrayal.

Daniel goes home and finds Amber packing. When she heads for the door with a box of her things Daniel stops her saying to wait. Amber turns around looking like she is hoping he has changed his mind.

When the phone rings Chloe answers and then hands it to Chance. When he hangs up she assumes this means he is getting a life as in getting hit on and stuff. He asks if she wants to talk she tells him she’d love to talk about his call since waiting on Billy could take hours. Billy brings Jack home and dumps him on his sofa. He looks at Jack and says so this is what it’s like being the responsible one huh! He tells Jack he will be OK and then he leaves. Jack rolls over and he blinks his eyes as he says Sharon? He sees a fuzzy image standing over him but then he drops his head back down on the sofa cushions.

Daniel only stopped Amber to ask for his apartment key back. Amber fights getting the key off her key chain as she is practically in tears. She tells him she can’t believe they are breaking up over this. She reminds him again that she did this to protect him. He tells her it isn’t because of Deacon, he says it is just that he simply can’t handle it anymore.

Katherine asks Mac if she has seen much of Billy lately. She asks wasn’t that him she just saw in the parking lot. Mac tells her he left before her shift started. She changes the subject saying a package that Katherine signed for the other day was really for the shelter. Katherine asks if it was from a RV supply store. Katherine is still trying to find out if Mac is seeing Billy, although she is sure that she already knows the answer. She tells Mac that Billy bought Murphy’s trailer. Katherine reminds Mac that Billy is still married with a child. She tells her that she can live with whatever makes Mac happy but the question is can Mac live with herself. Mac looks like she is feeling really guilty and not sure what to do.

Chloe tells Chance that as far as she knows there has never been a Chancellor that has ever been interviewed to become a cop. Chance corrects her saying not a cop but a Detective and says he was in the military police force after all. Chloe says what she really needs about now is a truant officer for her husband who is 20 minutes late for his visitation time with Delia. Chance doesn’t understand Billy. He says he has a sweet, beautiful woman waiting for him so why spend any time somewhere else. Jill comes in asking where Billy is. When asked what Billy did now she snaps at them saying Billy threw her to the wolves, that’s what. Billy walks in just as she says that and he says he was just returning the favor.

Daniel tells Amber she has set herself a pattern about hiding things from him. He names off her criminal record and raising that kid in LA. He says she was pressuring him into marrying her and he doesn’t even know show she really is. She tells him it is really hard for her. She says it hurts being rejected all the time and it takes longer for her to trust someone. Daniel says well he has learned that he can’t trust her. He sits down and starts painting again as she closes the door behind her when she leaves. She stands outside the door and cries.

Katherine thinks this is not something Mac normally would do, saying it is out of character for her to be seeing a married man. Mac says she does feel bad for Chloe too but Chloe knew all along that Billy didn’t love her. Katherine says she isn’t worried about Chloe saying she will land on her feet. She says it is Mac she is worried about. She says true love can only come from living according to your own values. She says they all make accommodations and sacrifices for those they love but she begs Mac not to sacrifice herself.

Just as Billy starts to take Delia who is sleeping, Jill whines that Victor now wants her head. Billy explains to Chance and Chloe that Victor was Jill’s secret partner during the Jabot deal. He tells Jill not to worry, he only told Ashley, the board members and a few members of the press is all. Jill says great no one will hire her now. Billy tells her she can always go back to painting nails or doing what she does best, saying he is sure that even during the recession that there is still a lot of lonely old wealthy men looking for company. Jill is shocked and she tells Billy he must really hate her. Billy just shrugs his shoulders.

Mary Jane showers and is all fresh wearing only a robe. When she sits with Jack he whispers Sharon’s name saying he would know that perfume anywhere. Mary Jane starts to pull back but decides to say as she continues trying to seduce Jack as he whispers to Sharon not to stop.

Lauren congratulates Paul on his soon to be wedding. She says she is so happy for him. She says Nikki is a lucky woman but she has to ask how Victor is handling this. Paul says Victor wishes them well and has given them his blessing. Paul says Victor is a good guy and he doesn’t bother him. He says Victor will always be the great love of Nikki’s life but their relationship all leaves a path of destruction and pain. He smiles as he says Nikki is ready for something better, which is him.

Nikki sits there looking at her ring. When Katherine walks in she asks has the wedding been called off. She was worried because Nikki looks so sad. Nikki assures her she is just preoccupied. Katherine asks if she is thinking about Victor. Nikki admits she had thought about going to Victor again. She knows it was only a year ago that she talked about her love for Victor but she claims she was drunk out of her mind back then. She says she was grieving. Katherine mentions that if it were her it wouldn’t be fair to Murphy if she married him while being in love with someone else. Nikki says that is not what she is doing. She says she is marrying the one man that she loves so if Katherine doesn’t want to stand with her… but Katherine interrupts saying she will always stand with her.

Kevin wonder about what Jana’s answer was that she never answered when Daniel asked would she sleep with someone else to get him off the hook. He says if if she would he isn’t so sure he would ever be able to forgive her. Amber comes in with a box of her things wearing a very sad and long face. Amber cries saying Daniel just couldn’t get past it. They tell her Daniel only needs some time to get this image out of his head. They ask her to stay with them saying Daniel will come around and until them Jana says they can have a slumber party.

Michael comes in with bad news for Amber saying the DA has decided to use the DVD as evidence of a motive for Daniel to want Balfour dead. Michael says he is going to use the DVD to establish reasonable doubt. Michael asks where Amber is and Daniel tells him she doesn’t live there anymore.

Jill says Billy always runs from responsibility. Billy says he doesn’t run, but he was always sent to nannies, and then boarding school. Jill says she did the best she could. He tells her that her whether she knows it or not her best sucks. Chance jumps in telling Billy not to talk to his mother like that. Billy tells Billy that his Mom let her business partner use him as a pawn so what would he think he should do about that. Chance says for starters he should apologize.

Jack wakes up naked on the sofa with only a blanket covering him and one huge headache. He says no, he couldn’t have been dreaming all that. He wonders could it have been Sharon that was there. He finds a note under a cat’s tail telling him she knew he was still in love with her. He thinks back to Mary Jane insisting that cat was alive. Suddenly he realizes what has happened.

Mac tells Mary Jane she looks great. Mary Jane tells her that she has reconciled with her husband. She tells Mac he is a sweetheart and he would never lay a hand on her, not in anger anyway. Mac is confused as Mary Jane goes off to collect her things. She calls Billy and tells him something weird just happened with a homeless woman and she will give him the details when he gets there.

Jill says an apology wouldn’t help at this point since the wounds are so deep. She wonders if Billy would feel better if she said she is sorry because she is. She says she is sorry he felt so alone and unwanted when he was a child. She says she is sorry, and then asks if he feels better now. She asks if all the anger and resentment gone. Jill accuses Billy of not wanting to put any of this behind him because then he wouldn’t have any excuses for all his failures. Chloe yells to stop it and when Billy snaps at Chance for getting involved she defends Chance. Chloe says she is not a big fan of Jill’s but she is a mother and makes mistakes every day. Billy says yeah but he asks would she throw Delia over for some slime ball con artist who says he is her kid. He says because that’s hat his Mom did to him. He says he will never forgive her. Katherine walks in warning Billy to rethink that or he will live to regret it.

Michael encourages Daniel not to go after Deacon because he will only end up adding assault and battery to his charges. He says it is really a bad idea. Michael tells him Amber is regretting what she done with Deacon he is sure of that. Daniel says she has been lying for a long time to him and that is why they broke up.

Jana and Kevin send Amber to their place for her to take a nice bubble bath and to try and relax. She goes over to Lauren and tells her she has to move so she isn’t sure she will be able to get the jackets done because she might not have the space. Lauren tells her she is so sorry about that but to fear not, she just might be able to help her with that.

Katherine tells Billy he will be the only one to suffer if he doesn’t let go of his anger. She tells him it will eat him alive. She tells him so many people love him and he does have so much to be grateful for. Billy tells her that he feud with his mother is older than he is. Katherine says that is right. She tells him she loves him and she doesn’t want him to have the regrets like she has. When she tells him she only has his best interest at heart he says at least someone does. Chloe tells him a lot of people do and she hands Delia to him sending him off to spend time with his daughter. Katherine says she is turning in for the night. Chloe says Detective Chance has just dealt with his first domestic disturbance. Chance says he shouldn’t have interfered saying he knows that couldn’t have been fun for her. She says Billy may break her heart but deep down she knows he is a great guy. Chloe sees Billy and Chance as opposites calling him Mr. Law and Order and Billy bending rules like they are balloon animals. Chloe wonders how Billy would be now if he had been raised like Chance was. She is jealous of the girl that will snap Chance up. She kisses him and he looks into her eyes.

While alone in his apartment Daniel picks up a leather jacket and thinks back to the good time he and Amber had when he first wore it. He gets mad and throws the jack into a cardboard box.

Lauren says that Michael is fine with her using his home office saying they need to get those jackets out into the store. She hugs Amber as she leaves. On her way out she sees Nikki on the patio and asks if she is excited about the big day. Nikki says yes but she is so caught up with all the last minute details. Lauren wishes them the best and says good bye. When she is gone Nikki makes a call and says good that the store is still open saying she would like to stop by and pick up her wedding rings.

Paul is at the club bar talking to his brother on the phone who is planning to fly out for the wedding. He says Patty hasn’t been answering her calls or emails. He says maybe she just wants to steer clear of Genoa City and all the bad memories there for her. Paul gets an urgent call from Jack. Paul asks Jack what’s up. He tells Paul he wouldn’t believe this if he told him.

Mac interrupts Mary Jane’s thoughts as she smiles at the home pregnancy test she got. Mac asks more about Mary Jane’s husband. When Mary Jane sees Billy coming in, she asks Mac if that is her boyfriend. Billy has Delia in her car seat. When she goes to talk to Billy she notices Mary Jane left so she says oh well she and Billy can talk about her tomorrow. Billy says he hasn’t had a chance to tell Chloe about them seeing each other. She tells him her Grandma know, saying she figured it out on her own so Mac figures it won’t take everyone else to do so too. Billy tells her he just needs a little more time because Chloe could run off with Delia right now saying she is obsessed with him.

Chance has an eyelash on his fingertip telling Chloe to make a wish. When she does so she won’t tell what her wish was. When Chloe walks out Jill gives Chance a hug telling him good night. Katherine walks in and tells Jill she is glad she is back. She tells her she spoke to Billy and told him to forgive Jill. She asks if he fell down laughing. She finds it odd for that request to be coming from someone who made it her life’s work to tear Jill down. Katherine thinks about all the opportunities she wasted instead of doing something more positive with her life. She says who knows what she could have accomplished if she hadn’t blamed Jill all those years and faced the truth that her marriage to Phillip wasn’t that strong. Jill is surprised to hear Katherine say she isn’t sure she ever loved Phillip as much as she hated Jill for taking him away from her. Jill says Katherine called her a tramp for stealing the man of her dreams and now she is hearing that she never gave a damn about him. She accuses Katherine of only wanting Phillip as a trophy, a possession and not as a husband, not as a lover or a friend. She says she freed both of them and she has punished and shamed her for years. She says she has suffered all these years at Katherine’s hands and now she admits it was all for nothing. Jill tells her this was the cruelest of all as she walks out leaving Katherine regretting that she finally admitted this.

Jan Barrett

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