Jana is frustrated because she can’t find enough lily’s for Sabrina’s funeral. Kevin is worried about how she is so stressed out doing all this. He says this isn’t her responsibility but she wants it all over with so Victor can grieve in peace. She says she wants to do this for Mr. Newman and for Sabrina and her baby. He tells her when this is over he wants her to focus on them.

JT goes to Crimson Lights and he sees Paul. He tells Paul Victor won’t return his phone calls or anyone else’s.

Adam sees Victor with bags and asks if he is going on a trip. Victor says it is the last of Sabrina’s things that he gathered up to give to charity. Adam asks if he is already doing that. Then he offers to do anything at all to help.

Amber goes to Crimson Lights and runs into Daniel. He asks her how she is and she says good. Colleen wants to wait on Daniel first before Amber but he says Amber was there first. Cane and Lily walk up and they all talk about Sabrina’s death. Suddenly Cloe walks in and they want to know what she is doing there. Cloe slips out (on purpose) that she is pregnant. Then she turns to Cane and asks if he is mad saying that everyone would find out sooner or later.

Tyra talks to Devon when he comes in. She tells him that his dad is at work. He tells her his news about wanting to drop out of college and start studying his music instead. She isn’t surprised that Neil is against it. He asks her what she thinks. She tells him to get his degree first, and then go after his music. Neil walks in and agrees with Tyra. They talk to Devon about finishing school and then studying his music after he gets a job. Devon accuses them of ganging up on him and says he has to go meet Lily and leaves. Neil and Tyra talk about it once Devon is gone. She tells him he is a lot like his Mom. Neil thanks her for the help with Devon. Tyra offers to cook for Neil and he sits at the table and finds the newspaper and sees it turned to the classified section with apartments for rent. He asks Tyra what this is for and she tells him she and Anna are moving out.

Jana and Kevin are shocked that Cloe is pregnant and it is Cane’s baby. Everyone in the group gives Cloe the cold shoulder. Cloe talks with Daniel about work and Kevin offers to get Amber something. She tells him how Daniel dumped her. He tells her that the truth is he isn’t sleeping much if that helps her much.

Adam is on the phone with Heather talking about Skye missing when someone is knocking on the door. Michael walks in and wonders what the bags out there are for. Adam tells him it is Sabrina’s things packed. He asks whose idea that was. Victor walks in and says it was his idea.

Paul is at the stables talking to the manager, Frank. He thanks him for helping him load Athena into the trailer. He calls Nick to tell him that the horse is on its way to its new owner. While on the phone he notices a foul odor and calls Frank back. They start snooping around and Paul finds a hatch in the floor. He clears the hay from it and when finally gets it open he starts gagging and Frank covers his nose because of the smell. Paul tells him to call the cops now.

Michael talks to Victor about Sabrina’s funeral. He says it is planned for tomorrow. Michael scolds Victor for not calling Sabrina’s mother. He needs to know what kind of service Victor wants for Sabrina but Victor just walks out instead. Michael says he is not leaving until Victor tells him to. Adam says he thinks he just did.

Amber talks to Jana about her planning the funeral. Jana asks her if there is any chance for her and Daniel. Amber tells her he will never be able to forgive her. Daniel and Cloe are trying to work but when she sees Cane walk away from Lily she runs after him leaving Daniel alone so he goes and asks Lily if she wants some company.

Michael is on the phone making arrangements when JT comes in. JT tells Victor how sorry he is about what happened to Sabrina and says if there is anything he can do to let him know. Victor thanks him. He tells him that Nick and Victoria sends their love and says they would like to come by and see him. He says it isn’t necessary. JT says well they will all be at the funeral. Victor says whatever they want to do and then he walks off. JT and Michael agree that this is not normal.

Daniel talks to Lily about Cloe being pregnant and Lily tells him Cane can’t be the father. She asks him about Amber. He says he would rather not talk about it. She asks him if he is still in love with Amber. With no response she tells him she thought so. She advises him that the pain will get easier. She tells Daniel that Amber is crazy about him. Daniel doesn’t know if that is enough though.

Cloe tells Cane when he ignores her that she is carrying his baby not the plaque. He tells her if she hurts Lily they will have problems. She tells him if Lily didn’t believe that she was carrying his baby then why she would tear up the picture of the sonogram picture. Cane doesn’t know what she is talking about.

When the cops get out at the stables they find a body with the fingers cut off and the teeth missing. Paul says it’s apparent that ever who did this didn’t want the body to be identified easily. Paul calls Heather and tells her so she said she would be right there. As she is about to go Adam walks in and she tells him. He wants to go with her and she asks if this is Skye… but Adam says he is sure it won’t be, so they leave together.

Jana warns Daniel not to waste time if he is still in love with Amber. Amber talks to Kevin about the wedding. She tells him she will still be there no matter where it is and even if Daniel is still there. She says they did agree to still be friends.

Michael tells Victor the service is tomorrow with a private viewing beforehand. Victor snaps at him saying he will make his own arrangements when Michael offers to pick him up. Michael tells Victor to stop shutting everyone out. Michael warns Victor not to try and erase Sabrina, Victor snaps back and asks him if he is finished. Michael gives up and leaves.

Heather gets to the stables and Paul tells him that she shouldn’t have brought Adam. Adam tells him that if it is Skye he can identify her. Paul tells him no one can identify the body. Adam says he just knows it isn’t Skye though.

Adrian walks up to Amber and asks if she wants company. She tells him what the heck since Daniel dumped her. He apologizes for barging in on them like he did. He talks about how that article messed things up for him again. He says he didn’t even write the damn thing. He tells her he thinks he is going to move to Maine where he doesn’t know anyone. She tells him she is going to miss him. She tells him if it doesn’t work out he can come back. He asks if she thinks it would be ok to give her a hug. She says who cares and they hug each other. Meanwhile Daniel is watching and Colleen invites Daniel out on a date for dinner and a movie and he accepts.

Neil talks to Tyra about her moving. He says he has to go handle the press at the Newman Ranch but he really would like if she would stay there longer. She finally agrees to think about it.

Michael goes to Crimson Lights and Jana is still frustrated about the flowers. Michael says who knows what Victor wants. Kevin is on his laptop and suddenly closes it claiming he is working on something but it is a surprise.

Devon and Lily and Cane are talking and Cane says Cloe won’t get her hands on the Chancellor money. Lily decides to put an end to this. She goes over to Cloe and tells her if she claims this is Cane’s baby to prove it. She demands that she takes a DNA test. Cloe tells them fine she will send them the results. Lily tells her it doesn’t work that way. She and Cane have to take it together. Cloe is left speechless.

Kevin is back on his laptop and he finishes making his wedding plans. He says it will be a week from Friday in a Malibu ashram. Michael asks if he said an afghan. Jana says no he said an ashram, it is a spiritual sanctuary. She thanks Kevin and tells him she loves him.

Back at the stables Adam offers to identify anything they have if they come up with anything. They find a piece of jewelry and when they show it to him he identifies it as Skye’s class ring from Harvard.

Victor sits with Sabrina’s earring that he found in the car after the crash. He thinks back to when he found it. He just sits there looking out the window looking completely lost and so sad.

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