Ashley wakes up from a nightmare and then cries in Victor’s arms. She tells him she dreamed that Sabrina was in the house and she tried to take the baby. Victor thinks back to when Jack kept insisting that she is in pieces. He tries to calm her down telling her she is safe and she shouldn’t worry anymore.

Phyllis tells Summer they are going on a trip. She says they are going on a plane to Switzerland for 3 weeks and they are going to learn new things and talk to people and make some new friends. Summer asks if Mr. Ears can come and Phyllis tells her yes. She calls Nick leaving a message for him about Summer’s passport. While on the phone Summer yells out “love Daddy” which makes Phyllis happy. Nick is at the hospital seeing Sharon demanding to know if what he heard Sharon telling her mother is true. He wants to know if he is really the father of her baby.

Paul complains to Jack about how the cops came storming in violating the sanctuary and it has scared Patty off. They think for sure that someone must have helped her escape but who could have done that. Gloria is still dressed in the nun’s habit as she hurries Patty into a white van as they make their escape. The Van of course is driven by Jeffery.

Ashley tells Adam and Victor about her dream. She claims that Sabrina is trying to take Victor away from her. Adam tries to assure her that it is just all her insecurities coming out. He says her mind is working overtime now. He wonders if they should call Dr. Taylor. Victor shuts Adam up saying No Doctor! He sends Adam back to his room.

Gloria takes the nun’s habit off and Patty recognizes her and Jeffery from the coffee shop. She asks who they are. Gloria says they are her guardian angels. She says they saved her from the evil Victor Newman. Gloria tells her Jack would never betray her. She says she saw the way Jack looked at Patty. Jeffery tells her that Jack will be a lucky man to have her for a wife. Patty tells them they are her only friends besides Jack and Kitty Kitty. Patty tells them how Kitty Kitty is a gift to her from God. Gloria explains to Jeffery how Mary Jane Benson is actually Patty Williams, Paul’s sister.

Paul yells at Chance for busting into the church as though it was a crack house or something. Owen tells Paul that Chance was only doing his job and he says they didn’t cut the power off. An officer admits to them that he allowed two nuns to come out the church. Jack remembers seeing a nun when he first went in to see Patty. Chance sends out orders to all the cops to be on the look out for two nuns warning that one of them is dangerous. Paul interrupts saying she is not dangerous. When Chance starts to call n the description of Patty Paul yanks the walkie talkie out of his hand and smashes it on the ground which leads to Paul being handcuffed and arrested.

Nick asks Sharon again if he is the father and Sharon says of course not and then asks him to please leave it alone. He asks if she remembers the day she got the DNA tests how they were planning a future together with a new house and a new life. He asks was she lying to him then too. He asks did she really want to be with Jack instead. She says no, she lied to Jack and then she finally admits to him that he is the father of the baby she is carrying.

Jeffery asks Gloria how come Patty is like a child. Patty thinks it is time she and Kitty Kitty get out. She asks if they will let her out at a bus station. They tells her that the cops are after he and they ask wouldn’t Jack want her to be safe for the wedding. Gloria and Jeffery argue on what direction to go in as Patty urges them to hurry because Kitty Kitty is really hungry and it needs some milk.

Chance defends his decision to arrest Paul no matter what Heather thinks about it. Owen says Heather is not one to have for an enemy. He says she is going over his head right now. Paul says he should be out there looking for Patty. He and Jack discuss Patty’s obsession for Jack. Paul tells Jack that no only is Victor a target he is involved deeper in this than they know. Jack says that makes terrible perfect sense. He says after all he did tells Paul to back off his investigation and who else would have had the money to create Patty this whole new look. They wonder if Victor transformed Patty into Mary Jane just to get back at Jack. They think hell yeah he would have only this time the collateral damage is unacceptable. Then we see Phyllis admiring Summer’s picture saying what an awesome plane she drew.

Victor sits with Ashley. She wonders why Sabrina won’t leave her alone. He tells her Sabrina doesn’t exist anymore and she can’t harass her because she is dead now. He tells her that Estella and Mary Jane wanted her to believe she was alive but she is dead. He begs her to believe that. Ashley tells him she is tired and she wants to be alone. Victor repeats a couple of times that Sabrina is dead until Ashley snaps screaming that she has been seeing her. She tells him it is not her imagination. She hates her and their baby. She tells Victor that Sabrina won’t rest until she gets him back. She should to him to go. Victor has had enough so he practically forces Ashley to go with him downstairs.

Nick asks Sharon how she could do this to him but not telling him he is the father. He says things were starting to heal and now they will be ripped wide apart again. She admits that Jack knows the truth. Nick wants to know the reason she lied to him and all she can tell him is that she thought it was best and she hasn’t changed her mind.

Jack updates Phyllis when he goes to see her about the Patty/Mary Jane situation. She says she sure is glad she is going out of town. She thinks back to that day when Mary Jane gave Summer the kiss and realizes she tried to kill her daughter right in front of her. Jack tells her that Mary Jane is actually Paul’s sister, Patty, his former wife, the one that shot him years ago.

Ashley asks Adam to take her back upstairs but Victor snaps saying they don’t need him so Adam goes upstairs alone. She asks Victor how come he is so mean to Adam. Victor sits her down and pulls out a file. He hands it to her and asks her to please open it. When she does he shows her articles about Sabrina’s wreck and the obituaries. He says he will sit there til morning if he has to. Adam is listening from the staircase as Victor drills it into Ashley’s head that Sabrina is dead as he tells her to look at the articles. He tells her Sabrina didn’t fake her death. He said he was with her when she died. She grew weaker and then she died. He explains how he felt her body go cold. He saw her casket lowered into the ground. He says she us dead and is no danger to her. He asks if any of this is getting through to her because he doesn’t want her to suffer anymore. He says he understands what she has been going through but she is no longer there, she is dead.

Phyllis remembers how Shelia masqueraded as her. She says she can see how Patty got away with this. She tells Jack because he treated a woman like dirt twice now her daughter may not have a future. She says Summer has to learn how to talk again. She shows Jack the picture telling him it is supposed to be an airplane. She says it looks like a 2 year old child drew it. She tells him that Patty became a deranged bitch because he treated her like dirt. He says he is so sorry but he is going through hell himself. Phyllis blames herself for leaving Summer with Mary Jane. Then Jack tells her that Victor planned and financed the return for Patty all to get back at him.

Ashley is sorry that Victor had to dredge up painful memories. He says it is worth it if he has convinced her that Sabrina is dead, which she says she now knows it is true. She asks Victor as they hug if he will stay with her tonight and he says of course. He gets a call and when he answers it all he says is thank you and he hangs up. He sends Ashley upstairs saying he will be there shortly to join her. When she goes upstairs he turns the TV on as he pours a drink. He watches the news about the standoff at the church and learns about Patty escaping.

Nick tells Sharon they need to make some plans but she doesn’t think so. She tells him he has a wife and child at home. She tells him his life is with them. Nick tells him he is talking about their child, the one that Cassie predicted. He says this changes everything. He refuses to walk away now that he knows the truth.

Jeffery and Gloria appear to be lost while Patty complains that Kitty Kitty is hungry. Jeffery suddenly makes a u-turn when he sees a roadblock up ahead and he snaps at Patty telling her they will get her the damned milk. She climbs up front and tells them that Kitty needs milk so go back. Gloria shoves her back telling her they will get Kitty some milk just stop crying.

Phyllis can’t believe Victor would be involved with Mary Jane’s plan. She says but if he is she doesn’t know hoe she will react with hi. Jack swears he will find Patty even if it takes every dime to do it. Phyllis is still in shock but she asks Jack to leave saying Nick should be home soon. Jack leaves as she asks.

Nick tries to let this sink in. He says based on Sharon’s lie he made decisions that affected everyone. He says it was so hard for him to regain Phyllis’s trust in him again. He won’t lie to her saying she needs to hear this from him before she leaves on her trip. Sharon says he may as well since it is not a secret anymore. He says it is going to kill her. He says it shouldn’t be like this as he heads for the door. Sirens start going off and the staff is running around like mad. They tell Nick they are in lockdown and now one can come in and no one can go out.

They take Paul from the church while Owen talks to the press. While Victor watches everything on the TV he wonders how come he hasn’t heard from the Bardwell’s yet. A reporter walks up asking Jack if he is willing to match the million dollar reward that Victor Newman has put up.

Gloria found a can of tuna in her purse and gives it to Kitty Kitty. Patty pets the kitty as it eats encouraging it to eat it all up. Jeffery says he is lost as he and Gloria listen to Jack on the radio. He tells the reporter that he hope who ever finds Patty will treat her with kid gloves. He says he will double Victor Newman’s reward money saying it will now be 2 million dollars for the safe return of Mary Jane Benson. Gloria and Jeffery are really excited now calling this a bidding war. They wonder just how high Victor or Jack will go. Patty thinks this means that Jack must really love her and want her back. She asks Gloria to promise that the police won’t catch them.

When Ashley goes back upstairs she sees Adam and angrily asks why would he, that is supposed to be his friend, try to make her think Sabrina was alive. He stutters saying she was upset. She tells him to get out her room please. He tries making up an excuse but she just slams the door in his face.

They tell Nick and Sharon that a patient tried to escape and that the lock down could continue all night. Nick calls Phyllis to explain to her but there is a bad reception so she can’t hear his explanation. He tells her he hopes to see her before she leaves because there is something she needs to know before she leaves. Sitting with Summer sleeping in her arms, Phyllis tells Nick to meet her at the ranch or the airport tomorrow morning. When he hangs up he isn’t sure what part Phyllis heard, then suddenly all the lights go out.

Jan Barrett

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