Nikki comes in and sits at Noah’s table. Noah reads in the paper about his Dad and Phyllis renewing their vows. He is surprised to hear that Billy made such a scene at his grandpa’s meeting. He asks Nikki did his grandpa really screw over Colleen by giving Ashley her seat on the board. He says his grandpa has been messing with a lot of people’s lives lately including Ashley’s. He tells her about the doctor coming over to check on Ashley last night. Noah thinks Billy is right about his grandpa but he says now Billy is going to be on Victor’s list for a long time.

Jack scolds Billy even more for upsetting Ashley at the meet at Jabot. Both of them try calling her but she hasn’t answered their calls. Billy says this is his mess so he will be the one to go over and talk to her and makes this right again. Jack says that is a bad idea. Billy tells him he has to let him do this to make it right so Jack warns him not to go over there and add more stress to her.

When Ashley comes downstairs she ignores Victor’s offer for some breakfast and decides to take Zapato out for a walk She is concerned that Victor has managed to humiliate a young girl and he used Jill to manipulate her family and after all that he has the nerve to say he did it all for her. She says if he us truly concerned the least he can do is give her the space she thinks he owes her that much. Then we see Mary Jane back in the old potting shed calling out for Kitty saying she has lost Jack so she can’t lose it too.

Nick tells Phyllis that he needs to go to the club to talk to Sharon. He’d like to be the one to give her the news about them renewing their vows. Phyllis agrees and says who knows maybe one day Jack and Sharon will remarry too, secretly she hopes anyway. When Nick leaves Phyllis proudly looks at her new wedding ring.

Sharon is on the phone telling her mother about Nick and Phyllis renewing their wedding vows. She tells her Mom that Nick was saying to Phyllis what he should have said to her. Nick walks up just as she ends her call and she tells him she just attended a prenatal class. He tells her that he has put his family back together for real this time. She congratulates him telling him a lit by saying that is wonderful. She says there is no doubt in her mind that he has to be back with his daughter where he belongs full time and she is happy for him. Nick tells her he didn’t do it just for Summer. He says it all makes better sense this way. When he mentions that maybe she and Jack will get married she tells him it isn’t going to happen because it is over between her and Jack.

Jack goes to see Phyllis and is surprised by the new ring she has. He tells her it is terrific that she and Nick renewed their vows.  He says he only wants the best for them. He says he envies the sense of the fresh new start that they are getting. When she tells him that he and Sharon can have that too especially with a new baby in the picture to bring them closer, he tells her not anymore, because they are done for good and it suits him just fine.

When Billy shows up at Victor’s door step Victor asks how he dare show up there. Billy says he is there to check up on Ashley. Victor tells him she is out so he can go home and never come back. He tells Billy to go home now, JT isn’t there to save him this time, no one is. When Billy asks if that is a threat Victor tells him he can bet it is. He tells Billy he will not be responsible for what happens if he doesn’t leave right now.

Out in the potting shed Mary Jane is looking for Kitty claiming she has to find it because it is all she has left. She asks who will love her now. Zapato comes in chewing on Kitty’s tail and Mary Jane snatches it out of his mouth. When she hears Ashley coming she closes the door and tells Zapato that she hates him. She asks how he could do that to her poor Kitty. She holds the tail close to her saying it just isn’t fair.

Noah tells Nikki that he and Eden have been spending a lot of time together. He’d rather do that than be out at the ranch where he has to be quiet and tip toe around so he didn’t upset Ashley. Nikki tells him she will always love the ranch which is where she is heading out to next. She tells him that she and Victor have a lot of history between them. Noah doesn’t understand how they all can go back and forth, claiming it is like a tennis match. Nikki tells him she is glad he is happy with Eden and she adds that he is hoping he will be happy when she and Paul get married.

Victor says Billy blind sided Ashley who happens to be where she wants to be. Billy assures Victor that he and Jack will eventually convince Ashley and she will leave there. Victor tells him right now he isn’t so sure which he respects less, Billy Boy or his spineless jellyfish brother, Jack and then he shuts the door in Billy’s face.

Jack helps Phyllis fix one of her cabinet door’s handle. He tells her she brings joy, love, excitement and passion to Nick. He tells her to focus on Nick not on her own insecurities. He says one of them should be happy at least.

Nick wonders what Sharon means that she and Jack are through. He asks how that can be. He says Jack is crazy about her and dying to be a father. Sharon says Jack was smothering her and she doesn’t love him the way he deserves to be loved. She can’t give him the perfect picture life that he wants. She gets irritated and insists that she can just rely on herself.

Phyllis asks if Jack is OK. He tells her no, he isn’t but he will live. She says she is sure it will all change once he sees the baby. She says despite that whole paternity mess he has always been good with Summer. She says once he looks into the new baby’s eyes he will experience more joy than he can ever imagine.

Nick apologizes if he has overstepped here but he says they are friends and they are Noah’s parents and he will always care about her. She says she is sorry too but she and Jack don’t belong together but her baby is a blessing no matter what the circumstances are. Nick tells her he hopes she won’t shut Jack out though saying he is a great guy and will be an awesome Dad. She tells him he seems content now that he is back with his family and that is all she could ever wish for him. When he has to leave Sharon’s eyes fill with tears once he is gone.

Ashley flashes back to when she thought she saw Sabrina. Nikki interrupts when she walks up and asks her how she is doing. When Ashley says she is fine she accuses Nikki of thinking she is lying to her. Nikki mentions Billy breaking up the board meeting at Newman and Ashley tells her that it is none of her concern. Nikki says whatever Victor did she is sure he had good reasons for it. Ashley snaps at her again that it is her business not Nikki’s. Ashley walks off and Nikki follows to try and apologize to her but Abby comes along and Nikki tells her she is there to see the new yearling. She tells Abby she is really turning out to become a great horsewoman and then she leaves. When Abby is ready to go back to the ranch Ashley wants to just sit there as she hugs Abby.

Billy tells Jack the great man puffed up his chest and they got into it. Jack orders Billy another drink and tells him that his day sucks even worse saying he finally realized that the woman he loves isn’t worthy of him. He says he has been chasing after Sharon like a love sick puppy and never getting anything back. He asks what he was thinking! He says he is awake now and his days of being a doormat are over!

Phyllis and Nick are playing around as they chase each other around and then they settle down for a serious video game challenge which Phyllis secretly planned to brush up her skills on.

Sharon goes to Crimson Lights and sees Noah. When she kisses him hello she is impressed that he ordered her an herbal tea. She asks what he has been up to. He tells her that yesterday was cool when his dad and Phyllis renewed their wedding vows. Sharon tells him that is good for them. He is impressed with how she is taking all this. She tells Noah she knows he is going to be a great big brother to his little sister. He asks if she minds if he leaves to go meet Eden at the pool and when she tells him sure he can go he tells her she is awesome. When he is gone Sharon thinks back to when she and Nick first bought the coffee shop.

Abby is wondering if her Mom is mad that Victor put Billy in charge of Jabot instead of her or Jack. She doesn’t understand why Victor did it saying it doesn’t make any sense especially since Victor is crazy about Ashley. She asks how is that best for her.
She tells Ashley that after he Dad died Colleen was furious with Victor. She said she wasn’t so sure of Victor herself but she was impressed with how he dotes on Ashley. She says he even started working from home so he can be close by in case she needs something. Abby says talk about how romantic. She tells her Mom who knows, if she was still working at Jabot maybe there wouldn’t be a baby on the way right now.

Nikki talks to Victor about the new yearling and then she tells him about bumping into Ashley. She says she seemed emotional or fragile like she wasn’t herself. She assumes that Ashley must have been upset over what happened at the board meeting. When Victor gets up to get some water Nikki tries to get him to open up to her telling him she won’t breathe a word. He says he appreciates her offer but he just doesn’t want to talk about it.

After Phyllis beat Nick at the video game she asks him how it went with Sharon. She says she already knows that Jack and Sharon broke up because Jack dropped by while Nick was gone. She says she hopes things with change for her and Jack when the baby is born. He tells her that Sharon says there is no chance that she and Jack will get back together. Phyllis says Jack says the same thing. Phyllis changes the subject and challenges him to another game.

Mary Jane goes back to Jimmy’s where she hears Billy asking Jack is it is really over between Sharon and him and they aren’t getting back together. Jack tells Billy not if his life depended on it but he doesn’t plan on abandoning the baby. When Billy turns to order another round Mary Jane pours from the bottle left on the bar slipping in some meds that she had on her.

Sharon is left to think about her past when suddenly she snaps out of it and leaves the coffee house. Back at the tack house, Nick and Phyllis hear Summer on the monitor and think how cure it is that she is up their singing their song and they kiss each other.

Nikki pleads with Victor to open up to her as she promises discretion and not to be judgmental. He refuses once again. Ashley and Abby come inside and they say that Zapato is still out running around. When Nikki leaves Ashley still has nothing to say or do with Victor as she heads upstairs.

Mary Jane stirs Jack’s drink with her fingers and she walks over to the other end of the bar. When Billy sees the drink on the bar he takes it and gives it to Jack. Jack looks at it and then says oh what the hell and he drinks the one that Mary Jane put the medicine in .

Jan Barrett

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