Nick tells Phyllis they need to talk. He says they agreed no more secrets between them so he wants her to know that he went to see Sharon at the hospital last night. Phyllis tells him she already knows because she saw him there.

The therapist worries about Sharon not participating in the group sessions. She tells Sharon she can’t just mark off the 30 days that the court has appointed her to stay there without participating. Sharon says she doesn’t need therapy. She says the incident with the ring was a misunderstanding. The therapist tells Sharon if she continues to refuse to cooperate she could possibly be sent to jail. Doris, Sharon’s mother gives Sharon a worried look.

Paul explains to Jack that Mary Jane is indeed his sister Patty and she is still in love with Jack. He says Patty is about as fragile as a child right now and she can’t hurt anybody at this point. The DA isn’t so sure that Patty isn’t dangerous though and Chance is ready to put an end to all of this. Jack thinks he can handle this in a peaceful way. Chance thinks it could end up in a hostage situation and he asks his boss if he is prepared for that.

Jill wants to know from Jeffery what’s going on. She says if Jack won’t help get Victor she will. The reporters are looking for anyone with inside information that will go on the air with them. Jill threatens to tell what she knows but Jeffery suddenly realizes the real connection between Victor and Mary Jane. Jill says she won’t let him run her off saying she will go to Victor if she has to. Jeffery wants to know what it will cost for her to go away and leave him alone. She says $100,000 and Jeffery says done now get out of here. She refuses to go saying she will hound him day and night until she figures it out by herself.

Gloria is inside the church in a Nun’s habit while Patty is telling her Kitty how much he will love Jack. Gloria talks to Patty saying My dear child, and then hides when Jack walks in with Patty saying he’s here!

Eden encourages Noah to go see his Mom more. She knows Sharon didn’t mean to frame her for stealing those books. She tells Noah she is willing to let that go. Abby wants to talk to Noah in private but he says Eden can hear anything they have to talk about. Abby tells him that the deadline to enroll into Walnut Grove is almost up. Eden tells Noah he should go for it to stop him from being hassled for being a Newman.

Michael and Lauren are at the club and they are both free for dinner and a movie. They joke saying they can make out in the back row at the movies. Michael’s picked up some mail for Gloria and Jeffery and he can’t help but wonder what they have been up to since they have been sort of laying low lately.

Patty tells Jack that Kitty Kitty is a gift to her from the Holy Spirit. She asks Jack if the cat got his tongue when Jack was quiet. He apologizes to her for not recognizing her. He tells her it is good to see and then he asks how come she didn’t tell him who she was. She says she wanted to wait until he fell in love with her again.
Paul has to assure the DA that Patty wouldn’t hurt Jack. Chance looks back through her case history and sees where she once shot Jack.

Gloria watches while Patty talks to Jack about the other Kitty that she lost. She says just like she lost him but he is back now and everything is going to be OK. Jack says yes and he promises her that. She says good because she doesn’t plan to lose him again.

Nick wonders how come Phyllis didn’t say anything about seeing him at the hospital. She says she just figured he didn’t want her to know about it. He says he could understand why she’d be suspicious and he explains how he bumped into Sharon and he asked her how she was doing and then he took off. He says he is back with Phyllis for good and he wants to re-earn her trust. She says she didn’t stew all day and then apologizes for not telling him about seeing him. The clinic in Zurich calls and tells Phyllis that they have an opening for Summer but they have to leave tomorrow. Nick is all for it saying nothing is more important than their daughter.

Sharon tells Doris she messes up everything she touches including putting her in that wheelchair. She says she realizes she is the one who makes the bad decision and is responsible for all of her own pain and the pain she causes for other people. She says she committed herself to do the right thing for once in her life.

Gloria is watching when Patty tells Jack she is indeed pregnant. She says it is something she has wanted all her life. She tells him they will be so happy and they can get married. Jack questions them getting married. She tells him she wants them to go find Father Hoffman. Jack agrees to go saying it makes sense. She suddenly tears up saying the police are out there. Jack wants to go talk to them but she tells him he can’t leave her alone. He tells her he is going to make the arrangements and then he promises he will be right back.

Chance complains about Patty’s record not being entered into the database. Paul says his Dad was a veteran on the force and he had all the records sealed. He says she was only a kid back them. Chance and Owen both says and now she is a dangerous psychotic woman. They says they are going in. Jack comes out and tells them the demands are that she wants to get married and that she claims she is pregnant. Jack and Paul know that is impossible since after her miscarriage, they were told that Patty could no longer have babies. Paul tells everyone that he has a plan.

Michael and Lauren try to decide what movie they want to go see while Lauren goes through Gloria and Jeffery’s stack of past due bills. Michael calls to let them know about the bills. Jeffery ignores the call and continues to argue with Jill. He threatens to expose her new career to the press if she doesn’t take a hike.

Gloria starts a conversation with Patty and tells her she is sure they can find some food for the kitty. Patty rants on about her marrying the most wonderful man but she wonders where he is. When she starts calling for Jack, Gloria tries to shut her up. Gloria hurries back outside when Jack is outfitted with a mike. He says he is sure he can talk her down. He says he can handle this as he goes back inside. He finds Patty with a white lacey tablecloth over her head. She tells him she can’t wait to become his wife.

Eden goes to Michael and Lauren and tells them she wants to go to Walnut Grove. When they want to know why they guess that Noah must be changing schools too. They won’t make a decision so fast. They say they are going to a movie first. When Eden leaves they worry that she is seeing way too much of Noah. They think it is best if they go to separate schools.

Phyllis hangs up with the Zurich facility. Nick has reserved a flight and booked a hotel room. He says Restless Style and Newman are covered. He says she and Summer will be on the first flight out tomorrow. Noah comes in saying he wants to go to Walnut Grove. He says it is hard being a Newman in public school. He says his Dad was right, he doesn’t fit in. He says his Mom will be OK with it but Nick insists that they talk to Sharon about it now. Noah doesn’t want to go so Nick says he will go alone. Phyllis tells him to go ahead while she packs. Nick thanks her, kisses her and then he goes.

Sharon doesn’t think Sharon is ok, saying she is carrying some kind of burden. She says she won’t leave until Sharon tells her what is going on. She says Sharon needs help. She says at least Jack is there to help. Sharon gets irritates with her Mom and blurts out that Jack isn’t the baby’s father, Nick is. She explains when Summer got sick she knew she would need Nick and she could never do to another human being what Phyllis did to her.

When Michael and Lauren are about to leave Jill comes in and stops them. She wants to talk to them about Gloria and Jeffery. She decides to let Gloria tell them all about it. When she walks off they joke about what a horror show Gloria is.

Abby talks to Noah about how much he is going to love Walnut Grove. She is smiling until Eden comes in and announces that she might be switching schools too. Noah is excited saying that is awesome as they hug.

Gloria watches when Jack tells Patty how lovely she looks. He asks what about a beautiful new wedding dress though. He asks doesn’t she want her family to be there too. She says no because she has Paul to give her away. She asks Jack doesn’t he want to marry her too. She tells him they are bringing a baby into this world. Jack thinks she needs to be checked by a doctor. He doesn’t want to rush the wedding asking about the rings. He says he is not making excuses when she gets man accusing him of trying to trick her like everyone else does.

Lauren and Michael stop in to see Nick and Phyllis only to find out they are leaving for Zurich in the morning. They wanted to see Nick. They tell him that Eden has a sudden interest in attending school at Walnut Grove. Phyllis tells them that Noah wants to go there too. She says in fact Nick went to talk to Sharon about it right now. She tells them she has no problem with Nick going there. She tells them this situation with Summer has brought her and Nick a lot closer. She says Sharon is not a problem for them anymore.

Doris fusses at Sharon for lying. She tells her she can have her cab leave but Sharon says no, it is ok. She says she needs to think anyway. She makes her Mom swear not to tell anyone. She says no one can know that Nick is the father. Nick is just about to walk in when he hears Sharon admit it but he hurries up and pretends to be on the payphone when Doris wheels herself out the room.

Jeffery carries a flashlight when he fools with the church’s fuse box. Paul and the police listen as Jack talks to Patty. They see it isn’t working when they hear her ranting on about all Jack’s other women. Patty goes on and on bringing up Diane Jenkins. She talks about Phyllis and Sharon too saying they want to gobble him up. She realizes he can’t help how they throw themselves at him. She says she had to do something to stop it. He asks her what things she did. She tells him how she gave Summer a little kiss. He asks her what she did to that child. Suddenly all the lights go out and the cops barge in. Paul runs in calling out for Patty.

Jan Barrett

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