Victoria is in Victor’s office packing her things when JT walks in. She tells him she done a better job running the company than Adam will ever be able to.

Michael tells Lauren he is sorry he didn’t go to Mexico with Paul to look for Victor. He said he has to be here today since Victor made him the executor of his will. He has to read it to the family tonight.

Adam tells Heather that he is flying in a 6 course meal for her from her favorite restaurant in Brussels. She is really impressed calling it so extravagant.

Jill tells reporters on the phone that she can’t discuss the article in the magazine because she has been advised not to discuss it by her attorney since she is suing the magazine. When she hangs up Katherine scolds her saying she doubts she will be able to win the law suit. Jill wants to talk about something else instead saying she is having Cane and Cloe’s wedding reception party. She says she hopes her conniving daughter in law doesn’t do anything to ruin it.

Cane is getting ready for the work when he finds Cloe on the couch covered with a blanket. She tells him her stomach doesn’t feel so good. He asks if she is spotting again and she tells him no, she should be OK by time for the party.

Ashley calls and asks Jack to stand in at the reading of Victor’s will representing Abby. She asks him to give her condolences to Sharon and Noah. Sharon offers to take his place since she will be there for Noah but he says he wants to do it. He promises to be on his best behavior. He says in fact he won’t do anything unless Nick throws the first punch. Sharon says he needs to back off asking him not to do anything to provoke Nick. Jack accuses her of taking Nick’s side again. She tells him that is not true.

Victoria tells JT about her father’s past when she packs the boxing trophy. When Nick and Phyllis come in they all discuss how they are so worried about Nikki. They say Nikki is hoping for a miracle just like the rest of them are. They look around the room and say there are a lot of memories in there, good and bad. They think the company their Dad worked so hard to build will be run into the ground now with Adam running it with Brad as his CEO.

When Jill sees Esther hasn’t put up the decorations yet she has a fit. Esther tells her not to have a cow and then remarks that she wishes this party was for Cane and Lily instead of that man trapping hussy. Katherine tells her that Lily is a lovely girl but Jill says Cane married Cloe so they have to welcome her into the family.

Cloe is still on the sofa and she says she really is sick and she isn’t trying to doge the party. Cane offers to take her to the hospital but she doesn’t want to go. She says she doesn’t want to go sit in the ER watching a bunch of accident victims pass by her bed. Cane doesn’t want to take a chance with the baby so he calls the doctor.

Phyllis and Nick get to the ranch early and Adam wants to know how they got in. Nick says he still has his key. They ask if Heather is there as Adam’s attorney. Adam says no, she lives there now. When Phyllis asks for a ice tea Phyllis remarks to Nick how fast she has moved in there. Nick points out that if his Dad left the company and the ranch to Adam then that means it will include the tact house too. He says if that is the case it will mean that they will need a new place to live.

Lauren invites Jana and Kevin to come over for dinner tonight. Michael tells them he has to get going so he says he will see them later. When he is gone Lauren tells them that this news of Victor has hit Michael hard. She says Victor was sort of a father figure to Michael for a lot of years. Lauren decides to try and get in touch with Lowell to talk to him.

Victoria and JT arrive at the farm and Phyllis makes a point of telling them if they want some iced tea that Heather will get it for them. When Adam goes with Heather, Victoria asks why Heather is there. They tell her that she has moved in. She says well then that means Heather is officially the woman of the house. Nick says they can assume they can kiss this place good bye too.

Cane talks to the doctor and they tell him they had a cancellation so they can slip Cloe in to see the doctor. Cane hangs up and tells Cloe she is going to the doctor.

Jack and Sharon arrive at the ranch and Nick wants to know what the hell he is doing there. Jack says he is there representing Abby and says this is not the time or place for them to get into it. Phyllis and Sharon come between them to stop them. Michael comes in and asks if everyone is there. He says if so they can get this started.

Jill thinks Esther’s congratulations banner is tacky and she orders her to take it down. Esther rants on about how she never approved of shotgun weddings or of women getting pregnant to sneer a husband. The phone rings and it is a reporter and when Jill doesn’t want to talk they offer Esther money to tell the story but Jill throws another fit. Jill scolds Katherine now because she knew that David Chow had a gambling problem. Katherine said she had an obligation to Nikki to keep quiet.

Cane gets Cloe up to go to the doctor when he finds a bag of chips under the sofa and then he accuses her of faking her sickness to get out of going to the party. He tells her that he is taking her to see the doctor and if they say she is ok he is taking her ass to this party, like it or not. She says ok fine they will just go to the party.

Michael reads the will to the family. Victor has left one quarter of his estate to Abby and his grandchildren as well as any other children that Nick or Victoria may have in the future. He leaves the Restless Style building to Nick free and clear. Victoria gets his art collection since she has a passion for art and control of the Newman Foundation. He leaves the bulk of the estate and Newman Enterprises to Adam. Adam is seen with a smirk look on his face loving every minute of it.

Esther puts the sparkling apple juice on ice and she says the cake has been delivered. Jill tells them that a reporter will be there to do a piece on Cane so she tells them not to be nasty to Cloe. Esther acts innocent. Katherine wants to know where Cane and Cloe are. She asks if anybody knows.

Lauren finds out that Lowell took off with no one knowing where he is. Kevin searches online for him and says according to the FBI website the last sighting of Lowell was in Thailand. Lauren says when Paul gets back she is going to get him to look for him. She takes off and Kevin suggests they use the Ouija board to find Lowell but Jana loses it with him about it. She never wants to use it again even though Kevin says it is just a game.

Jack offers to help Adam if he ever needs it with anything. Sharon tells Michael she is shocked that Victor would treat his own children in this way. Michael remembers that Victor left Nick, Victoria and Adam each a letter in sealed envelopes with orders to be given to them after the reading of the will and for the letters to be read in private.

Cane and Cloe are standing outside the door of the Chancellor Estate when Cane tells Cloe to make the best of this party. She complains that she can’t even have a drink or have like 6 to loosen up. He tells her to suck it up. He tells her if she leaves then the next time she sees him it will be in court. He says he has the best attorney’s money can buy so what does she want to do. She finally agrees to go in as she says let the games begin. Jill welcomes them both. They tell her they are late because Cloe was sick. Jill tells her that pregnancy didn’t agree with her either, saying she was sick all the time. Katherine tells Esther that the guests of honor are there so she asks her to bring in the champagne. When she brings in the tray with the drinks she is trying to remember what is what when she looks up. She is startled and she drops the tray as she looks at Cloe, saying “Kate!”

Jack tells Sharon he always knew Victor was such a son of a bitch. He says well at least Nick and Victoria still have their trusts. Victoria says she needs a stiff drink before she can read her letter.

Nikki is walking on the beach calling out for Victor. She is carrying her shoes repeating his name several times. Worn out, Nikki falls into the sand still calling out his name. Suddenly she sees someone walking up to her in jeans and boots. When she looks up she sees Victor wearing his baseball cap and sunglasses. She repeats his name once again as she looks up at him.

Jan Barrett

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