When they get to Crimson Lights Cane starts wiping everything down so Lily doesn’t pick up the germs. Lily tells him she is feeling fine. When Mac walks up they all talk about how they love little Humphrey, even Billy does. When Lily starts to call Billy to thank him for keeping Humphrey for her Mac tells her that he is with Chloe signing the divorce papers.

Billy hesitates when it comes to signing the papers. Chloe tells him she is not trying to pull anything on him. He thinks back to when Delia was born and then he says he needs some time to think it over.

Gloria and Jill bicker at the salon. Gloria promises to hand out Jill’s new cards and says imagine Jill having to scrape Jabot’s CEO’s cuticles for minimum wage. Jill snaps at her to just pick a damn color. Gloria orders the works and then decides she also wants a pedicure. Jill snaps again telling her she will take what she gets and she will like it. Gloria wiggles her fingers in Jill’s face telling her to come one she doesn’t want to hang out in this dump all day.

Jeffery is trying to reach Gloria on the phone as he wonders how long it takes to get her nails done. He decides to just leave her a message telling her to hurry because he wants Victor’s millions but he can’t handle that whacko on his own. Jack walks in asking what this is about Mary Jane Benson.

Patty listens while Paul argues with Chance about them bringing her out. Chance is surprised when Heather stands in front of Paul and says she is sorry but she can’t let him do this. Heather and Paul both give him reasons why they need to wait. They says the woman inside has been manipulated and set up. Chance tells them he is sorry but they are out of time. When the DA arrives he asks Paul to fill him in on what’s going on. He guarantees Paul that his sister will not be mistreated. Paul explains that his delusional sister will not survive in jail. He says she is living back 20 years and she won’t be fit to stand trial. He says any psychiatric treatment must be done from there. He says there will be no surrender unless it is on his terms and then he shuts the door. The DA pulls Heather to the side and tells her she has got 20 minutes to get through to her father or this will be a PR nightmare. Paul is inside on the phone making arrangements for a press conference saying he has a story that the viewers will want to know about.

Jack asks Jeffery questions when Jeffery claims that Mary Jane has a pretty price on her head. He asks what makes him think he can find her. Mac walks up and Jack tells her he heard it is a big day for her and Billy. She assures Jack that Billy will still be involved in Delia’s life just as he will be with Sharon’s baby. She apologizes but he says it is ok, he is excited about the baby he is just worried about Sharon.

While at Crimson Lights Lily sits there picking at her muffin when she starts to get tired. She says it must be the crash that the nurses mentioned. Cane laughs about Chloe getting divorced twice in one year saying that must be some kind of record huh. Lily doesn’t understand how he can laugh about it being his and Chloe’s anniversary.

Billy is having problems with his access. He wants some guaranteed hours. He questions the part about reimbursing Chloe for clothes she buys for Delia. He asks if they have seen this woman shop. Billy says he can’t agree to that. He thinks back to their wedding and then back to his birthday. He says he doesn’t want to rush this. He says he just needs more time and asks if they can reschedule this. Chloe thinks he isn’t having second thoughts about the settlement. She thinks it is about them.

Heather tries to reason with Paul as she tells them they can arrest Patty here. He claims his sister has been victimized time and time again. He asks who else will stand up for her if he doesn’t. Patty starts caressing Heather’s hair and tells her she is her little niece all grown up huh. Then she starts talking about the beautiful children she and Heather’s Uncle Jack would have. She says if only he was there. Paul is notified that the press has arrived. Heather gets mad saying her office did not want this made public. When they leave Patty there to go settle this Patty starts following a stray cat that she hears crying. She tells the cat hello as she pets it and then thanks the Lord.

Gloria stalls asking what a color is called. She says she can’t decide which one she wants. Jill says just kill her now as Gloria laughs. She says her favorites are gossip and blackmail. Jill asks what will it take for her to keep quiet. Gloria snaps at Jill telling her to turn the TV up and then she listens as Paul talks about Mary Jane being a troubled woman in desperate need of psychiatric help. Gloria calls Jeffery and then tells him she is on her way. Jill asks where she is going as she pulls off the white jacket and chases after Gloria. She tells her boss the lady didn’t pay so she is going after her.

Jack and Mac can’t believe what they are hearing as they watch the TV. Mac thinks about all the stories Mary Jane told her. Jack says she is insane and wonders why Paul is defending her. Paul tells the press how the church has a tradition of coming to the aid of someone who can’t defend themselves, the vulnerable. He says the DA’s office is moments away from authorizing for a raid. A reporter asks if they are going to do that in a church. Paul says she is a fragile woman that’s been mistreated and manipulated. He says she deserves their compassion. He says he so many people get written off as a lost cause and he doesn’t want Mary Jane Benson to become one of them.

Cane says he didn’t mean to make light of what Lily went through thanks to Chloe. Lily says she can never understand why Cane would let her go through it. She asks how can he be the same person who’s now taking such good care of her. He has no excuses. She says she can’t believe his story about being chased by the cattle thieves and for all she knows he could have 6 wives and  20 kids back out there. She tells him to take her home, now she is tired.

Billy tells Chloe not to read anything into his stalling. He says he has legitimate concerns. Chloe asks him what is going on. He says it is a matter of principle. He says with her getting pregnant on purpose he doesn’t feel it is right with her profiting from it. She wonders if he is just jealous of the thought of another man being with his wife and raising his child. She tells him if he is having regrets he should call it off and they can raise Delia with both parents. Billy thinks they are past that now. Chloe tells the mediator that they will call to reschedule once they figure out what Billy wants.

Gloria and Jeffery try to figure out how they are going to get Mary Jane out of there. While they think, Jack gets a call from Mary Jane. She tells him she always thought he would be the one to save her. She asks why he isn’t there for her.

Lily gives Cane the cold shoulder when they get home. She says she lost a year of her life that she will never get back. She says everything is a trigger, anniversary’s, places and songs on the radio. She asks didn’t he rip Billy and Chloe apart for lying to them when all along he himself was lying to all of them. Cane says he couldn’t expose Billy and Chloe without exposing himself. Lily says she needs him but she can’t keep pretending because she doesn’t have the energy. He promises to always be there for her.

Billy sits at the bar at the club going over the settlement agreement. He thinks back to Chloe‘s wedding vows and how she listed off the traits she admired in him and how good they look together. He frowns and orders a Scotch.

When Chloe goes to Crimson Lights she sees Mac who asks her how she is. She tells Mac she is confused. Mac asks why and Chloe tells her to ask her husband. Mac says doesn’t she mean ex-husband. When Chloe says no, Mac assumes Chloe refused to sign the papers. Chloe says no, Billy did and then asks isn’t that weird.

Jack tries to get Mary Jane to turn herself in. He says he can’t just run over there to save her like that. She tells him but it isn’t just her he’d be saving. He doesn’t know what she means until she tells him she is pregnant. Then she asks if he is going to come and help them. Jack tells her he is on his way. Mac asks Jack if that was Billy on the phone. He says no, it was Mary Jane and she wants him on a white charger. When Jack starts to leave Jeffery stops him telling him he has a plan that will bring Victor to his knees. He tells him that surely he can’t say no to that. Jill is out on the patio watching everything.

Mac runs to Billy who is at the bar having a drink while looking over the agreement. She kisses him and smells Scotch and asks him was it really that bad. He says no but being around Chloe does make him tense. He says they’ll need another meeting. She tells him she talked to Chloe. Billy figures Chloe’s version of what happened was that he came to her and begged her to come back to him. Mac says no, she just said she was confused and she admits to Billy that so is she. Billy explains that he didn’t want to sign anything that he would regret later. He said he didn’t mean the divorce but terms that come with it. He says Chloe is making this too easy so he is suspicious. Mac tells him not to sign the papers unless he is sure. She tells him if he isn’t sure then she isn’t either. He just shakes his head as Mac walks out.

Chloe tells her mother that Billy still loves her. She says he can still feel the connection. Esther isn’t sure about that and says he has already signed the papers. Chloe tells her he didn’t sign them. She says all it took was for her to back off. She thinks he is jealous and freaks out when he sees her with Chance. Esther warns her not to use Chance. Chloe says Chance is a nice guy but there is nothing there between them. She vows to get Billy back now.

Jeffery tells Jack he is sure he would partner with the devil if it meant bringing Victor down. He says this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. He is certain that things are about to start happening. He tells Jack he can’t give him more details though. Jack doesn’t want to hear it saying he is out of there and he wishes that their conversation had never happened. When Jeffery leaves Jill hurries and follows him.

At the church the DA is complaining about the public’s uproar. He said he was trying to avoid this. They are acting as though Mary Jane is Maria Von Trapp and they are the Nazi’s raiding the convent. Heather agrees that Patty really needs help. Paul stands at the door as he gives the DA his terms. He wants them to put Patty in his custody with a an ankle monitor and 24 hour security at his own expense. When told no he says that is exactly what Victor Newman got for his son, so it can be done. He says if he is denied this he will make sure the public knows that the rest of them get different justice than the rich and powerful. He asks so what’s it going to be?

Lily snuggles underneath her blanket saying it hit her so fast being tired. Cane tells her none of this is going to be easy, with the chemo and forgiving him. He knows they have a lot to work through but he only asks her to let him help her. She goes off to bed. When he offers to lay down with her she tells him no thanks. Cane sits there looking sad.

Chloe tells Esther that she is going to call Chance right now. When Esther tells her what is going on at the church, Chloe thinks this is perfect as she leaves him a teasing message when she gets his voicemail. She says there that should do it. Chloe goes off for more coffee just as Mac looks sad as she sits down in a seat out on the patio. Then we see Billy being served another drink as he takes the papers and signs them. He takes his drink and downs it like a shot all at once.

Jeffery gets to the church with Jill on his heels behind him. She tells him whatever he is up to she wants in on it too. Patty cuddles and pets the little kitten she found. She tells the kitty that a wonderful man is going to get them out of there. A nun comes in to light a candle just as Patty names her cat ‘Kitty Kitty’. Then we see the nun is really Gloria as she blows out the match.

In front of the church, the DA explains to Paul that Adam isn’t dangerous like Mary Jane is. He says she poisoned a child. People don’t want her for their neighbor. He asks who would protect him against her. Paul says he will buy a house out in the country. He says she is slipping away minute by minute and she wouldn’t survive being in jail locked up. Jack comes in and tells Paul that Mary Jane called him and he thinks that he can get through to her. Paul takes Jack inside and Jack asks why he changed his mind about Mary Jane. Paul tells Jack it is because he didn’t know the whole truth. Jack wants to know what the truth is. Paul says that Mary Jane is actually his sister, and Jack’s ex-wife Patty. Jack is totally in shock now.

Jan Barrett

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