Adam interviews the next CEO for Newman Enterprises. He tells him he feels he would be the best man for the job. Shockingly the new man is none other than Brad Carlton who happily accepts Adam’s offer.

Nick calls Nikki telling her to call him back because he is worried about her after she managed to ditch him in Mexico. Victoria tells Nick she can’t believe their father is dead. Nick says neither can he. She asks how their mom is and Nick tells her about Nikki ditching him in Mexico.

Cane and Cloe announce to Jill that they got married at the courthouse yesterday. Jill is surprised that she wasn’t invited. Cloe apologizes for ruining her engagement party plans but Jill says they can just make it a party to announce their wedding instead. They finally agree to have the party tomorrow.

Paul thinks he needs to go back to Mexico. He feels it is his fault she is down there to begin with so they agree for him to go back to find Nikki and make sure she is ok.

Sharon disagrees with Jack about the interview. She is worried about how Noah is going to take it if he sees the interview and hears what Jack had to say about Victor. Sharon tells Jack she doubts that Noah will understand. She even doubts that he will run a piece that would be more favorable. She says he will only write what will sell, she says he just can’t stop himself.

Katherine goes in and talks to Jill about the article in the magazine. Jill asks her if she knew about it and Katherine says not until this morning. Jill denies what the article says about her but claims that Brad must have leaked the story.

Adam gives Brad a tour of Newman Enterprises as they discuss their plans for the company. They agree that with the two of them at the top Newman will become bigger than ever. Adam says too bad his father won’t be there to see it though.

Victoria says she doesn’t think her Dad is dead. They discuss the death certificate being issued so soon, before they even had a body. Nick doesn’t think Nikki will start drinking again but he wishes she would answer her phone. Victoria says she can’t stand this anymore and says she is going to Mexico with Paul but they talk her out of it. She agrees to give them 48 hours and if they still haven’t found him she is taking the jet and they are going.

Paul and Heather have coffee together and he tells her he is flying back to Mexico to help look for Victor. He offers to stay if she needs him but she says she is sure Nikki needs him with her.

JT tells Nick and Phyllis that he found something weird on Nick’s computer. He says it is signs of hacking and it is from Jack. They say no way Jack would go that far but JT tells them about the interview Jack had calling Victor the man with a black hole for a heart. Jill walks up slamming a copy of the magazine down asking how they dare print this. Nick tells her it wasn’t them, it was Jack. She tells him well he is Jack’s partner. Nick tells her if she thinks that then she should read the article they printed about Jack and Sharon.

Cloe is folding baby clothes while Cane is on the phone. When he hangs up he asks her how come she didn’t tell him about the article in Restless Style. She tells him she tried to tell him several times but he wouldn’t listen.

Jack tells Sharon she didn’t fight him when he wrote the article about Sabrina. She says she was alive then though. Brad walks in and asks to speak to Jack alone. He commends him on the nice piece in the magazine on the article about Jill. Brad announces that Jack is looking at the new CEO at Newman Enterprises.

Nick and Phyllis walk in and Sharon tells Nick she is worried that he is just trying to put on a brave face, keeping it all inside. Nick assures her that he is dealing with it. He says he won’t shut down like he did when Cassie died. When they hug each other Phyllis watches.

Victoria is at the office and she tells Adam not to get too comfortable. He doesn’t seem to care what she thinks anymore about him. Adam tells her that she has been terminated. He explains in better terms that she is fired.

Paul advises Heather that she should slow things down some with Adam. She tells Paul that Adam is an amazing man and he is kind and smart and caring and says he couldn’t have cared more for her while she was in the hospital. She says they have a lot in common. Paul lets her know that he doesn’t trust him. He says he respected Victor but he was a witness to what he put Nikki through. She tells Paul she hopes he has a nice trip and then she walks off.

Victoria tells Adam he is too green to be CEO of Newman. He tells her he isn’t going to be the CEO. She asks him if he is crazy when he tells her that he has appointed Brad as the new CEO. She tells him about Brad stealing company secrets for Jabot and that she cut him some slack because he was her ex husband. She says Adam that now he has fired all the people that their father trusted and hired those that he loathed. She accuses him of not protecting their father’s legacy.

Jill walks in at Restless style and runs into Brad who announces to her that he has accepted a new position at Newman as their new CEO. Jill reminds him that he signed a confidentiality agreement so she plans to sue the pants off of him. He tells her to bring it on, he doesn’t care.

Katherine sees JT and Paul at Crimson Lights as they discuss their last minute plans. Katherine is worried about Nikki but doesn’t let Victoria see how worried she is. Paul says he is off to the airport saying he won’t let anything happen to Nikki. He promises Victoria as she hugs him. When Paul is gone Victoria tells JT that Adam fired her and made Brad the new CEO. JT says he should resign but she says no he can’t. She needs him to stay and keep an eye on things there for her. JT tells her that Adam will self destruct, because he is in over his head now. She agrees but she can’t let him take the company down with him.

Jill shoves the magazine into Jack’s chest asking him if he ever heard of libel. He tells her the truth isn’t libel. She tells him it isn’t the truth. Jill accuses Jack of being jealous because she is running his father’s company and not him. She says she will always be locked out of the company his father founded. When she leaves Jack and Nick have words. Nick tells him he heard about his comment that Victor had a black hole for a heart and now he thinks it is time he does something about it.

When Jill goes home she has a migraine but has to face Katherine. Katherine scolds her for keeping what she knew about David Chow’s gambling a secret and then making Cane CEO instead of Brad Carlton. Jill denies it saying she had only just found out but Brad had to open his big mouth. She tells Katherine about Brad being made CEO at Newman now.  Katherine tells her she is going to be watching her closely now and that she doesn’t trust her anymore.

Cane brings a plate of food to Cloe. He says there is nothing on her side of the fridge except for a bit of jello and carrot sticks. He tells her she needs to eat healthy food for the baby. When he sees her reading a baby book he asks her if there is anything good in it. He says they need to learn about it together. He says as parents they should try to treat each other well. She says well they can do that, can’t they? He says he can try.

Heather goes in at Newman to see Adam. He tells her to pack her bags because he wants her to move in with him. She thinks it is too soon since his father just passed away. He tells her he knew from the moment he met her that he wanted to be with her. She says there is something sexy about a man that wants to rule the world. He tells her that every king needs a queen which leads to a kiss.

Jack and Nick go at it more. Nick accuses Jack of alienating everyone. Jack asks if he is trying to tell him something. Sharon and Phyllis walk up and Sharon tells him to stop it. Jack says he guesses they know where her loyalties lie. Nick says he guesses that they do as Phyllis glares at Sharon.

Victoria is worried about Nikki not answering the phone. Paul tries to call Nikki but he gets no answer. Meanwhile Nikki is at the Mexican bar trying to get the bartender to talk about why Victor got on that boat by offering him a stack of bills. He tells her that Mr. Newman paid him to keep quiet. He tells her he is sorry for her loss and suggests that she goes home. She says she can’t, he is the father of her children and they need him. She says she isn’t leaving until she has proof that Victor is dead as she walks off, leaving her phone sitting on the bar.

Jan Barrett

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